A Fire Extinguisher For the Kitchen

fire extinguisher for kitchen

Not all fire extinguishers are created equal. They can put out different types of fire, so knowing which type of extinguisher to use in the kitchen is essential. This article will explain what types of extinguishers are best for kitchen use. A fire extinguisher for the kitchen should be Class A or B, or a combination of both. Read on to learn more!

Class A

You should always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. These fire extinguishers have different capacities for various types of fires. In general, the higher the number, the larger the fire extinguisher. However, make sure to choose the right size fire extinguisher. It should be located about four or five feet above the floor level. You should also keep a fire extinguisher near the exit in case of a fire.

Generally, kitchen fire extinguishers discharge a sodium bicarbonate-based solution. These are effective for extinguishing fires in shallow pots and pans. Single-use extinguishers are not as effective for kitchen fires and should be replaced every few years. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using fire extinguishers in the kitchen.

If you do not own a Class A fire extinguisher, consider purchasing a Class K one. This is perfect for commercial kitchens, where fats, oils, and grease are commonly used. A fire extinguisher with a K rating will work effectively in fighting this type of fire. It’s also great for deep-fryers and food trucks. And if you have any other combustible materials in your kitchen, you should also have a K-rated fire extinguisher.

Wet chemical

A wet chemical fire extinguisher for the kitchen is the most effective way to fight a kitchen fire. Because of its low pH, it is compatible with most common kitchen environments, including copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. It is not recommended for electrical hazards, but is a great backup option for automatic fire suppression systems. The best way to use a wet chemical fire extinguisher in the kitchen is to turn off any electrical appliances and cooking media.

A wet chemical fire extinguisher is a chemical mixture that forms a salt compound over a flame, smothering it and cutting off oxygen to it. These fire extinguishers are the ideal choice for kitchens and restaurant kitchens because cooking fats and oils can cause explosions. Additionally, they do not damage other kitchen equipment or spread fires. And, when they do work, they’re very effective, which makes them ideal for kitchens.

A wet chemical fire extinguisher is recommended for commercial properties with deep-fat fryers. Also, it is a good idea to install a wet chemical fire extinguisher in to-go vendors, canteens, and restaurants. Because they are so effective in fighting a Class A fire, they are highly recommended. Fire safety experts recommend having one in every kitchen. You can purchase one online or at a local store. Just remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use.


A fire extinguisher for the kitchen is an essential piece of safety equipment in the kitchen. A fire in the kitchen can be disastrous, so a good extinguisher is essential to protect yourself and your home. Disposable fire extinguishers are easily disposed of after use, and you need to purchase a new one if you accidentally discharged it. A rechargeable fire extinguisher only requires recharging.

This fire extinguisher is UL-listed and designed for kitchen use. It has a metal head and is compact enough to be mounted in a cabinet. It uses sodium bicarbonate as its extinguishing agent, and is effective against both electrical and liquid fires. You should also know how to use your extinguisher so you can be more prepared if a fire breaks out. The pressure gauge needle should stay in the green zone, indicating that the fire extinguisher is still operational. If it is in the red zone, however, it is time to replace it.

The rechargeable fire extinguisher for the kitchen comes with a metal head that is durable and easy to handle. The safety seal and metal pull pin prevent accidental discharges. The extinguisher also comes with a strap and mounting bracket for easy installation. It also has a clear, easy-to-read pressure gauge and four-step instructions for use. The fire extinguisher also features a label that is water and chemical-resistant, making it perfect for any kitchen.