Best Log Splitter Reviews & Buyers Guide

Today, we’ll review the top ten log splitters you could have, which is an intriguing idea to consider since “winter is on the way.”

The month of October has already sunk into full swing and the evenings are drawing in, you’re beginning to feel the long-awaited chill in the breeze that flutters through your body when you return from work or perhaps enjoy your cup of tea on the balcony.

It will become a full-blown winter earlier than you think. And what is the first thing to come to mind when it’s a cold winter day such as winter is a warm fireplace log fires before which you can sit down and enjoy hot coffee.

However, for your home to possess plenty of wood all through the year You will require the top log splitter available to use at home. Thanks to modern technology today, we don’t have to bother using the ax, and all the back pains.

Champion 25-Ton Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

Fantastic Log Splitter for the money. Simple to use and able to handle logs up to 24 inches easily.

  • Handles logs that are up to 19 inches long that weigh up to 50 pounds
  • 2-year guarantee with free lifetime technical assistance
  • 10 in. Never Flat Wheels

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Strong, durable, and lightweight tool. I was able to split 20″‘ pine logs with ease.

  • Lightweight and compact, enough to be easily moved by one person
  • One-handed operation
  • Two-year warranty
  • Split logs to 20.5 inches

WI 56207 6.5-Ton Electronic Log Splitter

I’m five years of experience with the WEN and this splitter performs just as well as large ones.

  • Cut-off Capacity for Logs: Up at 20in in length and 12 inches in Diameter
  • Small and light

Two-Hand Safety Control

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Features & Tech Specs

  • Type: Electric
  • Size 40 by 13.5 inches. 20.5 inches
  • Weight: 106 pounds
  • Users can split wood from inside and outside as well.
  • Patented technology for hydraulic systems
  • It is designed in a manner that can be operated without hassle
  • You will receive a guide that will guide you through
  • Two-year warranty that is for residential.

Boss is among the most trusted brands for electronic gear. Therefore, it is no surprise that log splitters made by the company are also expected to keep the brand’s name. This machine from Boss is extremely powerful and runs on two horsepower electric motors.

It comes with an overall splitting power of seven tons, which is very highly praiseworthy. One of its most practical advantages is it has a one-handed operation. You won’t require two hands to cut wood with this tool.

One of its distinctive features is that the RAM is automatically tuned. This is an option that the majority of other brands don’t have.


What is the biggest log in diameter that this will cut?

Up to 20 inches

How small is your divide?

The size you need is as small as you’d like. Make sure you keep your fingers clear of your

Can this split mesquite and live oak?

Yes, absolutely. This is a fantastic splitter.

You can leave the device outside?


What We Liked

  • Automated Ram Return System
  • It is suitable for tackling larger firewoods
  • Rapid and efficient in time
  • Side rails made into the machine.

What We Didn’t Like

  • No wheels

Sun Joe LJ10M Logger Joe 10 Ton – Best Manual Log Splitter

Features & Tech Specs

  • Type Manual
  • Size 41.1 inches x 8.1 inches. 11.8 inches
  • Weight: 87 pounds
  • For logs with a maximum length of 18” long and 8 1” wide
  • It is covered by a full two years of warranty
  • Reliable performance and force system
  • Small size is one of the features.
  • wheels that allow for easy transportability
  • Log cradle stops the fall of split wood

Sun Joe’s hydrology splitters are very practical for ease of use and versatility. This is among the top manual wood splitters that can cut logs up to at least 18 inches long and 8 inches wide. The machine is equipped with a capacitor of ten tonnes, which makes it highly efficient when you’re into business.

The strong force can help to cut the wood in a much more even method. It also comes with a cradle to help the wood to remain still and ensures that it does not slide off.

The machine is entirely steel, which ensures top quality since plastic machines don’t last for a longer time. It also comes with wheels to make sure that it is safe and easy to transport benefits. There is no need for cords, gasoline, or oil.


Do you need to be strong to use it?

I believe it’s not too difficult to operate. The tool itself is quite heavy however once you’ve got it set the way you want it to then you can bring in the logs!

Could this be a split the oak?

Yes, so long as the log has the proper size and width for the splitter.

How big of a log’s diameter is this split?

18 in. long x 8 inches. wide

Does the hydraulic get filled when you purchase it?

