Electric Chainsaw Ratings: How to Make the Right Choice

Electric Chainsaw Ratings: How to Make the Right Choice


To get the best possible chainsaw for your needs, you need to know several characteristics that make the right chainsaw. To ensure that you are making the right choice, these characteristics should serve as a starting point from which you will make your further selection.

When buying a chainsaw, you need to consider looking at some electric chainsaw ratings, which can additionally help you make the right decision. You will be able to find all kinds of electrical chainsaw ratings online, but you will have to make the final decision based on some essential characteristics that they have.

Electric Chainsaw Ratings: Important Characteristics

Originating back in the 1830s, chainsaws are portable mechanical saws that are used in a variety of activities that range from firewood harvesting and limbing to pruning and tree felling. Before purchasing one, consumers have specific chainsaw features or characteristics in mind that help them differentiate the electric chainsaw ratings.

With that said, having an idea about how are chainsaws rated helps you know which ones to consider when making your final decision. Some may consider these characteristics in making a decision, while others would select only a few.

Here are some characteristics that an electric chainsaw should possess to deliver the results you desire.

  • Lightweight – Knowing your strength is a significant factor when choosing a chainsaw. Selecting a heavy chainsaw can sometimes result in fatigue and less control over the chainsaw. It’s always better to get a chainsaw that is under 10 pounds. That being said, going for a lightweight electric chainsaw is still a good idea.
  • Ease of operation – The blades of the chainsaw should help you decide whether the chainsaw will be easy to handle or not. It needs to be no longer than 18 inches, which serves to cut the branches that are out of reach. The long blades will help in reducing the branches/limbs in similar shape.
  • Convenience- Electric chainsaws are convenient because there are no wires attached to it that can come in between your feet while the user is working in the yard. It gets easily charged, which can be used for hours without any interruption. It turns on with the switch and collaborates with the user to turn into any direction while cutting the grass/branches/limbs.
  • Power button switch – Electric chainsaws come with an OK button, which is easy to switch on and off. The button can be pressed easily whenever you need to stop or take a break. The power button should perform both functions effortlessly to bring an enjoyable experience to the users.
  • Noise and vibration reduction – All chainsaws fabricate a lot of noise, but when going with an electric one, that problem becomes significantly smaller. When searching for electric chainsaws, you should also consider the models that produce minimal vibrations because this contributes to the overall noise level.
  • Storing the chainsaw – A right and reliable electric chainsaw must not take much storage space. It should be easy to move and stored at a fixed place so that children are not able to reach it. The built-in safety feature in chainsaws helps children stay safe even if they find it. Prefer to get an electric chainsaw that can easily fit in a higher place. The size of the chainsaw should not define its quality performance.

If you wish to purchase the best electric chainsaw, keep in mind that performance should be the main factor in choosing the best one. The electric chainsaw ratings will aid you to make a well-informed, sound decision. Ideally, an excellent electrical chainsaw is durable, inexpensive, and convenient to use.

Additionally, make sure to check the safety ratings of an electric chainsaw you intend to purchase. Always remember that these types of saws contain fast-moving metal parts that can turn into hazardous projectiles if not manufactured according to the mandated standards. To ensure everyone’s safety, make sure that every electric chainsaw you buy has an excellent safety rating.

How to Choose the Right Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are durable and, in some ways, even a bit more powerful than their gas counterparts. However, they do have a downside. Electric chainsaws are only useful as the length of your extension cable. This means that you will likely only be using these types of chainsaws within the direct vicinity of your home, or any location that has an electrical socket.

You should also be aware that electric chainsaws consume a lot of electricity. As such, you need to know what type of power extension cable to use with the saw. Some electric chainsaws require 16 gauge cables, while others will need a thicker 14 or 12 gauge. Be aware that thinner wires will eventually overheat due to the power consumption of the saw.

Furthermore, you will also need to decide how you intend to use the chainsaw. If you have large trees on your property that you need to cut down, then you’ll be needing a 14-amp model, which would be perfect for heavy-duty jobs.

However, keep in mind that these heavy-duty chainsaws are used mostly by professionals because of the saw’s extra power. If you do not have much experience operating electric chainsaws, it would be best to purchase models with less power. Such models are perfect for cutting down smaller trees and branches.

Another reason why you should consider the type of work you’ll be doing with the saw is because even though electric chainsaws have plenty of safety features, they are still dangerous tools. If the type of work you’re planning can be done with safer tools, like a manual saw, then buying an electric chainsaw would not only be overkill but may also be an unnecessary safety risk. Therefore, make sure that you only purchase a chainsaw if the job requires one.