Do Electric Chainsaws Need Oil To Work?

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Chainsaws are mechanical saws which make use of sharp teeth attached to a rotating chain.  Chainsaws are used everywhere for cutting, pruning, and bucking and make doing these tasks a whole lot easier. Since chainsaws use a specialized motor and a rotating chain with blades, cutting down wood will require less manual labor as compared to using a simple saw blade.

When we mention chainsaws, the immediate images that pop up in our head are the loud and noisy ones that require fuel to run. However, new innovations have produced chainsaws that no longer need fuel to run.

Unlike gas chain saws that make use of premixed gas-and-oil fuel to run, electric chainsaws use their power source from electricity. In this article, we will discuss whether an electric chainsaw will need oil for it to work.

Do They Need Oil?

As we have said earlier, electric chainsaws make use of electricity for it to work. Simply put, it does not need fuel for it to run. Still, this is not to say that electric chainsaw won’t need oil because they still need an oil lubricant for them to work better.

Whether gas-powered or electric-powered, both types of chainsaws will need oil lubrication for the chain and bar. Proper and regular oiling of the chain and bar will reduce heat and friction as the chain rotates in the stationary bar continuously.

Furthermore, this can extend the life of your chainsaw because the engine and motor wear is greatly reduced when the chain and bar are well-lubricated.

What Type of Oil Should You Use?

A majority of electric chainsaw brands and manufacturers produce their own bar and chain oil that you should use with their electric chainsaws. While you are not required to really use a bar and chain oil made by the same manufacturer of your electric chainsaw, this can ensure that best lubrication for your tool.

Bar and chain oils sold by the same manufacturers of chain saws conduct different tests to see which type of oil formulation can provide the best lubrication for their chainsaws. This is why using the bar and chain oil recommended for your chainsaw can prolong its life because it has been with it.

While other types of oil can be used and are relatively cheaper, it may not yield the best lubrication for your chainsaw. There are times when using the wrong type of oil can damage the chain or engine of your chainsaw.

Bar and chain oils can be purchased in the home and garden section of your supply store. Hardware stores may also sell bar and chain oils from different manufacturers.

What are Other Oil Types?

As we have discussed, the preferred bar and chain oil by your chain saw’s manufacturer should be your best option for lubricating your tool. The bar and chain oils produced by chainsaw manufacturers ensure that the chain stays in place even when rotating fast while also preventing debris, wood cuttings, and tree sap from sticking in between the bar and chain.

Before you decide on using a different type of oil for your electric chainsaw, you should carefully check your user manual if this is okay. There are some models which warranties can be voided when you use a different type of oil than what they tell you to use.

Motor oil can be used to lubricate your electric chainsaw. It is advisable to use and SAE 30 motor oil in the summer while an SAE 10 motor oil in the winter to produce the best lubrication.

Regular vegetable oil can also be used, but not advisable by most chainsaw manufacturers. Some chainsaw users prefer using vegetable oil since they operate well even at low temperatures and are biodegradable. Unlike motor oil or bar and chain oil, vegetable oil will not pose health hazards when inhaled.

What Should You Avoid?

When using any type of oil for lubricating your chainsaw, it is important that you always use a fresh one. Before starting your work, make sure that the oil reservoir of your chainsaw does not contain old oil since this can affect proper lubrication.

Never use oil waste from your car’s motor since this is gunky and can clog up your chains. Lastly, make sure that your chainsaw’s oil reservoir is properly filled and don’t let it run dry while using your chainsaw. A dried up chainsaw can cause heat and friction on your chainsaw and can affect its performance.

How Do You Refill Oil?

Refilling your chainsaw’s oil is quick and easy. Here’s how:

1.  Make sure that your chainsaw is unplugged from the electric socket to prevent any accidents.

2.  Place the chainsaw firmly on a flat surface.

3.  If you have been using your chainsaw, let it cool for a few minutes first.

4.  Clean the top of the chain saw including the oil filler cap to remove all types of debris and to prevent them from entering the oil tank.

5.  Open the oil tank cap then place a small funnel through the neck.

6.  Pour the bar and chain oil into the funnel while making sure that you fill it just at the full mark indicated.

7.  Remove the funnel then replace the oil tank cap securely.

When refilling your chain saw’s oil tank, it is advisable that you use a funnel at just the right size for your chain saw’s oil tank. This is to prevent spills and accidentally pouring too much directly from the bottle to the oil tank.

Make sure that you check your chainsaw’s oil tank level when in use to avoid letting it run dry. Once the oil levels reach the minimum mark or anywhere close to it, you should immediately refill it with oil before continuing your work.

As such, electric chainsaws need oil simply for lubrication purposes and to prolong its life. A well-lubricated bar and chain can ensure that your chainsaw will function seamlessly and can effectively cut without problems of becoming lodged or stuck due to a dry mechanism.

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