Best Chainsaw Chaps STIHL, Husqvarna, & ECHO Protective Apron Chaps and Pants

If I’m using my chainsaw I wear chainsaw chaps.

I own a pair of Forester chainsaw chaps which have been very useful to me. I’ve not experienced my chainsaw slide or getting in contact with my pants, which is why they’re in good working order.

However, I’ve seen chaps of many of my friends who had their chainsaws cut off their chaps for their chainsaws and they were extremely happy to wear these chaps!

Here are a few of the most effective chainsaw chaps you could purchase to safeguard your legs.

Chainsaw Chap Reviews

Husqvarna Technical Wrap Chaps

  • Chainsaw chaps that are best-selling and offer excellent protection
  • 1000 denier polyester coated with PVC coating. Tek warp-protection layers
  • Gear pockets and a wedge for flinging

Forester Chainsaw Chaps

  • Durable lightweight chaps
  • UL Tested and Classified Chainsaw Chaps
  • Colors and sizes available

Notch Chainsaw Chaps

  • It is easy to enter and out of
  • 79 percent Polyester 21 percent Polypropylene
  • From small to From small to

STIHL Chainsaw Chaps

  • A variety of professional chaps
  • 6 layers of sewn-in Engtex cut-resistant material
  • Hi-Visibility for the forest

ECHO Chainsaw Chaps

  • Top-quality and well-known chaps for professionals
  • 12 layers of polyester protective material
  • Produced in the USA

Husqvarna is among the top chainsaw makers worldwide. They give the same amount of care and effort into the chainsaws that are so popular with chaps.

The Husqvarna chaps aren’t expensive however they provide excellent leg protection. That’s why we have them ranked at the top.

They come with an adjustable waist that can be adjusted up to 42 inches 1000 denier polyester, PVC coating and Tek warp protection layers, and a falling wedge pocket.

There has been a lot of pair of the top chainsaw chaps that have been sold. They have a high rating on the stars and have been praised with many positive reviews.

They are my Forester chainsaw chaps.

They’re certainly not the most comfortable set of pants I’ve ever owned however they’re able to do what they are supposed to do. The only issue is that they don’t fit well around my waist. They tend to pull my jeans back down but maybe I require a new belt!

I have several chainsaws, however, I’ve recently used Husky 450. Husky 455. It’s a great chainsaw with plenty of power. I’d like to be safe at all times.

Chainsaw safety gear is mandatory to look over the listing of the most recent chainsaw incidents to get ideas on the reasons to be safe.

Apart from chainsaw chaps, it’s a good idea to have in your possession or put on:

  • Faceguard and chainsaw helmet
  • Handles for chainsaws
  • Earmuffs
  • A chainsaw first aid kit

However, the chainsaw’s trousers are one of the crucial items you can’t use a chainsaw without.

What are Chainsaw Chaps?

Chainsaw chaps serve as a protective leg cover the time you’re using chainsaws or other tools which could cause injury to your legs.

“Chaps” is a simple way of saying that they come with leggings and a belt. They are designed to sit on your normal pants. It is not enough to just put your underwear on top of them.

There is also the option of purchasing “chainsaw pants” However, this isn’t what this article is about! Chainsaw pants are more expensive but are probably a better option if you can afford them for these pants.

The best chainsaw chaps will ensure your safety as well as give you security. Even the safest use of a chainsaw is not without risk and we must make the most of what we can.

Here are 10 of the most effective chain saver chaps that are available in the present.

Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chap

The Husqvarna chaps come with everything you’d want at the price of a decent price, making them my top choice of the most durable chainsaw chaps.

In terms of stopping the speed of metal, it’s hard to find anything superior to Kevlar. That Husqvarna developed these Kevlar chainsaw chaps by mixing them with nylon comes as not a surprise. These chaps are extremely durable.

Kudos to the design that is asymmetrical, as well. Statistics indicate that the majority of chainsaw accidents happen on the leg that is left, which is why Husqvarna (and in fairness, many other companies) have created this set of chaps that have a longer left leg to provide extra protection against errant bars.

The pair also offers a calf wrap that protects the sides of your lower legs. It seems unimportant until they protect your calves from chainsaw laceration.


  • The durable fibers of 1,000-denier on the outside provide a durable covering that protects the Kevlar protection
  • The Kevlar protection
  • Cut that is symmetrical
  • Calf-wrap you didn’t think about getting


  • These fibers, which are 1,000 deniers, can become hot in August in the Texas sunshine
  1. Labonville Protective Leg Chaps

Labonville utilizes the same Kevlar used in these chaps, but the form of a strong polyester blend. They are extremely durable chaps.

They also provide an asymmetrical design that is statistically safer. Multiple straps let you secure the chaps to your pants to ensure that they don’t move on you when you work.

