Choosing the Best Chainsaw For Your Needs


Choosing the Best Chainsaw For Your Needs

When looking for a chainsaw, it is important to know what you are buying. There are two categories of chainsaws, those that are for the home and those that are for commercial use. When looking for a chainsaw make sure that you consider all the options and determine what kind of chainsaw you will be using most often. Here are some important tips when looking for the best model to buy.

Wood. The most popular types of wood used for chainsaws are hardwoods. These include basswood, cedar, ash, cedar hardwood, cherry and maple. Hardwoods tend to be quite durable but also pricey. The next most popular types of wood used for chainsaws are softwoods like pine and spruce. Softwoods can be inexpensive to start with but require a lot of maintenance to keep them in tip top shape.

Metal. While metal chainsaws tend to cost more initially, they are great because they offer more versatility. They are relatively easy to repair. You can purchase chain saws that are designed specifically for outdoor use and then put in a garage once they are all used up.

Cordless. Some chainsaws are designed for the home as well as commercial use. These are called cordless chainsaws.

Battery operated. Battery operated chainsaws are very easy to use as they have a smooth operation and there is no need to be wet when cutting a tree. On the other hand the motor may become overworked and it is not recommended to use them on very young children or in very small areas because the battery operated chainsaw will not be able to stand on its own.

Gas. Gas powered chainsaws are quite popular because they are quiet. They are perfect for camping, however they tend to emit a lot of fumes that can harm your family and pets.

Electric. Electric chainsaws are perfect for anyone who does not want to have to carry a saw around but would still like to get the best possible results. They can cut anything pretty much because of their high speed and advanced power systems.

Rip saw. If you are going to be doing a lot of ripping you should look into a rip saw. A rip saw has the ability to cut even the toughest of tree limbs, branches and even wood.

Rip-cutting. A rip-cutting chainsaw is designed for ripping large pieces of lumber and branches, while providing the user with the accuracy of a rip saw but with the power of a gas chainsaw.

Machine saw. Many people prefer the machine saw and if you need the power of a chainsaw but the convenience of a regular saw; this is the saw for you.

Compound saw. This type of chainsaw models are made of tough plastic. Many of these saws can handle even the hardest of wood and although they are lightweight and very portable, they are also very noisy and dangerous.

Sharp saw. Sharp saws are perfect for small jobs. They are good for beginning chainsaw users and those who do not have a lot of experience with chainsaws but still want a good quality chainsaw for work.