Best Chainsaw for the Money

When it comes to the best chainsaw for the money, you need to know what you are looking for. There’s a whole lot of options in the market today. But are they all worth it? The best answer to that question is through doing enough research before buying any chainsaw. Like what you are doing right now. So let’s start with some of the basic things you should consider when looking for the best chainsaw for the money.

Best Chainsaw for the Money-Buyer’s Guide

First and foremost, you need to know the types of chainsaws available in the market today. Just to give you a short brief, there are three types of Chainsaw currently:

  • Electric Chainsaw: This type comes with a cable that connects directly to any electric plug. As much as it’s powerful, it has limited maneuverability.
  • Cordless Chainsaw: If you are willing to survive with a portable battery, then this device is the best option for you. The cordless chainsaw, however, has one major limitation. You will have to take breaks to charge the device every hour or so. It’s also weaker than the gas-powered chainsaw.
  • Gas-Powered Chainsaw: if you don’t mind the smell of gas, then this is the best option for you. It’s the most powerful chainsaw that you can find. Unfortunately, the power comes at a price. The gas-powered device is quite loud.

Aside from the type of chainsaw, there are also other factors that you should have in mind while buying this device.

1.     Size

When you have decided to settle for a specific type of chainsaw, the next step is determining the right size. Most people will go for bar length of that’s at least 2 inches longer than most of the wood they are about to cut. This gives you the chance to have a one-pass cut.

2.     Budget

The most important thing you should have in mind is that you shouldn’t strain your pocket. Only buy a chainsaw that’s within your budget. Thankfully, today you can easily find a chainsaw with an impeccable performance at a fair price. Check out my review of the best cheap chainsaw on the market if you are on a budget.

Top 4 Best Chainsaw for the Money

1.     16-inch Oregon Cordless Chainsaw

Without a doubt, the Oregon 16 inch device is the best chainsaw for the money. If you are planning to work on your DIY project and all you need is a chainsaw, then you’ve found your pick. The Oregon device comes with a brushless motor that ensures you have the maximum power output during your work.

More to that, the cordless chainsaw comes in a sleek and lightweight design. That makes it easy to carry around. It’s also silent between the cuts. The best part about this device is that it stays oiled thanks to its inbuilt oil system that automatically oils the chain. This reduces friction and hence increases the output.


  • The device starts with a pull of a trigger. There are no pull cords.
  • It has the capacity to handle most of your DIY tasks
  • It also has a self-sharpening technology


  • You will have to charge the device every hour or so.

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2.     20-inch Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna is powered by a 55.5 cc motor that’s powerful enough to handle professional tasks with ease. It’s actually one of the best gas chainsaws for heavy-duty work. With this device, you will be able to complete your cutting projects in a matter of minutes.

The Husqvarna model uses a tool-less tension system in the chain that’s easy to use since it comes with a start/stop button. That makes it user-friendly. The device also has a 455’s X-Torq that’s able to reduce the emissions while at the same time reducing the fuel consumption.


  • It has the power to cut even through thick live oak.
  • The device is also durable.
  • It’s the lightest of the 20-inch chainsaws.
  • The device comes with an inbuilt filter system that also increases the lifespan of the motor.


  • When compared to the electric chainsaw, this device is quite heavy.
  • It’s extremely noisy.

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3.     Tanaka Top Handle Chainsaw-TCS33EDTP

If you are looking for a chainsaw that can handle your pruning needs, then Tanaka is the best option for you. This device is a commercial-grade pure fire engine with very low emissions. It also has low fuel consumption and doesn’t sacrifice the output power. That said, you will be able to complete most of your cutting tasks with this device.

More to that, this device also has very low vibration which gives you the best control for craving and sharping. The best part about this machine is that it also features gear-driven oiler making it easy to operate.


  • The device is user-friendly
  • It’s quite light in weight.
  • The engine has its very own emission control.
  • It comes with a commercial-grade power.


  • The chainsaw is very noisy.

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4.     Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw

You will instantly fall in love with the impeccable design in this device. The Greenworks cordless chainsaw is able to provide a longer run time that’s just enough to complete your DIY project. The cordless chainsaw is compatible with 4.0Ah and 2.0Ah batteries so you can pick the charge when necessary.

Even though the chainsaw is cordless, it’s capable of delivering sufficient power that is enough to cut through any of the trees around your home. While it’s not as powerful as the gas-powered versions, it can manage up to 100 cuts with every charge.


  • It’s strong enough to handle most of your DIY tasks at home.
  • The chainsaw comes in a sleek and lightweight design
  • It also features an automated oiler.


  • It’s not easy to maneuver around with.

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In Summary…

With the above list of the best chainsaw for money, you will always have a choice that fits your needs. I’m sure you know that finding the right chainsaw is not an easy task but thankfully this article will help you a lot. Take your time and decide on which one is the best for you.