The unit will contain a small amount of oil in it to start. However, if you intend to be using it for a long time, you should fill the unit up with oil.

What We Liked

  • Creates up to 10 tons of force in one time
  • System log-on and off for the system is split.
  • It is durable and quick, promises better service for longer, and is effective in terms of time

What We Didn’t Like

  • The wheels are not rotatable.
  • None of the extra features will affect the ease of your hands when you hold them

Champion 25-Ton Full Beam Horizontal/Vertical – Best Gas Log Splitter

Features & Tech Specs

  • Type of gas: Gas
  • Dimensions: 71.3 inches x 28.3 * 19.1 inches
  • Weight: 430 pounds
  • For logs that are up to 22 inches long
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • 25 tons of capacity for splitting
  • Converts from vertical to horizontal in a matter of seconds
  • 12-second cycle time
  • The valve’s auto-return is capable of 300 cycles per hour.

If you are looking for a high-quality, large-scale wood splitter that can accomplish the task it is recommended to include the Champion 25T full Beam Splitter to your list of choices! It is designed to tackle the most difficult tasks in the least amount of time. The machine’s height and capability to split into horizontal and vertical positions will make it much easier since you don’t have to constantly bend to reach for the logs. Imagine the ability to cut 24-inch logs in 12 seconds!

In addition, this machine also comes with an automatic return valve, which allows you to split wood much quicker. For massive logs, they could be heavy to lift and place upon the beam. With Champion, it is not necessary to need to be concerned about this in any way. The machine is built to allow vertical splitting, which is an advantage for those who need to trim the huge logs.

Are you looking to take this workhorse around? It’s not necessary to fret about it! The machine can be pulled to the rear of your vehicle, and it can go at up to 45 mph! It could be the all-purpose log splitter that you can utilize outdoors or at home.


Does it have lots of assembly in it?

Simple to do. It took only my son and me 30 minutes to complete

How much power?


Is this device equipped to include an oil filter for hydraulic use?


What amount of gallons of hydraulic fluid is needed?

5 gallons

What We Loved About HTML0

  • 25 tons Ram Force
  • Engine 224cc
  • Horizontal or Vertical Use
  • 24-hours or more” Split Length
  • Auto Return Valve
  • 300 cycles/hour

What We Didn’t Like

  • Noisy
  • Produces smoke

YARDMAX 5 Ton Electrical Log Splitter

Features & Tech Specs

  • Type: Electric
  • Size 38.5 inches x 28.2 and 39.2 inches
  • Weight: 98 pounds
  • Auto-Return 4-by-4-Inch Push Plate
  • Support Wings with a Side Mount
  • A powerful 15-amp motor
  • 13,000 pounds of cracking pressure
  • 34-inches Mounting Stand

The Yardmax YS0552 is among the more unique as well as compact splitters for wood available there. It is the top log splitters for use at home, or for when you go camping and require wood for firewood. It’s simple to transport because of its small dimensions and even comes with wheels. Additionally, the stand can be folded! It is possible to make use of it together alongside the stand or alone, whichever you prefer! It’s a lot of flexibility and setting them up will take no more than 30 minutes, which is not much of a problem for some.

Despite its portability and its small design, this machine can do its job as effectively as other splitters. The Yardmax YS0552 can split logs in just 16 seconds, which isn’t too bad when compared with other machines in size and class.

Have you ever had the experience of cutting logs, and then making a mess of the broken logs? Sometimes they’ll fall onto your feet!

Although these situations are not uncommon, however, they can be quite uncomfortable. But the good news is that you don’t have to repeat that experience by using the YS0552! It has an edging table, so you can finish the job more safely and efficiently.


Does it have the ability to be saved vertically?


What does this have to do when it comes to Green wooden?

It’s fine, based on the length of the course.

Does it include hydraulic fluid? or do I need to purchase it?

Yes, it comes with hydraulic fluid

What is the maximum amount of logs for the splitter?

Max size is 10-inches in width as well as 20.5 inches wide.

What We Liked

  • 5 Ton Ram Force
  • From 25 to” Split Length
  • Has Stroke Limiter
  • Includes Log Catcher
  • Two-Handed Operation
  • The motor makes very little noise.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The stand is shorter

Powerhouse PS90 6 Ton

Features & Tech Specs

  • Type: Electric
  • Weight: 118 pounds
  • It has unique technology that is a 9-ton machine.
  • Both hands are required for the operation, which will eliminate any injury that could occur
  • The effort is less in even less time.
  • Auto return valve
  • It is comprised of a hydraulic ram as well as powerful electric power.

