Different Types Of Chainsaws

Do you know there are various kinds of chainsaw that you can use either in your home or in professional work? Most of the first time, buyers usually have some difficult time when buying such tools to use in the home or other related tasks. There exist different types that you can choose from depending on the piece of the works which need to get completed. With recent technology, there are different saws in the market, and there is a need for the buyers to be precautious about the saw to avoid buying counterfeits.

In our homes, we have planted different trees which will need to be cut to maintain pleasant surrounding. This article is here to ensure that you understand all different types and the qualities which you are supposed to look when purchasing.


  • Purpose

The nature of the work which needs to get completed is the first consideration which you are supposed to make when you want to make a purchase. There exist different types, and each is best suited to a specific task. For instance, if you wish to purchase to undertake a home-related task, you need to small saw which would serve all the duty. On the other hand, if you want to do some professional job, you will need to purchase a high power saw.

  • Power

The power of the saw would be something that you need to consider when you want to buy one. For instance, you need to get some good advice from the seller depending on the nature of the tasks which need to get undertaken. In addition to that, you need to be sure that you will be able to handle the power of each saw to avoid causing some harm while using them. Potential is significant to any saw; hence, there is a need for the buyers to ensure they make the right choice.

Safety Features

Your safety is what matters most when it comes to tools you are using either in the domestic or professional engagement. There is some saw which needs some training for someone to use them, and this would pose a lot of safety threat. If you have less training about the machine, saw kindly consider looking at the small size saw because they have handles and less powerful, which would ensure your safety. It is good to note that most of the saw has been designed safely to avoid cases of injuries while in use.

  • Simplicity in Use

Why look for a saw which you can be able to handle without someone’s assistance? They are the most dangerous tools I have interacted with; hence, you need to ensure that the saw is dull for you to use. Please ensure that you choose a balanced machine and have good power which would enhance the easiness of the job you are undertaking.


  • Gas-Powered Chainsaws

It comes with multiple sizes depending on the task which you need to undertake. For instance, it ranges from 12 inches to 60 inches, and the gas-powered comes with three different grades, which include professional, ranch, and farm.

Homeowner grade has the least power compared to others due to the nature of the task, which needs to get undertaken. Beginners should consider homeowners. On the other hand, the farm is best suited for cutting trees and firewood since it has improved power. Finally, the professional produces the highest power in this category and can withstand more tasks.

  • Corded Electric Saw

These saws are used in light-duty because they are well- balanced and have an excellent power ratio. Most of these saws do not need much power; hence, they could be fit for the small task. This saw comes in different types, with the most common one being corded. However, these saws could also be used in medium projects, but they are not that much suitable for significant projects.

Something unique about them is that they are relatively cheap, lightweight, and are simple to operate, which makes them a choice for many people. There is a needs to use this corded electric to observe all the necessary safety to avoid any injuries. Corded electrics comes with some extra features which ensure there is personal safety and reduce cases of injuries.

  • Battery – Powered (Cordless)

They use the battery as a source of power, which is replaceable. The main benefit of these power saw is that it gives someone the freedom to move from one place to the other as compared to the corded electric. Besides, they are also lightweight, but they are only suited for small projects due to their performance. However, they are expensive due to the feature of the replaceable battery.

  • Manual saw

It is among the standard saw which is used by many people in their homes. It is mostly used in gathering firewood, and also pruning in the garden. The manually powered saw is considered to be the cheapest saw among all of them. It can be used by anyone in the home, including young people in the house.

The most challenging part about the saw is that it is tiresome because it requires someone to use his energy. In addition to that, it’s also likely to break easily compared to other types of saws. In almost every family, there is a manual saw used most by the kids in cutting small trees in the compound.


Chainsaw plays a vital role, and thus we should take some good care of tools when we use them. Despite whether the saw would be used in commercial or domestic use, there is a need for the buyer to take proper consideration of the various tips which would ensure that you buy the right saw for the specific task. In addition to that, we should also consider the particular qualities and features of the various saw to ensure it fits the project to be undertaken.