Best Cordless Chainsaw Under $200

Did you know with just $ 200 or below you can secure yourself a cordless chainsaw? All the saw comes with different features which makes the prices vary. There are some saws which could be used in both home and professional project, whereas some are only suitable for home use only.

If the cost is the primary consideration, then this article is here for you to let you identify the best saw to purchase. Given this, I have sampled all the saw with the cost within the given budget with some key features which make them the best.


  • Reliability

Something unique about these saws is that they come with a warranty when purchasing to ensure the customers get the best. For instance, most of them have a guarantee which ranges from 2 years to 4 years, thus giving the users an ample allowance to use the product.

  • Vibration and Noise

 Most of the saw which ranges within that budget produces significantly less noise compared to other saws in the market. Most of the users in the market prefer to use the silent machine rather than the noisy machines. What makes the machine to produce less noise is because they have anti-vibration, which ensures the noise gets reduced.

  • Performance

Most of the machines are smaller, but they are very powerful, which makes it possible for the saw to cut effectively. Most of the saw ranges from 40V to 60V, which makes them perform exemplary well. You can be able to cut a lot within a short period.

  • Battery Life

Depending on the saw voltage, it can run for an extended period, thus giving the machine a prolonged life. For instance, the minimum cuts which could be made by such saw include 50 cuts which are quite good.

  • Safety

 If you are looking for the safest machine to operates, then you should look at the battery-operated saw because they come with handle brakes which ensure the safety of the machine



It’s the best saw which has high-quality battery power, thus giving it a longer life. It does not need heavy gas power for the machine to operates, thus making it possible for the saw to operates effectively. It has been a popular model for all the ages as per the positive reviews from the various users.  It is best used in professional projects and also the home uses hence making it the best.

 Key Specification

  • It has 40V Max Lithium battery 
  • It has an automatic oiler system
  •  It has battery state and charger systems
  •  Flexible handle to hold on

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It is the best craftsman saw which has a high powered battery to ensure the saw is used in both professional and also home and home uses. It has been reviewed positively by many customers in the market, which makes the machine to be much reliable in the market.

 Key Specifications

  •  It comes with 20 voltages cordless system.
  • It has oiling systems which ensure minimal maintenance
  • It includes the charger and the battery.
  •  It has an equipped motor which ensures long term performance.
  •  It has a handle break, which ensures maximum safety.

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 It is mainly used in homes to clear the garden and help cut some branches. It comes with 40V power tools which would ensure the saw operates efficiently in homes. The period of the battery is usually determined by the nature of the work which is undertaken by the machine.

 Key Features of the Saw

  • It’s lightweight, which makes it possible to be used.
  •  Its chain and Oregon length is 12 inches
  • It has an automatic oiler system
  • Highly compatible with small tasks

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DEWALT gets considered to be one of the fine saw which could serve both the professional and also domestic work. The saw is deemed to be the most lightweight machine hence making it possible for the machine to get used in the various task. It has some special features which make the saw to be suitable for handling all task.

 Key Features

  • It has a brushless motor which helps maximizes chainsaw operating life.
  • It contains bare tools which make the battery and the charger to be excluded.
  •  It has a tool-free chain which ensures tensioning.
  •  It has a hardcover bar which enhances the portability of the machine
  •  Its Oregon bar and chain has 12 inches.

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 Ego power saw has been in use due to its performance, which makes them demanded by many comes with some unique features which make the saw to be used in professional and also home use.

 Key Features Includes:

  • It has a brushless motor with 6300 rpm.
  • Its Oregon bar and chain has 14 inches each.
  • It is a weather-resistant machine, thus making it suitable for construction.
  • It has kickback brakes which ensure maximum safety.
  • It also contains tensioning chain knob
  • Its charger and battery are not included

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 Buying a cordless chainsaw is like unwrapping a special gift on your birthday. It comes with good specifications which would work effectively in the professional and also home use. With the experience I have heard with the saw I would recommend to any buyers in the market who is looking for a machine to consider it for reliable services. There are others saw in the market which would cost a lot of money but end up disappointing on the delivery of the services. Cost should not be ultimatum features to look when purchasing a machine, but it would help you range the machine and choose the best.