BEAULIFE New 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

Garden hoses made of rubber are loved by many homeowners. However, there’s no doubt that, more often than not, they’re more prone to get kinked.

Although all garden hoses can be subject to kink formation, however, there’s a different option to the conventional options: hoses made from metal perform well in the face of Kinks. Additionally, they’re more durable than the rubber hoses they’re paired with.

You’re thinking of changing to a garden hose made of steel but you’re not sure which one to pick?

Take a look at this stainless garden hose by the BEAULIFE brand. Why did we choose this model from others? We will discuss its most important features below in this quick review.

BEAULIFE New 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

The garden hose made of metal is not just made to last but also ensures effortless operation. You don’t need to press the hose to get water to flow out. Everything is controlled with a thumb control.

This is the updated version of the original version and has many improvements and new features. Important to be aware of is the greater size of the hose when compared to other garden hoses. Therefore, you can expect a greater flow of water out of this model.

Who does this product serve?

This product is designed for those who are fed up with garden hoses that kink and knot frequently when used. This is also the perfect product for you if you’re looking for a hose that will last for a long time.

Due to the increase in water flow, it is possible to finish your garden maintenance completed and swept away in a short time. In the end, this product will benefit those who are looking for a product that helps them save time and energy while irrigation their garden.

If you’re tired of watching your dog chew on the garden hose made of rubber then this is the solution ideal for you. Your pet will not be digging the teeth of their pet into this iron hose.

What’s included?

If you buy this product you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • A 75 ft. metal garden hose
  • One garden nozzle made from metal has eight different functions

Overview of the features

This hose is made from high-end stainless steel that is heavy-duty and durable. If you’re familiar with stainless steel, then you are aware of how sturdy it is. The odds of this hose breaking amid intense pressure are very unlikely.

Because of the material employed in its manufacture, It’s not just the hose weatherproof and kink-proof, but it is also puncture-resistant. The hose can be used in extreme temperatures without sustaining an injury because it’s UV-resistant.

In addition to its strength, This design made of metal provides greater flexibility and makes it easy to work with. It’s a great fact that it’s portable and simple to use. The process of removing it after use is easy. The best part is that it’s not tangled. It means that you will not encounter any blockages in water flow even if on the off chance, you discover it tied in knots.

Although the product is robust, however, it is surprisingly light. Moving it around the garden is easy.

The fittings included with the unit are extremely sturdy. They’re designed to stop breaking, cracking, or splitting unnecessarily. Make sure you make use of these fittings only with 1/4 ” water fixtures as these fittings aren’t compatible with any other fixtures.

However, if the faucet is tightly connected to a spigot, it sprays water all over the place. This could result from an error in the design of the faucet connector.

The garden sprayer in metal comes with a soft rubber grip as well as thumb control to make it comfortable for handling. There’s no need to worry about hand blisters following your gardening efforts.

Another feature that is extremely useful in this particular hose is the control of flow that ensures constant and easy watering.

The company is so confident about the high quality of its product that it is backed by a 100 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

How to keep your hose

To make sure the garden hose lasts longer, we recommend that you store it in shade or a cool area. Also, make sure to utilize it in the recommended operating temperatures, Between 5oC to 45oC.

To ensure safety To ensure your safety, do not leave this house on the ground when being used.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy construction
  • Weatherproof
  • Kink-proof


  • A bit expensive


Bosnell metal garden hose

Look into the Bosnell garden hose made of metal for a less expensive alternative. The Bosnell model is also constructed from stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant and rustproof. But it’s not as durable as Beaulife’s garden hose.


Overall the BEAULIFE stainless steel is certainly worth considering. It’s light, designed to last, and won’t bend or kink. It also has a larger diameter, which lets more water flow which means you can easily complete your garden.

Does it cost the least available? No. But, is it worth the money? Certainly.