If you’ve used gas-powered log splitters from day one, you’ve noticed that their power isn’t equal to their electric counterparts. So, prepare to be proved wrong. Its Powerhouse XM-580 boasts a 9-ton ram force that makes split logs as fast as 15 minutes! What makes this machine even more impressive is that it’s powered by afoot, which gives the user more leverage, and you don’t have to constantly bend down to use it or take the logs.

With its patented hydraulic system that increases the torque by up to 45% more than other models of its kind. In addition, the XM-580 comes with an automatic return valve that doubles the speed, making it more practical for you. Furthermore, the XM-580 will not require air compressors, either!

As you’re probably employing this in your home, Powerhouse has created the XM-580 to be able to operate in indoor areas and outdoors as well. The unit creates no fumes. Additionally, it is the ability to operate quietly, which means you can go on in your work without any disturbance to anyone. Additionally, it doesn’t need to fret about fuel too. This device just has to be turned on and you’re ready to go!


How do I determine the voltage?

It operates on 110v.

How long is the longest log length that is divided?

20 inches

What type of warranty does this splitter come with?

The warranty total is one year. Six months cover repairs needed beyond that period. The remaining year. The warranty is only for parts.

Does it have two speeds?

One speed does not fit everyone.

What We Liked

  • Time-efficient is capable of cutting up to one hundred logs in one hour
  • Don’t create too much noise
  • Does not cause headaches or backache.
  • Security measures are in place.
  • 4 HP 6 Ton Ram Force
  • Patented Hydraulic System
  • From 21″ Split Length

What We Didn’t Like

  • Hydraulic fluid could leak

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60

Features & Tech Specs

  • Type: Electric
  • The dimensions are: 37.7 x 11.8 x 18.5 inches
  • Weight: 105 pounds
  • Extra heavy-duty 1.75 HP
  • It is easy to split large logs an 18-second cycle time
  • Make adjustments to a shorter stroke to accommodate smaller logs
  • 7 wheels and configurations to a vertical position
  • The wedge of steel 5 inches breaks logs easily and quickly

The SELS60 is among the most compact and effective models on the market. It has a 1.75HP engine it can split logs as quickly as 18 seconds. This is not too bad when compared to other splitters in its class. If you’re not worried about the speed, this could be a great choice to use at home.

Another point worth noting about the product you are considering is that it can limit strokes, meaning it can cut through smaller logs more quickly. The product does not have the auto-return valve however that is a disadvantage. It isn’t requiring gas to run, making it safe for use by homeowners. There is no need to think about operating this in your workshop since it is not releasing the fumes.

One of the main issues with this machine is storage and transportation. The majority of splitters require a dedicated space and are a bit heavy to be moved around with. But the SELS60 is possible to put in the cabinet since it can easily be moved to a vertical orientation. Additionally, it is equipped with seven” never-flat wheels, which make it simpler for it to be moved around your office.


Which voltage is it?

It is powered by 120v.

Does this splitter include an auto-retract function?


How long does the log divide?

20 inches

Does it have two speeds?

One speed does not fit all.

What We Liked

  • 6. Ton Ram Force
  • A 15amp induction motor
  • up to” Split Length
  • Adjustable the Integrated Stroke Limiter
  • Vertical Storage Position

What We Didn’t Like

  • Ram can be difficult to retract

WEN 5207 6.5-Ton Electronic Log Splitter

Features & Tech Specs

  • Type: Electric
  • Dimensions: 38.5.2 x 28.2 and 39.2 inches
  • Weight: 98 pounds
  • Auto-Return 4-by-4-Inch Push Plate
  • Side-Mounted Support Wings
  • High-powered 15-amp motor
  • 13,000 pounds of cracking pressure
  • 34-inches Mounting Stand

The WEN 56207 isn’t the most powerful and fastest machine in its class, however, it does a great job at residential usage. Despite its compact size, this machine can get the job done with the same efficiency as other models can. This machine can be disassembled to allow for easy storage and transportability. It also comes with wheels and a handle to facilitate mobility.

