Best Chainsaws 2022: Full Reviews and Comparisons

Finding the right chainsaw is a lot easier than it sounds. There are numerous kinds of chainsaws, and additional features to take into consideration. To make the decision more straightforward, we’re going to go over the best chainsaws in 2022, provide answers to some questions that are urgent, and offer enlightening buying tips too.

The Best Chainsaws Reviews:

WORX WG303 Powered Chain Saw

The first chainsaw that we’d like to examine is the WORX WG303 powered Chain Saw, a reasonably powerful and affordable electric chainsaw that isn’t heavy and has additional features that are useful too. Given the cost it is priced at, it’s certainly one of the best chainsaws you can take into consideration.


The WORX WG303 Chain Saw with Powered Motor is a pretty robust chainsaw that has a 14.5 amp motor. If people don’t know it, this is coming similar to a gas chainsaw in regards to the power it produces. Although it’s not as powerful as a gas chainsaw, however, it’s getting close. It’s got plenty of power to cut through knotted hardwood effortlessly.

The next thing is that this particular chainsaw with a cord has a 16-inch bar which is a decent length even in a chainsaw powered by electricity. When it comes to the length of the chain as well as the bar that comes with this WORX WG303 Powered Chain Saw It’s certainly adequate to cut through some decent-sized saplings to tear up logs of a smaller size as well as to cut smaller branches off of trees, too. It’s not made to handle large-scale log logging obviously, but it’s adequate to tackle some decent-sized jobs around the home.

Let’s bear at heart that WORX WG303 powered chainsaw is a chainsaw with a cord and therefore requires an electrical power supply to operate. However, this isn’t ideal since there’s always a power cord that you must look out for. However corded chainsaws are more sustainable than gas chainsaws and they don’t have to be constantly keeping the battery’s life in check as well.

Another thing you might like about the WORX WG303 powered Chain Saw is the fact that it has an ergonomically designed rubber handle at the rear and an ergonomically designed wrap-around handle, too. This is a nice feature because it provides an excellent level of control and versatility while cutting, which allows you to cut from various angles.

The rubber handles are extremely easy to hold because they offer an excellent grip. Additionally, they can help to reduce vibrations and help reduce fatigue. To keep you safe when you use the WORX WG303 Chain Saw powered by Chain Saw WORX WG303 Powered Chain Saw, it comes with an adjustable kickback bar and chain brake, too.

The other thing that stands out in the WORX WG303 Chain Saw Powered by WORX is the fact that it weighs just 11 pounds, making it a relatively light chainsaw at the least contrasted with gas-powered chainsaws.

One of the most practical features of this chainsaw is the chain tension system that will automatically maintain the proper tension for the chain while it is being cut. The oiler built into the saw that allows the chain to be lubricated automatically is a further major benefit that this saw offers.

What’s the best thing regarding WORX’s WG303 Powered Chain Saw? WORX WG303 Powered Chain Saw

What we love about the WORX WG303 Chain Saw Powered is that it’s extremely lightweight and very cost-effective but it has sufficient power to handle all the tasks around the home. It’s quite amazing that this model is close to the level of power that a gasoline chainsaw and all without a gas motor. It’s an excellent chainsaw when you consider how economical it is.

What’s not to love with the WORX WG303 Powered Chain Saw

What is not ideal concerning the WORX WG303 Chain Saw Powered is the fact that it’s corded. This is in some ways an issue, as it limits mobility. If you use a chainsaw with a cord is limited to the length of the power cord. Additionally, the cord could become obstructed and could be risky too.


  • Impressive power level
  • Good bar length for decent size tasks
  • Auto chain tension, oil and auto system
  • The chain brake as well as the kickback bar to ensure security
  • Good grip and vibration-reducing handles


  • Limited mobility about the length of the power cord

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

So, here we’re stepping up somewhat regarding power as well as bar length. Yes, the Husqvarna 20-inch 455 Rancher gas chainsaw gas is indeed powered, and it’s designed to tackle many large and difficult tasks. This is the type of chainsaw you’d want to chop down trees and perform other massive tasks, too.

It’s huge and powerful and, despite its size, not the most inexpensive chainsaw available, however, you have what you get for the money. for the few extra dollars, you can get an impressive machine.


The Husqvarna 20-inch 455 Rancher gas chainsaw is equipped with the 55.5 Cc engine, a two-cycle engine, and, of course, it’s powered. This is an extremely robust motor that can be used in a chainsaw. Even for the gas chainsaw’s dimension, it’s quite impressive.

