BLACK + DECKER Electric Chainsaw, 18-Inch Review

In the case of chainsaws, there are many options for purchase. You can purchase a gasoline-powered or battery-operated model. Additionally, you can buy the electronic chainsaw as well, which is powered by plugging it into the standard power outlet.

We are going to examine one of the best trusted and well-known chainsaws that are powered by an electric motor. BLACK+DECKER.

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw 18-Inch

The name BLACK+DECKER is well-known in the manufacturing of various tools and household appliances. Electric chainsaws manufactured by the company are recognized for their high-end durability and quality.

The electric chainsaw from Black and Decker is a fantastic option if you’re looking to keep your backyard looking good. It is a strong chainsaw that is adept at cutting moderately size logs and trees.

Who is this Product Designed For?

The product in question is a great alternative for those who meet the following categories:

  • People who do not like the chainsaws powered by gasoline due to the noise they make
  • For those who need to use an occasional chainsaw, but don’t wish to rely on a battery-powered instrument

What’s Included?

The following are the contents included in the package:

  • BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw
  • The power cord is to power the chainsaw electric
  • An 18-Inch chain, as well as the bar that you will, must attach to the motor

Overview of Features

The Black+Decker Electric Chainsaw requires 15 amps of power to function effectively, therefore, you must plug this chainsaw into a power socket that has the amperage.

This particular chainsaw is robust enough to last for an extended time. The saw comes using an Oregon blade and is an excellent illustration of a tool that is efficient.

It can handle even small woodcutting or slicing tasks in the house. It has a well-constructed chain, and the top low-kickback bar guarantees an impressive performance. When you use this model, you’ll achieve maximum cutting speed with minimal vibration. The 18-inch chainsaw was specifically designed to improve cutting efficiency.

It is easy to adjust the chain and finish the job in a personal way. One of the greatest characteristics that this saw has is the automated oiling system.

By using this method, you will be assured of the constant bar and chain lubrication. It is easy to check the level of oil by using the handy window.

In short, the electric chainsaw from BLACK+DECKER is a fantastic choice for those who require a lower-cost and high-performance item.

How to Make Use of It

Here’s a brief video on the use of this saw chain:


  • Automated oiling is an amazing feature that helps keep the chain and bar well-lubricated to ensure better performance as well as a lower risk of wear and wear and tear
  • The chain adjuster is simple and makes it an ideal chainsaw for beginners. If you require to alter the tension of your chain it is easy to accomplish this without a tool
  • The visibility of the oil level through tiny windows eliminates the chances of the chainsaw being dry. This helps increase the longevity of the machine.
  • A durable and affordable electric chain saw that can do the job effectively
  • The chain-break is a further safety feature that guarantees the highest level of safety for the user while operating this chainsaw.
  • Chain tensioning tool-free to make quick and simple chain tension adjustments
  • The 18-inch Oregon low-kickback bar and chain offers unbeatable cutting performance in every condition


  • The app doesn’t have a multiple speed option It’s a sign that you cannot regulate the speed.


If, for any reason, you aren’t happy with the capabilities of the product that we have reviewed you are not satisfied with the features of this product, here’s an alternative.

Makita Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in. Bar

If you require an electric chainsaw that has a smaller bar and chain then you should consider this type of option. To help your choice, we have listed a few of the best characteristics of the electric chainsaw from Makita:

  • A powerful electric chainsaw that has a bar of 16 inches, lets users carry out a variety of wood-cutting tasks
  • It doesn’t require any type of device to adjust the blade or chain. Therefore, keeping this chainsaw with an electric motor is simpler than you might think.
  • This particular chainsaw is easy to use. This is thanks to its ergonomically-designed rubber grip
  • With its big trigger, it is easy to start the chainsaw is an effortless procedure
  • The limiter’s current protection shields against the harm caused by the excessive current.
  • Easy to read indicator of oil level


In the review in this article, we have learned about the main aspects of the BLACK+DECKER electric chainsaw and reviewed the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of this item.

This 18-inch, 15 Ampere chainsaw has the strength and power that allows you to cut wood as smooth as butter. The overall efficiency of this chainsaw is impressive.

If you’re seeking an economical and robust chainsaw the BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw is an excellent choice to look into.