The WEN 56207 takes around 20 seconds to cut each piece of wood. While it’s not the fastest in these categories, this time is still quite good when compared to having to manually cut wood. It’s not too slow, but if you’ve utilized other log splitters you may notice the differences. It is, however, a bit more efficient. it has an auto-return cylinder, which allows you to work quickly and will require less manual effort.

Although the machine may be quite slow, it’s good for home use. It was specifically designed to be used in residential settings because it runs at a minimum level of noise is possible. There is no need to be concerned about disturbing others while you cut wood for your fireplace. If you’re concerned about the speed of your fireplace and efficiency, if you have smaller logs, it would be more effective. It is possible to modify the ram-limiting rings so that you can split the shorter logs into a smaller cycle time.


Is it possible to store it vertically?


What is this doing when it comes to Green wooden?

It’s fine, based on the length of the course.

Does it include hydraulic fluid? or do I need to purchase it?

Yes, it comes with hydraulic fluid

What is the maximum amount of logs for the splitter?

Max size is 10 inches wide in diameter and 20.5 inches in length.

What We Liked

  • 6.5 Ton Ram Force
  • Auto Return Cylinder
  • up 20.5″ Split Length 20.5″ The Split Length
  • 15 amp motor
  • Operation with no noise

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit slower than similar classes
  • Does not include the log catcher.

Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

Features & Tech Specs

  • Type Name: Gas
  • Dimensions: 53.1 inches x 23.6 inches. 18.1 inches
  • Weight: 143.3 pounds
  • More efficient and faster
  • Cycle Time 20 seconds
  • Jump-start system recoil
  • Design is simple but large and secure
  • Two-year warranty and lifetime technical support benefit system.

This particular model from Champion is yet another highly efficient log splitter. It has many distinctive characteristics, including the fact that it’s chemically resistant. It is compatible with normal water or wastewater saltwater, as well as with mild bases and acids in addition.

It produces one hundred and fifty-four Gallons of power in a minute. It also has an OOH running engine. The machine is constructed of steel and comes with a transparent plumbing system for water.

In essence, it’s an ideal wood splitter if you’re searching for one that’s within a moderate cost and performs basic functions. In all of these aspects, this is one of the top log splitters available.


What is the maximum size of logs on this model is that is supported?

I’ve made 22-inch logs and they worked fantastically.

Are you able to stand in the middle to save it?

Not suggested

How long does it take to assemble?

Took me approximately 2 hours. The best fuel log splitting device.

Does it work vertically and horizontally?

The only way to work is horizontally

What We Loved About HTML0

  • It is equipped with four strokes
  • Only one cylinder is used.
  • The building is well-ventilated and operates with less oil
  • Max Log Size – 19.3 in
  • Max Pressure 3000 psi

What We Didn’t Like

  • The wheels are not rotatable.
  • Comparatively, heavier

Wel-Bilt Horizontal Manual Hydraulic Splitter

Features & Tech Specs

  • Type: Manual Hydraulic
  • Size: 37.0”x12.2”x18.1”(LXWXH)
  • Weight: 94 Pounds
  • Quality and durable
  • Very light and safe.
  • Split logs quickly from 13 1/2in. up to 18in.L using 6 1/2 inches dia.
  • A 2-speed pump can deliver the capacity of 10 tonnes split log pressure
  • 2 wheels for effortless maneuverability

If you like cutting logs by hand, the main issue is to find an effective manual log splitter capable of cutting bigger sections of wood. Fortunately, the Wel Bilt horizontal manual Hydraulic Splitter will help you solve your log-splitting issues.

The manual log splitter is capable of generating a maximum force to split 10 tons. This is enough power to split dry wood of a large size or smaller amounts of wet wood.

Despite its small size, it’s able to accommodate pieces of wood around 18 inches long. The log also has a cranny that holds the log securely, which means you don’t need to be concerned about it falling out of the spot when splitting. We also like this WelBilt horizontal Manual Hydraulic Divider can split logs with dimensions between 13.5 inches. This lets it cut various logs, from medium to small-sized pieces.

One of the few drawbacks that we can come up with for this splitter is that it’d take a lot of work from you to cut through larger and more dense logs. However, considering the cost, along with its easy-to-use design and sturdy materials, it’s not anything to worry about.


Could this be stored in a garage where it freezes in winter?

Yes. it is possible.