Simply in simple terms, as long as what you’re cutting fits with the length of the bar, it is bound to have enough capacity to cut through it just like a hot knife cutting butter. If you’re looking for an extremely powerful chainsaw that will get the job done quickly in the most difficult of tasks This is an excellent choice to keep a watch on.

The Husqvarna 20-inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw comes with a 20-inch chain and bar, but it’s also available with an 18-inch chain and bar.

A 20-inch bar is quite long, and it extends to about two feet. It is enough to cut down all trees within the house as well as to cut branches that are large as well as to slice massive logs, too. While loggers might not utilize it to cut down huge redwoods, however, it’s large enough to handle every other thing.

Of course, as it is a gasoline-powered chainsaw, it is necessary to think about keeping it running and an empty tank of gas will go a far distance. Gas-powered chainsaws such as this aren’t environmentally friendly, and they’re also not very quiet and they can be very heavy, too. But, the extra weight, some extra pollution, and lots of sounds are all the trade-offs you face when you require strength and size.

There are a few trade-offs you need to consider. For instance, the chainsaw mentioned above was more lightweight and comfortable, certainly quieter, and doesn’t generate emissions, however, it’s not nearly as powerful as the Husqvarna 20-inch 4-55 Rancher gas chainsaw.

This specific chainsaw has ergonomically designed handles. That in this instance means the solid rear handle and the wrap-around handle as well. The wrap-around handle is made of a soft rubber grip that helps improve your grip and also reduces vibrations.

Concerning the consumption of fuel and emissions, remember that the Husqvarna 20-inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw does feature X-Torque technology. This can aid in reducing the number of emissions as well as fuel usage as compared with other chainsaws with gas.

To make life simpler it also has an easy-start tech which makes it simpler to get started, but be aware that you’re still working with a ripcord here, and getting the machine to begin in cold weather isn’t necessarily straightforward.

The Husqvarna 20-inch 455 Rancher gas Chainsaw is equipped with a chain oiler that is automatic meaning you do not have to think about lubricating the chain. Another thing you might like about this chainsaw is that it features a convenient air filter that can be quickly released and is quickly cleaned at a need.

It is nice that the model also has an easy-to-use side-mounted tension adjustment is also a plus, but remember that it will require tools to make adjustments.

What’s the best thing about the Husqvarna 20-inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

We like the Husqvarna 20-inch 455 Rancher gas chainsaw in simple terms it’s a chainsaw that has an adequate bar length and enough ability to tackle practically any task you might face at home.

It’s not the lightest or most emission-free saw however it’s the power and dimensions. It’s a large chainsaw that can handle big jobs. It is still equipped with amazing features and technology like x-torque, which helps lower the amount of fuel consumed.

What’s not to love with the Husqvarna 20-inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

What we don’t love about the Husqvarna 20-inch 455 Rancher gas chainsaw is that it’s very loud and heavy and, even with the x-torque technology you’ll need to be concerned about emissions and checking the tank for gas.

Furthermore, the tension adjustment mechanism requires tools, but it’s not an issue. As a side note, the rear handle isn’t made of the highest quality material available.


  • A lot of energy for hardwood
  • X-torque engine for fewer emissions and consumption of fuel
  • The tension system is mounted on the side.
  • Automatic oiler
  • Air intake, with an air filter that is a quick release


  • Quite loud

Remington RM1645 Electric Chainsaw

This is the exact opposite direction as the Husqvarna chainsaw since this model is much smaller, lighter, less powerful, and quieter. it produces no emissions and is less expensive too.

It’s a small chainsaw that has limited power. You can utilize it to tackle simple chainsaw jobs at home, for example, pruning small trees, or trimming the small branches of trees.


Okay, so it appears that the Remington Remington 1645 Electric Chainsaw is equipped with an electric motor that is 8 amps however, it is considerably small and weaker than one of the others we’ve examined to date, and much less than the initial electric chainsaw we reviewed in the beginning.

This 8-amp motor will be enough to support tiny saplings, a few smaller tree limbs, and small branches as well. The motor isn’t likely to be powerful enough to cut through extremely thick knotted and hard wooden material, yet it will do what it is supposed to do for the simplest jobs around the home.

This Remington Electric Chainsaw features a 12-inch bar, or it’s a foot long. It’s long enough to handle small branches, limbs, and tiny saplings. However, obviously, 12 inches aren’t very long and the chainsaw is not made for huge jobs.

It’s an electric chainsaw that is corded, which means on the one side, you won’t have to worry about the gas running out or batteries going out and it’s greener than a gas engine However, on the flip side, because of the cord, you’re restricted in the distance you can travel using it. There’s an extension cord that can get stuck in the way.

