Best Cheap Chainsaw on the Market

Do you have a tight budget and you are looking for the best cheap chainsaw on the market? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to the numerous manufacturers, you can now get a chainsaw at an affordable price. The main question is, will it be as good the expensive ones?

Well, to be sincere, there are a few features that you might have to compromise when you go for the best cheap chainsaw. But with the right machine, you will be able to complete most of your DIY tasks at home in no time. That said, you don’t have to break your bank or start looking for loans if you want a good chainsaw.

In this article, therefore, I will review a list of the cheapest chainsaws that will get the job done. But before we get down to business, let’s take a look at some of the considerations that you should have in mind when purchasing a cheap chainsaw.

Best Cheap Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide

To get the best affordable chainsaw, there are a few things you will have to think of while you go shopping. For instance:

1.     Power

Is the device that you are about to buy powerful enough to complete your tasks? The power of the chainsaw will definitely determine what tasks the device can handle. Most of all, it will determine how fast you will be able to complete your DIY.

2.     Safety

The fact that you will work without having to worry about snapping your fingers by accident is really important. That said, you need to ensure the affordable chainsaw that you are buying has all the safety features. With a safe device, you will quickly tackle any obstacles with this device.

3.     Price

This goes without question. I’m sure you don’t want to strain your finances. And you shouldn’t have to. With the best inexpensive chainsaw, you will be able to get your job done without necessarily clearing your bank account to buy this device. You should definitely go for a chainsaw that’s within your budget.

Top 4 Best Cheap Chainsaw on the Market

1.     Oregon Cordless Chain saw

To start us off on this list is the Oregon Cordless chainsaw. You will instantly fall in love with this device. This cordless machine comes with no pull cord and no gas-oil mixing. It has the capacity to handle most of your home tasks with ease.

The best part about this device is that it comes with a battery pack of 1.25Ah that has a really long run time enough to complete any DIY project. More to that, the device is capable of cutting branches of up to 4 inches in diameter with one single charge. Impressive, right? That’s not all!

The Oregon Machine comes in a portable and sleek design making it easy to store and carry around. You will likely not experience any downside to this device.


  • It’s portable and light in weight.
  • It doesn’t have any gas-oil mixing
  • The Oregon chainsaw comes with a battery that can manage most of your DIYs
  • It also ensures you are safe with its anti-kickback feature


  • The device cannot handle heavy-duty tasks
  • You might have to recharge the battery every hour or so.

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2.     Makita Electric Chainsaw-UC4051A

Makita is a manufacturing company that’s widely known especially in the chainsaw world with good reason. The company produces quality devices and the UC4051A is no exception. With this device, you will soon say bye-bye to most of the unfinished DIY tasks around the house that need a chainsaw.

This 16-inch device comes packed with a tremendous amount of power to cater to your needs. It’s actually among the top-rated professional chainsaw and comes at an affordable price. The Makita electric chainsaw comes with a large oil reservoir so you can continue working without necessarily going for oil breaks.


  • It has the power to complete your cutting tasks
  • More to that, the Makita chainsaw has an anti-kickback feature that ensures you are completely safe
  • It comes with an ergonomic rubber handle for added comfort when using this tool


  • The device is quite heavy
  • Since it comes with a cord, the electric chainsaw will limit your maneuverability.

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3.     Works Powered Chainsaw-WG303.1

Third, on the list is the Works powered chainsaw that has the power you’ve been looking for. This baby is equipped with a 14.5 Amp Motor that cuts as quickly and effectively as a gas-powered chainsaw.

That said, the Works machine is designed to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease. It’s one of the best alternatives for professional logging. The beauty of having this device is that the Works chainsaw comes with a 200ml oil reservoir that ensures you don’t have to break to refill the oil. It also features an automatic tension adjustment system for easy handling.


  • The device comes with an anti-kickback system for extra precaution
  • It’s strong enough to handle most of your DIY tasks
  • The device is light in weight
  • More importantly, the Works chainsaw comes with an automated system for convenience.


  • Unfortunately, the chainsaw is corded which will limit your maneuverability.

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4.     Husquarvna Gas Chainsaw

Last but not least is the Husquarvna Gas chainsaw that comes with that extra power that you’ve been looking for. The Husquarvna machine is a gas-powered device that ensures you have uninterrupted performance.

This device is better than the electric devices since you don’t have to stop your project simply because you need to charge the chainsaw. More importantly, it’s powerful enough to handle professional tasks with ease.


  • The device is portable since it comes in a lightweight design
  • Husquarvna Gas chainsaw is gas-powered so you don’t have to take any break while using this device
  • It’s the best alternative, especially for professionals.

Cons         `

  • It’s loud when compared to most electric chainsaws.

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In Summary…

There you have it! With the top 4 list above, you can never go wrong. You need to remember that it’s quite easy when it comes to finding the best cheap chainsaw in the market. The only important this is to know where and how to look for this device. All in all, good luck shopping and stay tuned for more interesting articles.