How much is it to split the help of this device?

Great for logs that are up to three inches.

What We Loved About HTML0

  • A Ram with a capacity of up to 200mm
  • It can cut down to 18 inches
  • Pump with quick speed feature

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is a horizontal-built machine.
  • Home-friendly, but not intended designed for professional use.
  • No guarantee

The WEN 56222 Lumberjack Gas-powered Log Splitter

Features & Tech Specs

  • Type Name: Gas
  • Size 37.5 by 11.5 the 18 inch
  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • The product is approved by CSA
  • Two years of warranty.
  • The wheels will never become flat.
  • The motor has a total of 212cc engine.
  • Portable, with two comfortable grips, handles as well as 16-inch tires.
  • Hydraulic pressure 3000 PSI

Our electric log splitter is equipped with an extremely reliable 2 horsepower motor. It is not afflicted by problems with gas and is quite quiet and will not produce any noise. It’s not much either it is a simple matter to put in the plug, and you’re all set to go. It has great security features as it comes with an extra function that helps the hands to ensure that they don’t get out of the way when it is operating.

It has a built-in space that can be used to support or hold logs that measure between ten and twenty inches long, which is pretty impressive. It also has ergonomic grips to ensure that your hands don’t get harmed and it comes with wheels, too.


Does it support vertical storage?

Yes, I keep mine in this manner But make sure that the valve is shut.

Can this device deal with hardwoods?

Yes, no problem.

How much-required voltage?

Standard 110v

What We Liked

  • Copper coated machine
  • Do not create any noise that is too loud, and is comfortable
  • Odorless and portable
  • Security measures are in place

What We Didn’t Like

  • The wheels aren’t rotatable.
  • No customer support is available, only a manual can be found to assist.

Things to Consider Before purchasing a Log Splitter

Before you purchase one, it is essential to be aware of the elements that need to be considered before purchasing a log splitter:


It is vital to verify the horsepower and amount of tonnage for log splitters. They are available in a variety of horsepower, it is important to think about the force or force required to cut the wood you want. This will be contingent on the type of wood you’ll work with.

In general, it is advisable to choose a reliable wood splitter. If you’re working with oak or woods like poplar to work and you’ll need more force from your machine to ensure that they are cut correctly.

If you’re unsure what to choose for the best power range, a search on the internet is your best choice. There are numerous websites with lists of the materials used and the necessary horsepower depending on your requirements you will be able to easily determine the one that is suitable for your needs.

When the power is increased as does the cost for the item. However, most of the time the splitting machine that has lots of power isn’t necessary, as they are used to create fires for logs and to cut smaller pieces of wood. It is therefore important to select the most efficient log splitter so that you reduce the cost of getting rid of it.

Weight and size

Check that the size and the mass of your splitter correspond to the specifications you have set. There’s no way to determine the right weight or size. your requirements will be based on the materials you’ll work with. However, make sure that the size and weight you’re using are suitable for your needs and can handle any difficulties that arise.

The power source

It is advisable to purchase electrical splitters because they are more powerful and capable of cutting any kind of wood, no matter how massive or small in dimensions. Due to this electrical splitters are regarded to be among the most effective wood splitting machines.

There are various other kinds of wood splitters such as gas or hydraulic. They also have ones that operate by hand. However, manual splitters aren’t always the best option since they do not cut as long pieces of wood as electric splitters can.


Wheels are essential. It is essential to choose rotatable wheels. Log splitters can become very heavy, and it’s impossible to transport them. It would be great to have wheels to transport the splitter to where you’re looking for. No muss no fuss. The top wood splitters must be equipped with wheels.

Materials to build

Be sure to purchase log splitters that are constructed out of steel. Plastic-based products can die in a shorter time, whereas the ones made of steel last for many years. It is therefore recommended to not throw your money into the wind when you purchase plastic splitters. Make sure you buy steel ones that will last for a longer amount of time and be worth the price in the long run. This is a win-win-win in this case.


Now, let’s look at the most obvious aspect of the log splitter. That is its sound. This is the reality. There’s virtually no machine in the world that doesn’t create the sound of a thunderous roar: every one of them is the same. This is a huge issue since their noise can be quite annoying and even cause headaches.

But, some machines are quieter than others. It is only going to need to locate the best machine by paying an excursion to the market and finding out the machine that makes less noise.