But, what makes the Remington Remington 1645 Electric Chainsaw is how light as well as ergonomically designed it is. It weighs in at 6 pounds which is the most light saw on our list currently. This is a chainsaw that can be used for hours without feeling exhausted. It comes with a rear handle along with a front handle that is horizontal.

These handles feel comfortable and even though the front handle has an excellent rubber grip which also helps reduce vibration, the rear one is a slick plastic which isn’t great. Additionally, the front handle is horizontal, and not a wrap-around one so it is not possible to utilize this chainsaw in any direction but only vertically.

One of the benefits can be found in the fact that this Remington Electric Chainsaw comes with a handguard on the front to give protection to your hands.

What you might appreciate about the Remington RM1645 Electric Chainsaw is it comes with the ability to automatically oil chain that is, it will oil the bar and chain by itself.

In the same vein, this model comes with a simple chain tension adjustment device located on the left side of the Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw however, it requires tools to adjust the tension.

What’s the best thing about the Remington RM1645 Electric Chainsaw

We like this Remington Electric Chainsaw, which is how compact, lightweight, and easy to use it. This is the type of chainsaw you could pull out of your garage to spend a few minutes simply cutting.

Connect it to the power supply and press play. It’s a good chainsaw for smaller projects around the home which don’t require a big strong or heavy chainsaw. It’s also worth noting that this model is among the cheapest available. It’s not the top chainsaw on the market however, for its low cost, there’s not anything to complain about.

What’s not to love about the Remington RM1645 Electric Chainsaw

Okay, so obviously there’s the issue that, since it is powered by cords, you are restricted in the far you can travel with it. Everything is dependent upon the cord that powers it. In addition the fact that, in fairness, the device doesn’t have enough power or size needed for big cutting tasks. The lack of an integrated handle is not ideal either.


  • Quite lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ideal for smaller tasks
  • Simple chain tension adjustment
  • Automatic oiling


  • No wrap-around handle

BLACK+DECKER 40V Maximum Cordless Chainsaw

We are changing to another gear since it is our first battery chainsaw that we have on our list this day. Of course, being powered by batteries comes with its pros and drawbacks, but it’s an option that most people will find very convenient.

While it is an electric model, it does have many cool features and it actually comes with an impressive amount of power despite being an electric chainsaw. Let’s have a look into this model black and decker’s 40V maximum cordless chainsaw to find out the features it has to offer.


The first issue to talk about here is battery lifespan. The fact that it is powered by batteries means that the BLACK+DECKER40V Max Cordless Chainsaw does have an enumeration time. In a single charge when cutting through 4x four-foot pinewood the chainsaw will make around 60 cuts.

Although the time to run on one charge is certainly not like the one you get from a gas chainsaw or corded chainsaw as compared to battery-powered models, isn’t too bad. However, if you intend to use the device for hours, you might prefer to purchase the bundle that includes an additional battery.

Being powered by batteries is a sign that the BLACK+DECKER 40V Maximum Cordless Chainsaw is more flexible and mobile than a chainsaw with a cord, and, more importantly, it’s quieter and emits less air pollution than a gas-powered saw. However, the reality that you’ll end up running out of battery likely sooner than later is something to consider.

The 40V lithium-ion battery can generate a staggering quantity of power considering it’s the type of battery that it is. We’d like to look at the capacity of the Black+Decker 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw to some of the most powerful corded chainsaws we’ve examined today however, this power will last for as long as it is on an average charge. However, with an all-day battery charge, the chainsaw could effortlessly cut through some very sturdy and hard chunks of timber.

The cool thing with the 40v batteries utilized to power the BLACK+DECKER40V Maximum Cordless Chainsaw is that it can be used with similar Black & Decker 40v battery-powered tools. This means you can use one battery to provide power to Black & Decker chainsaws, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and many other tools.

Furthermore, this is because of the bar that measures 12 inches and chain. Indeed, 12 inches are not massive but it’s large enough to accommodate small saplings, tiny logs, and smaller branches as well. In all, and especially the fact that this is a battery-powered saw the performance is quite impressive.

It’s not going to be as efficient as those gas Husqvarna saw that we reviewed however, it will compete with the best. This saw has a non-tool chain tension adjustment is certainly a benefit.

The Black+Decker 40V Max cordless chainsaw has an attractive rear handle that has a rubber cover that provides a solid grip for safety and aids in reducing vibrations. It is the same as the wrap-around handle that offers an excellent grip and reduces vibrations.

The benefit of having an adjustable handle wraparound is that it allows you to hold the chainsaw with your hands in the opposite direction to increase mobility. Additionally, the automatic chain-lubrication system one which can simplify your life.

What’s there to love about the BLACK+DECKER’s XL 40V Cordless Chainsaw?

