Desert Landscape Ideas for Backyards

When we imagine landscaping, we usually imagine the lush vegetation and fauna, colorful flowers, or evergreen tree. The desert, however, has an unpopular image in contrast to its greener counterparts.

However, the desert has a distinct and stunning beauty, that could be transferred into landscaping your yard. Here are a few of our most loved designs for landscaping in the desert.

Desert Landscape Ideas for Backyards

Deserts have a wide array of plants and flowers together with the regional artifacts of the region and rocks, they can create an ethereal environment.


I bet you’ve never heard that term before. Xeriscaping (pronounced as zer-ee-scayping) can be described as the practice of minimal landscaping that is complemented by pebbles as a foundation. This is a common method to plant lawns in dry areas.

This kind of landscaping requires minimal maintenance, with little control over weeds being enough. Most people have not been exposed to xeriscaping, and it’s sure to make your yard stand out.


Although it’s fun to fill your backyard with exotic succulents and desert plants creating a pond with a small size will add an element of extra-dimensionality that’s uncommon in houses. A waterfall feature keeps the water flowing, while the glass-like water reflects the sunlight in stunning ways.

This is, admittedly, one of the more costly and time-consuming landscaping projects however the benefits are worth it. Additionally, you can embellish the islands and beds with succulents to create more interest.

Desert Islands

The creation of small, secluded islands in your yard full of succulents, cacti, and other desert plants will not only make your garden attractive and attractive but also conserve space for other activities.

This isn’t the most cost-effective landscaping idea however it is one of the most beautiful. You can make use of bricks or stones to form the island’s borders and plant the number of plants you like.

Water Features

If the idea of adding a small stream or pond to your backyard doesn’t appeal to you you may find satisfaction from installing a couple of small water features that are eco-friendly. We’re all aware of the fact that there is a shortage of water in deserts and these water features should be as minimal as is possible.

Although it’s tempting to construct a huge pool in your backyard -especially if you reside in a hot, dry area — the loss of water and consumption is not sustainable. Instead, you could opt to put in the water feature in one or two places such as fountains that recirculate.

Create a Fire Pit

If you’re a lover of the heat and you often love grilling and cooking, then adding the fire pit to your backyard is the best option. While the days of summertime are scorching hot temperatures, they can fall almost to freezing in the winter months.

Fire pits are an excellent opportunity to relax in the sun at night and even on days that feel like your skin is about to freeze.

Is Landscaping worth it?

There’s plenty to gain from landscaping your yard and even the tiniest modifications can make a big impact.

In the beginning, adding any of the above features can help your house appear more like a home Particularly if you build these features by yourself. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction that comes when you transform your backyard by yourself even if it’s the smallest of adjustments.

This is referred to by the term joy. It is the degree of satisfaction and pleasure that one experiences when living in a house that is visually appealing and fascinating.

There’s also the value in money. Any improvements or renovations you do to your house regardless of how large or tiny will add to the worth of your property. This can be beneficial should you ever decide to sell your home.

Many homeowners want their property to stand out from others in the neighborhood and that’s why landscaping comes into play. Desert landscaping is among the most effective methods to distinguish a house as it’s a completely foreign concept to the majority of people.

What You Would Like What You Want. What You Need

Desert landscaping can be extremely satisfying. However, when you live in extreme drought conditions it is important to differentiate between the features you’d like to have and what you need.

Are you in search of recreational space, a quiet area for reading or hobbies, or even a mix of both? Perhaps you’re looking for a spot to entertain guests while making use of the backyard.

Whatever your reason for landscaping, you must make a list of your needs and plan how everything will be able to work together. This will be an outline for your subsequent landscaping tasks.

Think About Your Yard

Another important step to take before beginning landscaping your backyard, particularly when it comes to desert landscaping. What is the direction through the sky? How much wind travels through it?

If you are planning to build areas for entertainment, make sure they are placed in places where the wind doesn’t move very much or you can stop the wind from blowing by planting large succulents and plants. The sunniest spots are the areas where you plant your plants.

If you are looking for a tranquil and peaceful space, you must plan to put it in a location with enough sun that you can stay warm during the winter months, and also adequate shade in the summer. If you decide to build an area of water, such as rivers or a pond then you must consider the methods you’ll use to transport water from one location to another.


The landscaping of your backyard is an enormous undertaking, especially in desert areas. This guide should hopefully provide some insight into how to approach the desert landscaping of your backyard. All you need to do is determine the best options for your property.