Black+Decker PP610 Review

Black+Decker PP610 Review

Black+Decker PP610 Review

Almost everyone can agree that cutting through any hard to reach branch can be difficult. Aside from that, there is too much strain on your arms and back. Another thing is if your saw is very heavy. Balancing and cutting wood can be very tiring if you use a heavy saw.

But is there a way you can simplify the trimming process of your tree?

There is a simple solution to this problem. Introducing The Black+Decker PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw, the latest model of the top picks in the market today. This particular pole saw is one of the most recommended product because of its amazing features.

With its 10-inch Oregon kickback bar and 6.5 Amp motor, the Black+Decker PP610 is the perfect choice when thinking about buying a corded pole saw.


Durable design

The powerful 10-inch bar and chain manufactured and designed from the company Oregon, an industry leader, boosts the cutting speed while reducing the vibration of the Pow Saw. It can withstand several trimming jobs in a day.

Lightweight design

Weighing at 7.9lbs, the Black+Decker PP610 Pole Saw allows you to maintain control and flexibility of the saw while reaching for the highest hanging branches and, thus, lowering the level of fatigue.

Having a lightweight design is needed because trimming does not only take one hour. Trimming branches may take several hours. If your place has been wrecked by a big storm, trimming trees will take a long time. And using a heavy pole saw is not a good option.

Constant lubrication of the chain and the bar

The continual lubrication of the bar and the chain provided by the automatic oiling mechanism provides a steady and constant performance while prolonging the life of both the bar and the chain. This feature is unique because some pole saws do not self-oil. Oiling the pole saw manually is a hassle because this will disrupt your cutting time.

Long and strong extending pole

Climbing your ladder and reaching for the high-hanging branches is a thing of the past, the Black+Decker PP610 has a 9.5 feet strong extending pole that will help you cut even the highest branches without the safety issues that come with climbing a ladder. So no more overreaching and climbing ladders.

Inline motor

Having an inline motor will allow you to directly trim the branches while maintaining the clear line of sight which makes up for a much safer experience.


  • Strong 10-inch Bar and Chain
  • Minimal vibration design courtesy of the Oregon company
  • 5 Amp motor required for some challenging trims
  • Less fatigue due to the lightweight design
  • Corded saw
  • Advanced design



The advantages related to this products are undeniable. The Black+Decker PP610 Pole Saw gives you the benefits of safe and easy cutting of the highest reaching branches. It is durable so purchasing one is okay. Unlike other brands in which you need to change pole saws every year.

With proper maintenance, this product will last for a long time. It has an automatic oiling mechanism that’s not available in other brands. Gardeners and arborists will love to use this for any task. With its strong and lightweight design, the Black+Decker PP610 would be a great addition to your gardening tools.


Black and Decker 12 AMP Chainsaw

The Black and Decker 12 AMP Chainsaw with a 16-inch bar and chain, is a powerful machine. It has a kickback bar and chain which gets lubricated on its own while you are running the machine. You do need to fill in the oil in the box which is inserted inside the chainsaw when it ends for smooth running.

It is heavier than any other chainsaw which cuts large branches, and you need to wear it on your both shoulder to support it to prevent from falling. You can easily clear the long branches which are heavy and big in sizes which are covering your windows, and the sunlight is unable to pass through it.

It makes your yard look beautiful and structured when you trim it with the heavy chainsaw. Your work is done within few minutes because the cutting is done on large patterns while clearing out the mess within few minutes.

Black and Decker Alligator Electric Chain Saw

Black and Decker Alligator Electric Chain Saw is called alligator because of the huge appearance. It is heavy in size, and only someone an adult can pick it up to do the work completely. Mostly these types of chainsaw are used by the professionals to work and get paid for it.

It has a motor of 4.5 amp with a strong grip which you have to hold with both hands. It cuts thick branches which are heavy in size, and you have to be careful to stay away once they break. It works quickly so make sure you do have someone by your side while you are working with this chainsaw.

It is one of the heavy duty chainsaws which is not the top choice for the home yards by the individuals. The weight of this chainsaw is about six pounds, so you can imagine how heavy it would be. Whereas, it provides ideal cutting of the thick branches and trees without any doubt.

The Verdict

The Black+Decker PP610 corded pole is one of the most durable and reliable pole saws that are available on the market. The inline motor combined with the durable, lightweight design and strong extensive pole will make up for a great gardening experience.

The excellent features place the Black and Decker PP610 6.5 Amp Corded Pole Saw on the highly recommended list. With its performance, any gardener of individual will love doing the work in the yard. It is lightweight and not a hassle to use. Since it is durable, the chainsaw will last for several years, with proper maintenance.