We like this BLACK+DECKER Max Cordless Chainsaw is that it is both mobile and flexible due to its lightweight design, its ergonomic design with the grip that wraps around the handle, and, of course because it’s battery-powered.

It does include other useful features that include the tool-free tension system as well as the auto chain oiler. The feature that this battery can be utilized for different Black & Decker tools is amazing too.

What’s not to love about the BLACK+DECKER’s 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw

The only thing we do not like about the BLACK+DECKER40V Max Cordless Chainsaw is that you can only make approximately 60 cuts using the battery. That means that you need to purchase an additional battery or keep waiting to recharge the battery after it has run out. A side note: an automatic oiler for chains might not always work well.


  • Vibration reducing wrap around handles
  • Quick charging and batteries included
  • The battery can be used in conjunction with other 4V B&D tools.
  • Tool-free tension adjustment
  • Automatic chain oiler


  • Do not have the capacity to handle extremely large projects.

Greenworks 10 Inch Cordless 24V Chainsaw

If you’re looking for a small and cost-effective battery-powered chainsaw that is small and lightweight, as well as flexible and versatile, the Greenworks 10 Inch 24-Volt Cordless Chainsaw will be the ideal choice to consider. It doesn’t have much strength or capacity however, it is a great choice to cut small, quick jobs around the home and is a great value also. It’s not the most powerful player in the market but it’s certainly one of the best to work with.


Yes, it is, the Greenworks 10-inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw is certainly a small chainsaw, with a bar of 10 inches. Based on this information, it is possible to imagine that the saw is specifically designed for smaller sawing tasks such as cutting tiny branches and limbs off trees, breaking up tiny branches, and making kindlin.

Additionally, this is an electric saw that is 24V, while the previous one was a 40V saw, and you’re probably able to guess what this will be like on the power scale. This isn’t the strongest chainsaw on the market or perhaps the most powerful one on the market today. Again, this is a good choice for simple cutting tasks, and also for cutting through tiny bits of timber, however, it’s definitely not one you’d want to remove a large tree, and it’s not something you should use for that.

That being said being light and compact can have its advantages, most notably that it’s simple to carry and use for long periods without becoming exhausted. This is the type of chainsaw that you can carry in one hand, or perhaps climb up a ladder for minor pruning tasks. It’s definitely ergonomically designed this way, and it has two nice handles, too.

The handle at the rear is solid and is covered in rubber, which allows to have a better grip and also helps to reduce the vibrations that cause fatigue. Additionally, there’s an entire wrap-around handle that also comes with a rubber covering that provides excellent gripping power in addition to vibration level reduction. The wrap-around handle is very convenient due to that you can hold the Greenworks 10-inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw upside down while using it.

If you’re looking for something convenient and convenient, the tool-free chain tension adjustment is as simple to use as you can get, and because of the automatic chain oiler, you do not need to think about lubricating the chain. The Greenworks 10-inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw comes with an easy electric start, which makes it very easy to use too.

What needs to be noted in this article is the battery longevity of the Greenworks 10-inch cordless chainsaw that, in simple terms isn’t very excellent in any way. This model comes with a 24V battery which will last for approximately 35 cuts, which is quite tiny cuts, before it goes out of service and is, in truth, not the most impressive.

This is the type of saw that you’d use to make a couple of quick cuts. For anything beyond that, you’ll be looking to buy an additional battery so that you’ll have a spare available in case the primary battery fails.

But the best aspect is that this 24V battery can be used to power various other 24V Greenworks tools. The interchangeable battery system is the reason that many prefer this particular line of Greenworks tools. A side note: this battery has power that is fade-free, which means it works similarly on the final cut as it did on the first.

What’s great about the Greenworks 10-Inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw?

We like Greenworks’ Greenworks 10-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Chainsaw is the way which is easy as well as versatile. It’s not able to handle large jobs, not at all it will not be able to run for very long on one charge, either.

But, the feature of having such an easy-to-use and light design is a huge plus It comes with an interchangeable battery that can be used with other Greenworks tools. In addition, it can be used for small jobs too. It’s basically a handy chainsaw powered by batteries.

What’s not to love about this? Greenworks 10-inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw?

Okay, so the thing we don’t love here, for instance, is obviously the battery lifespan. In simple terms that one fully charged battery will not take you far. Furthermore, the small motor’s power and the small size bar means that it’s not able to take on big jobs, not in the least.


  • Tool-free tension adjustments
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Easy to get started
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Vibration reduction


  • Battery life is limited


Before you decide to purchase a chainsaw whatever it is it is, there are crucial aspects you need to keep in mind. These are the most important factors to bear in mind when buying the chainsaw.

