Echo Chainsaw Start Problems

Having problems with your echo chainsaw? Does it cost you to start? If the answers to these questions is a resounding yes, then I invite you to read this article, which will not only teach you what to take into account before deciding whether or not to accept your chainsaw to the technician to present problems with starting.

This article will show you what to do when it comes to preventive maintenance that will allow the useful life of your machine to be extended, so I have nothing more to say, join me on this tour to know what to do when you have startup problems with your chainsaw echo. 

Before entering directly into the subject, it is good that we have a clear idea of ​​what a chainsaw is. First I can tell you that it is one of the best brands in chainsaws, you will find one for every need, ranging from one that serves to prune the garden as branches small trees such as the large chainsaw used to cut large trees, this brand of chainsaw is designed to have a long life expectancy. However, it may be that at a particular time, the chainsaw will present a series of failures that prevent What to start, in a case so you should do run away to the technician’s house? Some faults will indeed require a specialized hand, it is also true that others can be solved by yourself.

· The first thing you should check to see that your chainsaw does not start to check the gas tank that is next to the chainsaw, and in case it is missing, but the required

  • Another thing you should do is see how is the filter of the air, open the door of the filter and pull it, there you can see if it is dirty or damaged. If only dust or has any waste, clean it carefully, but if you notice that the filter is deteriorated, replace it with an original spare part.
  • Another thing that you should also check is the starter, for this use your hands to pull the starter rope, if you see that it does not give way, check the cable it may not be resistance, and if so, the motor does not It will start. The safest thing is that the engine is broken, and in that case, if it is advisable to move the machine to a specialized workshop.
  • Another thing to check when your chainsaw will not start is to see how is the spark plug of the unit, for this open the cover of the spark plug, and unscrew the plug Using a wrench of used to that. Remove the spark plug and inspect surely require the clean, you may use a toothbrush and some diesel gas this will remove any particle d and dirty that is affecting the fact that the plug does not fulfill the function for which it was designed and change the engine and do not allow the start of the chain saw. After cleaning Place where appropriate spark plug, try again start the saw if though told or what has made the bike saw does not start, it’s advisable would you changer to It’s the spark plug for a new one, if that’s what it was affecting it would surely begin.
  • Another thing that is good to check when the chainsaw does not start is the carburetor; you may be wondering where I can locate the carb? It is the hole that is under cover of the air filter, which can put any starting fluid and later change the air filters, possibly this will allow the chainsaw to start; And if despite all the exhaustive review that you have carried out, the starting problem continues there, it is advisable to take it to a specialized workshop that can correct the presented fault.

But it is not advisable to wait for the chainsaw to have a fault to check it or perform maintenance. It is good to keep in mind that your chainsaw requires periodic maintenance so that it has optimal performance and is safe, that is, it does not present a danger to those who I will use it; Below I detail what you must take into account so that your chainsaw has a long useful life:

  • Do not start the chainsaw indoors as there is not a good draft in these spaces.
  • Never light it near spilled fuel, it would be highly dangerous.
  • Always start the chainsaw horizontally on the ground, never pointing it down.
  • Never use the chainsaw with damaged, worn, or missing parts that would damage it in the long run.
  • When you carry out their respective maintenance, whether preventive or corrective, and it is required to change apart, it is not recommended that it be replaced by used parts, from other brands, with damages, that would also shorten its useful life.
  • It is imperative that the chain of the chainsaw has sharp teeth; it is suggested to change the bar and chain assembly every 4 or 5 approximately sharp.

Taking all these suggestions into account will make your chainsaw extend its useful life. At the same time, it will obtain better results, not to mention the security that will generate confidence and peace of mind in knowing that it will not cause you any physical.

You will be investing in an excellent work tool, remember that Echo is a brand that is characterized by being robust, reliable, with attractive features providing you with cutting-edge technology. This allows you to work with the security that the equipment you have in your hands was designed Thinking of you. Allowing you to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself, for which the forecasts you take and the costs it generates, will not represent an expense but an investment, which will allow you to achieve the scheduled tasks, making your life more comfortable and safe.