The pants are within the same price bracket similar to those of the Husqvarna chainsaw chaps they’re a bit more expensive. Husqvarna can also be a name with a more prominent name and brand that is well-known and, from my experience, has always provided superior customer service.

The Best All-around choices will prove to be very useful So, pick the one you like without worrying about being disappointed by it.


  • Construction made of Kevlar-blend
  • Asymmetrical length
  • Three lengths are available.


  • 1,000 denier fabric can result in a sweaty day in chaps

Notch Chaps For Chainsaw

Sometimes, the added security that comes from having calves protected can be life-saving.

Notch provides us with these guys that wrap around the bottom but allow breathing space to the upper portion of the items they protect and cover.

These chaps are made of heavy-duty material. The protective fabric inside is an 8-ply blend of polyester made to stop the chainsaw to a stop if the fabric is sucked into the blade. the outer fabric, which is six layers thick, is constructed to be tough and long-lasting.

Six closures ensure that your calves are covered and the chaps in the place they’re supposed to stay in place – on your waist and securely in the right place.


  • Durable and tough-duty
  • Additional protection for lower legs


  • A few people believe Kevlar is an absolute necessity. If you’re one of them who think that the absence of Kevlar is a negative
  • Cost-wise, as the Labonvilles mentioned above they’re barely less than $100.

Labonville Full Wrap Chainsaw Chaps

The choice of which one to name the most effective was a challenge enough and I just couldn’t bring myself to take one off completely.

You’ve probably heard about a pair of Labonville chainsaw chaps. However, they should be part of the discussion about calf wraps.

Similar to the Notch chaps they also provide lower body protection for lower body. In contrast to the Notch chaps that are made of Kevlar. The waist belt made of nylon, which measures 2 inches can withstand the rigors of a rigorous workout, as well as all the closures on it, are sturdy and durable, too.

The difference between these chaps and Notch chaps would be Kevlar in exchange for cash. They are more expensive, however, If Kevlar is something you require on your chaps for chainsaws these Labonvilles will be the ideal choice for your calf wrap requirements.


  • Calf-wrap for lower-leg protection
  • Kevlar construction to provide saw-stopping power
  • Fasteners and solid closures
  • A belt that can be adjusted to 48 inches”


  • Cost- You’ve already paid for the chainsaw as well as the fuel; $100 could be too much.
  • The legs just above the calf wrap may be slightly longer to give a little more protection to the thigh.

Stihl Premium Chainsaw Chaps

Stihl is a reliable chainsaw brand and has created some top-quality protection equipment. The chaps shown here are evidence of this.

The answer is no, they don’t contain Kevlar. In lieu, Stihl gear uses a cut-retarding material known as Avertic Pro by Engtex.

Engtex is a Swedish textile company that claims is the strongest fiber in the world as well suggests it as an alternative to Kevlar as chainsaw parts.

They are expensive and the biggest criticism of Kevlar chain saver chaps concerns the weight, and these chaps aren’t heavy. It might be worth the cost to be a bit cooler in the summer and during early-fall working days.

It’s no doubt that the chaps you choose to use will be of great use and shield you from soft tissues being harmed by the sting of the chainsaw. If they were less than $100, they’d be on the top spot on this list, since their cost is the only negative I’m able to see.


  • Engtex technology allows for lighter chaps
  • Extremely durable
  • Stihl is a reputable brand, which is evident in this product
  • A huge pouch on your left leg is filled with bars, oil for bar files, and other items


  • A bit expensive
  1. YARDMARIS Saw Safety Pants

There are less costly chainsaw chaps available, however, the Yardmaris chaps give greater value for money than their less expensive equivalents.

The adjustable waistband, which can fit up to 52″ waist, these belts can fit almost any person who can use chainsaws.

They have 8 layers of chainsaw-resistant materials The outer layer is made of 100 percent polyester, which makes them lighter than the majority. Polyester also aids in toughness and provides waterproofing properties in addition.

With the addition of a 3M reflective stripe and plenty of pockets for gear as well as one specifically designed for wedges, these provide security and convenience in one piece.


  • Most likely the lightest chaps this list
  • Cost-wise, these are less than $100 than other options under $100 here.
  • Reflective stripe offers additional safety to cut at dusk, and later


  • Chainsaw enthusiasts might be uncomfortable with the relatively undiscovered brand
  • Polyester helps them be lighter but doesn’t allow them to breathe more. Therefore, they could be the same hot as larger, thicker chaps.

Alternative Chainsaw Chaps

The chainsaw chaps reviews aren’t comprehensive without additional options that include characteristics and details that will attract the readers.

Thus, I’m going to complete this with four other chainsaw chaps.

While each item is negative at the end of the evaluation They’re solid choices for top-quality chaps that safeguard you as they’re supposed to.

  1. PGI Original Chainsaw Saw Chap

Okay, this is a pricey item. Let’s get it off the table.

