Benefits Of Using A Steam Oven

Most of us grew up with mom cooking and baking food in a typical oven. Little did we know that there is a healthier alternative to cooking and baking in dry heat. Steam cooking has been used by other cultures for a long time however it has recently caught on worldwide. A steam oven uses water in a reservoir tank that is boiled and turns into fresh steam that is injected continuously into the oven chamber to cook your food. There are many reasons why this appliance is becoming more and more popular every year such as:


When using a steam oven, there are no added calories to the food as there are when frying or sautéing because this type of cooking does not require oil. Also, the food you do cook doesn’t need to have a high-fat content like when using a standard oven to prevent it from coming out to dry. With steam, moisture is continuously added so it drying out isn’t an option. Food cooked with steam also retains more of its nutritional value making it a truly healthy choice.

Keeps Food Looking Great

It is important when serving certain many dishes that most of its color or physical state be retained. And of course, food that looks appetizing is just much more appealing. Unlike cooking in a conventional oven or frying, food won’t get burned or charred. This can be especially helpful when serving guests and even when getting picky kids to eat foods they don’t like.

Retain Flavor

Moist heat is very efficient in retaining food’s flavor and when using a steam convection oven, food does not only taste like it is supposed to but there is also no transference of flavor. This means it is possible to cook multiple types of food at once. This cuts down cooking time and one dish tastes like the other.

Easy To Clean

Countertop steam ovens are particularly easy to clean. The majority have a self-cleaning mode and all you need to do is just wipe down the inside when it’s done. An added plus is there is no lingering smell from previous meals.

Better Tasting Leftovers

Most people like to save money by re-heating leftovers however that doesn’t mean they always taste the way they did when freshly cooked. Using a steam oven will make them taste like new. The hot moisture will revitalize your meal and help it from losing nutrients at the same time.

Thanks to their newfound popularity, manufacturers have come up with a wide variety of models for consumers to enjoy; many even combine different cooking methods in one unit. A steam oven will finally allow you and your family to eat nutritious food easily and quickly with less cleaning and hassle.

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