Chainsaw Storage Tips How To Store and Winterize Chainsaws Correctly

Proper storage of your chainsaw is essential to ensure that your machine is in top condition.

I’m going to acknowledge that the chainsaws haven’t been kept in a good place. Since I’m running out of space in my workshop, they’re scattered all over the place. however, I’m trying to set them up on sturdy hooks.

My chainsaw collection is growing. I also have a tiny Stihl MS180c installed to be a decorative piece in the living room.

But, follow what we say, but not what we do according to what they claim.

The following table lists products that will help in the more efficient storage of chainsaws However, we’ve got plenty of excellent DIY ideas which don’t require money!

How to Store A Chainsaw

Chainsaw Wall Mounts

  • Black Low Profile Chainsaw Wall Hanger/Mount
  • Holds up to 100 pounds
  • The product is made in the USA

Husqvarna Chainsaw Storage

  • Case and the scabbard
  • Guards bar, powerhead, and chain
  • It is suitable for a variety of saws

Jonsered’s Universal Chainsaw Case

  • The larger case that can accommodate accessories
  • The cases can be stacked to make stacks.
  • Fits 18″ – – 20″ bar

Cheap Chainsaw Bag Bag

  • Soft case to store items or transportation
  • Fabric made of a thickened material
  • It provides light saw protection.

SawHaul Chainsaw Scabbard

  • Storage/transport of chainsaws
  • for use on tractors as well as vehicles
  • Up twenty” bars

The wall mounts are one of our most popular ways to store the chainsaw.

A majority of people opt to hang their chainsaws on hooks and mounts similar to this, however, other options include cases boxes, bags, scabbards hanging racks, hangers, and so forth.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your chainsaws on the floor, but if would like to make space, think about these alternatives. They can stop the chainsaws from becoming accidentally damaged or leaking oil onto the floor.

Before we get into some additional storage solutions for chainsaws Here’s a good illustration of how not storage chainsaws…

It appears that someone was an avid Husqvarna fan!

The story goes like this: the guy picked saws at an estate sale, and didn’t have a place to put them.

They ended up in the back of the vehicle for a few days!

This is a prime illustration of poor storage for chainsaws even though, let’s face it they don’t appear like they’re in the most optimal condition.

Chainsaw Storage Ideas

Chainsaws can be stored in both the short and long term in a variety of locations.

There is no requirement that they are on their backs with the bar pointed towards the ground or to sit sitting flat on a shelf.

They are stored in:

  • An angle is a common feature in the shops
  • I’m sitting on the ground as the majority of mine, in the garage at present.
  • Upright can be an excellent utilization of space

I store my chainsaws flat in my garage, but that’s mostly because I’m not setting up a different storage space currently. It is good to get them on shelves when I have the chance!

Chainsaw cases are a great solution for organizing and storing your saw.

For storing or carrying your chainsaw on a tractor or other vehicle, check out the SawHaul chainsaw carrier.

Can you put a chainsaw in a vertical storage space?


The saws are hung by hooks made of heavy-duty.

This is a simple, fast, and inexpensive solution to store chainsaws. It is important to make sure your hooks are strong enough to support the weight over time since the worst thing you could do is drop a chainsaw from a high point.

It’s also evident in the chainsaw shed how the majority of them are stored flat on the shelf. This isn’t a problem as well!

It doesn’t matter which chainsaw model you’re employing, Stihl, Husqvarna, or any other. All can be stored in similar methods.

But, every manufacturer will have specific chainsaw storage guidelines that you must take into consideration. The way you store them could be a factor in warranty issues therefore, make sure you have the time to read the instruction manual.

Stihl For instance is a good example.

  • The chainsaw is kept out of the sunlight
  • Clean the saw and put it away clean of dust
  • Make sure that it isn’t used by pets and children.
  • It should be stored in a dry place that is not at risk of becoming wet

When you store a chainsaw over the long term there are other steps you could want to consider doing such as taking out the fuel. This will be covered later in our guide on winterizing your chainsaw.

If the wood is not completely dry and dry, the moisture and sap could cause damage to your bar and chain if left like this.

How do you put a chainsaw away in a garage so that you can maximize the use of your space?

Placing them up on the wall like this will help. Create a sturdy, durable stand that they can slide into and out of without getting damaged.

The majority of chainsaws sold in stores are kept at an angle. This is also fine.

You may even be able to find an older chainsaw rack at the shop in the event of luck.

It’s acceptable hanging a chainsaw upside-down.

Make sure to hang them on a stud to prevent dropping the chainsaw especially if you have plasterboard on the walls.

Winterize Chainsaw

There are a variety of options to put your chainsaw away during the winter months.

Depending on the person you’re talking to or the content you’re reading, they’ll have different opinions about what you should do.

Steve of Steve’s Small Engine Saloon recommends running your saw at least once per month throughout winter to work the carburetor.

He also suggests the use of a stabilizing agent for fuel with fuel that is fresh throughout this time.

The Toolsman also suggests making use of Seafoam and Stabil stabilizing agents for fuel.

Stabil (or STA-BIL) is the name that is most often mentioned when you ask other people how they winterize chainsaws. The product is guaranteed to maintain your fuel fresh for up to 2 years after storage.

This type of product will mean you don’t have to empty your tank of fuel before storage and allows the machine to begin quickly the next time.

It’s compatible with all gas engines, which include small chainsaws with 2 cycles.

In the video, which is an official Stihl footage, we will learn how to empty the chainsaw of fuel as well as oil.

Regular gasoline at the gas station degrades quickly. This is the reason it’s not a good idea to keep the tank empty. The chemical composition of the fuel changes and the running of gas in your chainsaw could harm it.

If you are certain that you will not use your saw for more than 2 months, it’s essential to place it in storage mode.

After emptying the tank, you can add a product such as Stihl MotoMix. It’s a high-quality fuel mix that is ethanol-free that can last for up to two years. The product must then go through the system to store it.

However, this shouldn’t be an issue if are using a battery-powered chainsaw, and one that is an electronic chainsaw.

Storage Tips for Long Term Use

Here are some additional storage suggestions for chainsaws:

  • Fill up the bar and chain oil to ensure it doesn’t get dry.
  • The chain and bar should be removed to ensure it’s safe
  • Be sure that all dust and chips have been removed
  • Be sure to keep chainsaws away from the ground in case of an unexpected leak of water

Should you let a chainsaw dry before keeping it for the long term?

There’s plenty of discussion on whether or not this is the best option for small engines. People who are mechanics believe this is the most dangerous option, even though many have done it.