They’re a solid pair of pants and provide something that we haven’t seen before in our selection – the urethane coat. They are more than waterproof. Anyone who’s tried to remove sap from pants will appreciate the fact the urethane in these pants makes them liquid-proof.

A downloadable extension can add as much as 10″ to the waistline for larger woodsmen. A pocket that is sewn inside the belt of the waist may be more practical for certain people than the typical cargo pockets that are found that is found on the legs of lots of chaps.

They are tough, long-lasting chaps that can take the majority of what you give them. If you pay for them they’re supposed to.


  • Cut that is symmetrical
  • Urethane coating
  • Snap-close pockets prevent chainsaws and files from falling out


  • Price
  • The absence of bells and bells as well as Kevlar might make the cost seem unimportant to certain

Clogger’s Zero Light and Cool Chainsaw Chaps

Clogger is a New Zealand brand.

Because New Zealand isn’t a particularly hot place, it’s quite surprising that the men Clogger created are successful in helping to reduce the heat of work in scorching temperatures.

The prices are high, but you pay you’re getting what you pay for.

Alongside chaps to protect the legs against chainsaws you also have a lightweight fabric that keeps cool.

The material used is a chainsaw stopper known as Arrestex HP that is considerably lighter than Kevlar Clogger chaps provide more airflow around the secured areas.

If you’re working in a hot region on a hot day in an extremely hot summer then these are the right best chaps to wear. The breathable fabric is strong and durable.

They can be worn with waists as long as 49″ and can cover your legs to be more accurately described as the top chainsaw pants. They feature a soft inside liner that allows for breathing while also providing 360-degree protection for your calf.


  • Extremely light material
  • It’s difficult to avoid getting too hot in these
  • The legs have high-visibility panels to ensure safety in low-light conditions


  • It can be difficult to invest thousands of dollars in something that feels lightweight and airy
  • They might feel fragile when you’re expecting thick, robust protective equipment

Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps

These chainsaw pants are among the closest thing to pants on this list.

In the color safety green, they’ll make you appear like a firefighter with a chainsaw. The zippered chaps provide full coverage, not only of your calves but also. Instead of straps or buckles, The zipper makes them less likely that the chaps will shift over you when using.

The Oxford polyester outer fabric is resistant to water and oil and has a resemblance to rain pants.

In addition to the wrap-around and zipper, These are basic chaps that can get the job done with much noise.


  • These are the most affordable individuals on the list.
  • The polyester outer keeps your legs dry (of oils and other stuff like that, but not sweat) and dry for longer than other chaps.
  • If they’re comfortable for you, they’ll cover all of your legs


  • If you’re over 6’4,” the aforementioned protections won’t offer you complete protection.
  • There are no pockets or other additional items

WoodlandPro Kevlar Chainsaw Chaps

In the market since 2014, the chainsaw safety chaps quietly earned themselves a reputation due to their toughness and toughness, which is because of the Kevlar blend they employ.

As Kevlar chaps can be they are a simple or nonsense option that offers two layers of material with an outer layer of nylon that is 400 denier.

They’re not available with an asymmetrical cut and they don’t have wraps made of calf however, they’ll get the job done. And those two Kevlar layers will stop anything chains that aren’t the most powerful.

2″ waist belts are adjustable. If you’re a typical-sized chainsaw operator who may not cut for the money These are a solid quality, sturdy choice.

Those using professional chainsaws for logging will likely require something more substantial However, there are other types of saws, too.


  • 2 layers of Kevlar
  • Affordable price


  • You might want more durable chaps.
  • The adjustable waist can be adjusted to 44″ nearly an inch less than other items on this list.
  • There are no wraps for calf wraps.
  • Asymmetrical cuts are not allowed.

Best Chainsaw Chaps For Comfort And Safety

After all the research on chainsaw chaps I’ve conducted the best pair I’ve found is that of Husqvarna. They offer a wide selection of available chaps, but they all provide great protection and comfort.

After the day, I favor Husqvarna chainsaw models over the other brands of chainsaws (even Stihl), so I may be biased towards their chaps too.

Check out the reviews of chainsaw chaps on the listings to be sure I’ve not missed anything here.

If you’re a novice to chainsaws I’d also suggest that you study the chainsaw kickback before beginning using your new machine. It’s a good idea to know what could go wrong before it happens.

There are other ways to stay safe when you use the chainsaw, too.

It includes

  • Keep your chain sharp make use of a high-quality Sharpening tool for your chainsaw for this
  • Always collaborate with a partner even when your wife is reading a book from a distant
  • Avoid working with children or dogs. You have to concentrate on the work you are working on.

As I’ve heard too several stories of folks being injured or killed when using chainsaws.

Chainsaw pants or chaps aren’t likely to solve all problems They won’t be able to help you if a tree decides to turn around on you, as an example but they’re an important element in the stay secure recipe!