Security lock

A safety lock is a security feature that is a must. It’s crucial as it’s an issue of your security. Risky accidents can occur if the splitter does not have one. The safety lock makes sure that the wood remains fixed and does not shift around.


Be sure you’re purchasing the top-rated log splitter as the value of the brand is crucial. There are a variety of options available with different brands.

The cheaper splitters will perform their function for a significantly shorter amount of time. However, if you choose an established brand and it will not only provide you with a great service but, it will remain viable also. Therefore, you should look up log splitter reviews before buying one.

Replacement parts

While you’re at making sure that the parts you purchase are widely available on the market. If there aren’t any humanproof13-20nt products on the market, then you’ll face problems should something break in the machine. This is why you must ensure that the components are accessible at all times to allow you to replace them later if required.


The log splitter you purchase must have an insurance policy. This way, you can save cash in the event of an issue happens. Most of the time, products that are branded include a lengthy warranty. If you are considering buying one, make sure you’re getting an extended warranty too.

Sorts of Log Splitters

1. Electric:

It’s very useful when you need your machine to be less, or if you’re in a position to handle heavy machines. They’re also extremely efficient. The cost is affordable and they don’t emit polluting or toxic fumes, or gas, produce minimal noise and are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is a very safe investment.

2. Gas:

These machines are extremely mobile and don’t require electricity more frequently. They are larger in terms of size, they are robust construction, they can cut larger logs and can be used for camping or traveling. You can also use them any time you’d like to. This makes them very user-friendly These machines are.

3. Hydraulic or Manual:

These machines can be used to cut very small logs and woods which are budget and user efficient. Ideal for smaller homes as they don’t require a lot of space, and won’t be as robust as the earlier mentioned machines. They are essentially a great fit for this purpose, but be aware that they will require some effort to run.

4. Horizontal and Vertical:

It’s all about the position on the part of machines. Horizontal splitters are better suited to use in homes and aren’t as effective. Vertical wood splitters are stronger to cut more difficult woods. It is suggested to sit on chairs or any other support tools to operate these machines. Also, vertical machines are best suited meant for light work, while horizontal machines are designed for the reverse. But, some machines provide both.

Best Log Splitter Brands

The top brands mentioned included in this post are all the best brands for log splitters that you can choose blindly from. The brands featured here have a variety of brands so that the customers can meet their needs as well as budget, accessibility, and power requirements.

All taken into consideration These brands offer a variety to the items that are examined and buyers can pick one that meets their requirements.

If you select a brand that you are confident in and have had an excellent experience with, you’ll have a more enjoyable experience dealing with the brand. If you recognize a brand that you’ve had a positive encounter with then most likely will select it.

What do you do when you’re new to the marketplace and have none of the brands? In this case, knowing a few famous names will help. Each brand mentioned in the reviews is worthy of your review however we’d like to highlight 5 of them.


WEN is an incredibly large company, and the range of their products extends well over log splitting. Chainsaws, power tools compressors, generators, and more. Thanks to all of these things, WEN is a worthy competitor, and often a most reliable brand compared to such huge names like Makita and Porter-Cable. They are a brand that can be trusted.

There aren’t many models from WEN to choose from, however, they have something to suit many different applications beginning with the economical and low-volume 56206 that we looked at and culminating with the 30 ton massive 56230. WEN certainly has several splitters that are worth mentioning.


To be honest, Powerhouse has caused a small amount of confusion for us. There are a variety of tools manufacturers called Powerhouse which is involved in various areas like engine maintenance however, the Powerhouse brand we’re looking for is focused specifically on log splitters.

A smaller company, Powerhouse’s producer of splitters is likely to be easier to deal with issues. Unfortunately, they do not provide warranties. At most, this was the case with our XM-380 we reviewed. For projects that are low to medium-sized, Powerhouse would be great. They’re safe, offer excellent performances, as well as are affordable, which means that woodworkers who are on a tight budget will surely be happy with their products.


Champion can also be a significant player, but unlike WEN which is focused on bigger equipment and tools like cultivators, generators and snow blowers, and so on. Additionally, their range of log splitters is vast.

We’ve reviewed two Champion products However, did you realize there are 10 different models available? We reviewed their models with 7 and 22 tons however they also have larger models of 2527-, 25- and 37-ton splitters.

