EGO Power+ Cordless Chain Saw

EGO Power Cordless Chain Saw

Are you a sawyer, or you just want to have a good-quality chainsaw at home for any eventuality? In this case, you might be interested in what this cordless chain saw has to offer.

A chainsaw is a mechanical saw that is portable, and with its help, you can cut different materials. The chainsaw has a set of teeth that are attached to a chain that rotates, and that runs along a guide bar. This is usually used for activities like tree felling, limbing, firebreaks cutting for a harvest of wood for the fire, and much more.

There also exist chainsaws that are designed especially with different combinations of bars and chains and that are developed as tools that can be used for chainsaw mills or in art. Some chainsaws can be used for cutting into concrete, but they must be specialized for this job. The tools are also used sometimes for cutting ice.

The EGO Power+ Chainsaw is designed with interesting features. It can be used in any type of weather conditions due to its construction that is weather-resistant so that you can stay safe during rainy, cold days or hot sunny days, too. Down below, you will find more details regarding the chainsaw, its features, and what it has to offer.


  • The chainsaw has standard dimensions and weight, about 19.9 pounds and 33 x 11 x 10 inches.
  • This EGO Power + Chainsaw can provide power beyond belief because it has a brushless motor, has high efficiency, and it can deliver smooth cuts. This motor can extend the life of the chainsaw and its runtime.
  • The motor of the tool has an efficiency of 6300 rotations per minute.
  • It can make the chainsaw go up to 100 cuts in one charge.
  • This tool is a cordless one due to its power source that is battery powered. The chainsaw works with 2.0Ah and 2.5Ah 56-Volt Lithium-Ion batteries, and all in one, it is using industry-leading technology for the delivery of the power beyond belief.
  • The chainsaw is designed with a bar and a chain that is 14 in.
  • It was designed with the construction that helps the tool stay resistant to water and different types of weather
  • The manufacturer made sure to add a chain kickback brake that is supposed to provide more control of the tool and higher safety for the user.
  • The bar that is added to the final product is a reversible one.
  • This specific chainsaw has a feature that can adjust the tension of the chain.
  • Another feature of the gauge chain is that it is .043 in. With 3/8 in. low pro pitch
  • The kit that you receive at the purchase of the product includes the standard charger of the tool that you can use to charge it to give it power.
  • The design of the chain is a low kickback one, and it complies with 1
  • When you make your purchase, the manufacturer makes sure to offer you a warranty for the tool (for five years) and one for the batteries if they are kits ( for three years)


  • With its dimensions and weight, the chainsaw can be easily maneuvered.
  • This tool has a brushless motor that can extend its life and the runtime.
  • The motor is high-efficient and will provide smooth cuts.
  • It works with a maximum of 6300 rotations in only one minute.
  • It can also make 100 cuts in one charge.
  • The power source type is a battery-powered one, which makes the tool more comfortable to use due to the cordless feature.
  • The chainsaw is weather resistant.
  • It has a kickback brake feature.
  • The tension of the chain can be adjusted.
  • You receive the standard charger for the tool.
  • You are offered a warranty for the tool and a guarantee for the batteries.


  • If you want to purchase this, you should know that the price range is not pocket-friendly
  • It is a dangerous tool if you do not wear protective equipment.
  • It can be loud when used.


The Ego Power+ cordless chainsaw is a great tool to have around the storage shed if you want to prepare your wood fuel for the wintertime, or even if you are a professional sawyer.

This tool can provide you with 100 cuts in only one charge, which is excellent if you take into consideration that it is battery powered. The power source type is beneficial because the chainsaw is cordless, and you can maneuver the tool with ease.

Adding into account the dimensions and the weight, it is even easier for users. You can use this tool outside, no matter what the weather is like because it is resistant to water and all types of weather. It also has included a feature for the adjustment of the tension of the chain and one for the kickback brake.

The motor of the chainsaw is brushless, and it can provide up to 6300 rotations in one minute. It can deliver power beyond belief due to its high efficiency. The final cuts that are provided are smooth, and overall, the brushless aspect can make the motor extend the life of the tool and its runtime.

Possible alternatives

This product might also catch your interest if the one from Ego Power+ did. The Sun Joe ION16CS chainsaw is cordless, and it is also battery powered (its battery is rechargeable).

The chainsaw has no pull-cords, and it has a feature that can adjust the chain. This tool is ideal for cutting into the wood for fire and logs that are maximum 14.6 in thick. The brushless motor that was added can increase the efficiency of the battery.


All in one, this product can be considered a high-quality one. It has many features that will amaze you and will make the job easier for you. You should always remember to wear protective gear and to provide yourself a safe environment because the tool is reliable to use, but you are responsible for the actions that you make with it.