  • The type of Chainsaw

The first thing to consider is what kind of chainsaw you want to purchase. This is a discussion of corded, gas, or battery-powered (otherwise called cordless). There are pros and disadvantages for each. Let’s look at the three.

  • The first thing you need is a regular gas chainsaw. If you’re seeking size and power it’s the best option to choose. In terms of size and power, it’s hard to find anything comparable to gas-powered chainsaws. However, they’re extremely weighty, polluting air, and are extremely loud and they also vibrate often.
  • After that, you will have your chainsaw with a cord. In terms of power and size, this is the next level from the gas-powered chainsaw. Corded chainsaws are perfect for household tasks or for smaller and medium dimensions tasks. The chainsaws won’t go out of power for as long as they’re plugged into the wall, and they’re environmentally friendly, however, the range is limited by the length of your power cord.
  • And then, you’ll have a battery-powered chainsaw. They tend to be the smallest and the most compact made for smaller tasks around the house. They’re more versatile than corded saws because they aren’t limited by the length of the cord, but on the other hand, both time to run and the power required are affected.
  • Power

This is indeed linked to the earlier issue, however, the strength of chainsaws is something to take into consideration. If you intend to cut down a few small branches and softwood, the battery or corded saw will suffice. But when it comes to cutting through knotted wood, hardwood, and at a decent speed, it is best to use the ability of a gas chainsaw.

  • Guide Bar Length

You also must be attentive to your guide bars’ length. In essence, the longer this bar is more extensive, the greater size of a branch or tree you’ll be able to cut through. What you have to decide is whether you will require an instrument to chop down entire trees, trim a few branches, or even create the kindlin. The length of the guide bar is crucial because it determines how much work the chainsaw you are using manages.

  • Safety Features

Chainsaws are not toys. They are hazardous machines. Therefore, every safety feature you purchase is crucial. First, every good chainsaw must come with a kickback bar. This is probably the most important safety element. The chain brake that stops your chain from moving after you release the lever that powers it keeps you secure also. If you own an electric saw that has an integrated handle and a handguard, find a sturdy handguard.

  • Handles

The next thing to check out is the handles of the chainsaw being used. The first thing to look for is to be a strong back handle that is comfortable to hold and most importantly, it should have some form of cover that has an edging to give you more grip and vibration reduction as well. The top chainsaws have wrap-around handles. These are extremely convenient as this kind of handle permits users to grip the saw at an angle, or completely in the opposite direction to make those tough cuts.

  • Size and Weight

The size and the mass of the chainsaw must also be taken into consideration. Simply put, the bigger and heavier the chainsaw more difficult it will be to work over a longer time. But, heavier and bigger chainsaws can also be more efficient than lighter and smaller ones.

  • Price

In terms of cost, we believe that it can be summed in the form of saying that you pay for what you spend for. If you are looking for a robust saw packed with a variety of amazing options, you’ll need to shell out for it.


What is the best way to operate the Chainsaw?

Utilizing a chainsaw correctly and safely isn’t so simple simply turning the machine on, then hitting the button to turn the chain. There’s more to it. Below is an instructional video about how to utilize the chainsaw.

Do Chainsaws Overheat?

This is indeed something to watch out for. Chainsaws are operated at high speeds and usually require lots of power to cut through hardwood and logs. This means they can quickly and easily become hot, particularly in the summer and particularly when you’re using a gasoline chainsaw. It is essential to ensure that the air intake is clear and clean and the exhaust ensures maximum airflow.

Does Chainsaw require oil?

In one way and another way, every chainsaw requires oil. Chainsaws powered by gas require oil for the engine to keep the chain running smoothly. Additionally, the chainsaws all require lubrication of the bar and chain. This helps to avoid the creation of a lot of friction as the chain moves across the bar.

Are there any frequent reasons why a chainsaw doesn’t cut?

The most frequent reason why your chainsaw doesn’t cut is that the chain is worn out damaged and wears out (dull teeth) The chain may have been stretched due to long-term usage, and also because the chain isn’t tightly securing itself. There could be an issue with the chain’s gears or, in other senses, the motor may be idle and not turning the chain as it should.

How do I know when I should sharpen my Chain?

Your chain must be sharpened if it appears worn and dull or if your engine is always running hot due to the chain not cutting quickly and effectively enough, or if it’s taking longer to cut than it did before, or if you’re struggling to position the chain in an arrangement that cut in the wood.

Final Verdict

The most crucial aspect to think about before purchasing the right chainsaw is whether you’ll use gasoline, battery, or corded chainsaw. Consider the job that the saw is required to accomplish and then proceed from there.