They have a concentration on large, models, which is why you might want to go for them if there are many projects to do. And in addition, Champion sells accessories for their units, including racks and covers, and covers, which means you can get almost anything you need from their range.

Boss Industrial

Boss Industrial, just like Powerhouse is also focusing on log splitting equipment. However, the catalog of Boss Industrial is far larger and even larger than that of Champion.

It’s not that big, because Boss Industrial offers 12 models. They have low-to-mid-tonnage electric splitters gas splitters with high-tonnage, as well as 3-points.

In addition, Boss Industrial – like Champion provides accessories such as wedges to cut logs into four parts, wheeled racks trailer jacks, as well as protective covers.


Southland also focuses on larger machinery and agricultural equipment. In terms of log splitters, they’ve only two models available – the 25-ton splitter we looked at as well as a smaller model that weighs just 6 tons. It’s not a lot however, they should suffice for your requirements.

FAQ Log Splitter Common Questions

Log splitters are useful tools that we can utilize to slice wood without putting out an excessive amount of force. They can be used for commercial or residential use which is why buying one is worth the expense.

But, not everyone is aware of the idea of splitting logs. In the following article, I’ll provide answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding wood splitters.

How do you define a splitter in logs?

Log splitters are a device that cuts wood by pressing it against the sharpened wedge. It can be operated manually, using electricity or using a gas-powered motor.

The reason you must have one?

We’ve read enough reviews and information on how to choose the right product. Let’s now get down to business and discuss the reasons you should have one. The following are “three reasons” you should purchase one:

1. Your shoulders and back are crucial!

As we all know, we’re all getting older over time, and as the years are passed, our body components become weaker than they were before. When you’re preparing your firewoods using the ax in a circular motion, it puts a huge amount of stress on your shoulders, back, and even your hands. Why not avoid the pain and hassle by purchasing the log splitter instead?

2. You’re getting close to the end of your time!

Imagine all the time it takes to cut the logs to shape using your hands. When you’re done cutting the logs by the hands of your fingers, a splitter machine would have done with the cutting and the setting and then you’d be drinking your hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. If not you’re busy, it’s hard to look after the essentials of life due to the lack of time. Cutting logs may not appear to be an alternative when you can get it done in a matter of minutes with machines.

3. The logs and branches have to be of precise dimensions!

If you’re surrounded by firewoods, and you enjoy your fireplace, you’ll be able to resist as you’d be naturally gathering up all the wood and trying to extract something useful out of it. However, it’s not as simple. The timbers must be of certain sizes and shapes for the ideal logs for fireplaces, which isn’t something that can be done with a hand. That’s why you’ll need equipment to split logs to assist you in this problem.

What size log splitter size do I require?

The measurement is by tonnage, which normally is between 4 and 27 tons or more. To determine the amount needed, we need to consider three elements including the wood’s diameter its density, and also the length of time it’s left to dry.

The diameter is assessed by using a tape measure to trace the entire surface of the wood. Most logs that have 6-inches diameters or less require a 4-ton capacity, and the tonnage grows with the increase in diameter.

However, the density of wood is contingent on the number of spaces between the fibers. The smaller the fibers are, the harder the wood becomes – consequently, you will need more tonnage to achieve that. It is also possible to refer to the Janka Hardness Test to determine the hardness of certain kinds of wood.

In addition, the length of time the log is allowed to dry after it has been cut determines the amount of wood required. Freshly cut wood is characterized by high levels of moisture, and cutting it requires more tonnage. However, dried or seasoned wood needs less tonnage since it’s not as brimming with moisture. Freshly cut wood typically appears green or yellowish, whereas seasoned wood is brown.

Take all of these aspects into account when determining the proper size you require.

What size hydraulic pump should I use to split my logs?

The hydraulic pump you utilize will determine the rate through which it performs its function. However, it could also be based on the capacity that the hydraulic piston you utilized.

To determine the hydraulic cylinder’s volume it is calculated using the formula: Pi multiplied by the radius of the cylinder multiplied by its stroke. After you’ve determined the volume you’ll need to find the right hydraulic motor for your cylindrical.

A smaller volume means lower flow you’ll need in which the flow will be measured by gallons min or GPM. Smaller cylinders typically require 11 GPM and this will increase when the size of the cylinder grows.

How to alter the hydraulic fluid of the log splitter?

The hydraulic fluid requires regular replacement to ensure that it stays in good form.

For changing the fluid in your tank, remove the old fluid out of your tank before replacing it with fresh fluid.

Be sure to have an oil collection tank under the tank while you drain the previous fluid. Before allowing the oil drain, you must remove the suction hose from the tank, then remove the filter and scrub it clean with oil that penetrates.

In regards to the kind of hydraulic fluid you’re using, it’s recommended to speak with the manufacturer of your product to make sure you’re using the right fluid for your unit.

How do you split large logs using a splitter?

Typically, logs are split using the method of placing them on the container used by the log splitter. However, bigger logs are likely to be too heavy to carry and tuck into the container. In this instance it is best to employ a log splitter vertically that splits the wood on the ground level.

For a different option, it is possible using the kinetic log splitters. These splitters utilize energy taken from spinning wheels, and then blast at the log. This results in splitting bigger logs quicker than hydraulic splitters.

What is the best way to set the settings for the valve for a log splitter?

The valve functions to direct the flow of fluid from the pump into the hydraulic cylinder. By adjusting the valve, it causes to decrease or increase the pressure that is exerted on the splitter.

To adjust the valve, turn it clockwise to raise the pressure. However, twisting the valve counterclockwise reduces the pressure. But, the pressure will differ based on the specifications provided by the manufacturer. The valve can be adjusted using a wrench or screwdriver depending on the type of valve employed by the company that makes it.

What pressure does it take to break an entire log?

The pressure needed to cut one’s log will depend on the weight of the wood. Hardwood trees generally require about 20 tonnes of force to be cut. Smaller softwood trees require around 12 tons or less.

It is also worth considering the condition of the wood to determine the level of pressure you require. Wood that is green, or newly cut wood, has more moisture, which demands a greater tonnage. However dried wood that has been dried for around six months is more pliable to slice through. Thus the wood that has been seasoned needs lower pressure for cutting.

What is type of hydraulic fluid do you use for your log splitters?

It is used as the principal transport medium for energy in the system of hydraulics. Therefore, it is crucial to select the correct hydraulic fluid that will work for your pump.

There isn’t a hard and quick rule for determining the type of hydraulic fluid you require. It is, however, recommended to talk to your manufacturer to ensure that you use the correct kind for your hydraulic fluid. Note however that hydraulic oil is distinct from the fluid used for hydraulics.

What exactly is a log splitter function?

The various types of log splitters function in various ways. Hydraulic splitters utilize the hydraulic cylinder, which applies pressure on the wood to cause it to be pushed into a blade, or any sharp wedge. It can be powered through the help of a gasoline engine or putting it with an electric power supply, or through manual means.

However Kinetic machines work differently. The name itself suggests that these machines spin flywheels to collect energy. The energy gathered is transferred to the wood so that it can be cut as fast as it is feasible. Kinetic splitters cut larger pieces of wood with as little time as it is possible.

How can I increase the speed of my splitter for wood?

The speed at which wood splitters function is dependent on the performance that the pump can handle. If you’d like to increase the speed of your splitter then you could upgrade the pump to greater flow as compared to the original pump.

The ability to adjust the pressure of the pump could accelerate the wood splitting process. You can do this simply by rotating the screw at the top of the hydraulic jack, to raise the level. The screw is generally rotated clockwise to increase pressure, but it will depend on the method by which it was designed by the manufacturer.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the top log splitter, think about security first. Do not compromise on a high-quality log splitter. Choosing the cheapest splitter insufficient for the tasks of splitting logs is not just a waste of time and will hinder your ability to perform your work effectively, but could pose safety risks due to the possibility that the device could completely fail just when you require it.

Then, think about the size of the wood splitting task. It’s hard to determine how big your log splitter needs to be, so you should base your decision on the number of logs you’ve split before or the amount you’re planning to split.

It’s not a good idea to buy equipment for splitting logs that are way too large for your needs and you’ll end up spending money. Try to figure out how much wood you’ll be going through each day, and then choose the right one.

However, for more demanding tasks, you’ll want to consider hydraulic equipment equipped with an auto ram back option (like 7 tons of the Champion gas-powered splitter our top choice). For light, to medium-sized household requirements, even a manual splitter is a possibility however, make sure you make sure that your purchase is in line with your requirements.