Glue Traps Are a Popular Choice For Exterminators

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You’ve likely considered hiring exterminators to eliminate rodents and mice. There are many options available, from Terminix and Orkin rodent control plans to glue traps and homemade remedies. But which is the best option for your property? Fortunately, there’s a product for every type of infestation – glue traps are a popular choice for many homeowners. Read on to learn more. Exterminators for mice can provide both preventative and eradicating solutions for your property.


In order to get rid of unwanted rats, mice and other pests in your home, call Orkin exterminators in New York City. They have the expertise to spot specific intruders, identify their entry points, and then design an effective treatment plan to eliminate them forever. Orkin can even offer full termite protection if that’s what you need. Whether your problem is confined to a single room or you need an entire property treated, Orkin is here to help.

In 1940, health officials in Richmond, Virginia, declared an “all-out war” against rats. They estimated that there were 400,000 rats in the city. But that was before Orkin’s small business grew to be a major player. That year, he won his first government contract and renamed his company Orkin Exterminators Inc., with its trademark diamond-shaped logo in red and white.


If you’ve recently discovered an infestation of rats, mice, or other rodents in your home, you may want to call Terminix for a professional treatment. Their trained technicians have the knowledge and tools to get rid of these critters in a fast and safe manner. Listed below are some of the methods that they use to ensure a 100% success rate. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord, a Terminix rat removal service can help.

Professional mice and rat removal is the best option for controlling rodent populations. The services provided by Terminix include the elimination of the rodents, which live in the home and harbor their young. However, in some cases, dead rats may remain trapped within your home, creating an unsightly odor. By removing them, you’ll be free of the mess and worry about your home’s safety. You can also hire Terminix technicians to inspect your home for any points of entry and hiding areas.

Orkin rodent control plans

To get a better idea of what an Orkin rodent control plan looks like, consider some of these common questions: What is the cost? And, what can you expect from the treatment? The company offers one-time targeted treatments and ongoing prevention plans for common household pests. Each plan is priced based on the square footage of a three-bedroom, two-bath house and a medium-sized yard. In addition, you can manage your plans online, schedule future visits, and pay for your initial service.

Orkin was founded more than a century ago and is the world’s largest pest control operator with over 400 locations worldwide and over two million customers. The company has a strong environmental commitment, using eco-friendly and non-toxic alternatives to treat pest problems. The company’s training center has full-scale models of hotels, pharmacies, kitchens, and houses. It also provides technicians with a comprehensive pest library for information on common household pests.

Glue traps

Glue traps for exterminators are very effective at eliminating rat infestations. These sticky traps are placed in areas where there is high rat activity. Although these traps may look empty, they are actually filled with evidence of a rodent infestation. Glue traps for exterminators should be placed in places where there are known rat or mouse activity. It is important to use glue boards only in known rat and mouse travel routes.

Glue traps are widely available. You can find them in different sizes for rats and mice. Some glue traps come with cardboard or plastic covers that lure the rodent in. Once the animal is inside, it cannot free itself. Glue traps are one of the cruelest forms of rodent control. It is important to read the instructions carefully before using glue traps. You should never attempt to set up glue traps yourself.

Live traps

One of the best ways to eliminate pests without spending a fortune on the extermination service is to use live traps. These devices utilize the rodents’ natural tendency to investigate and lure them into the trap. They work by using a wind-up mechanism that makes them difficult for the rodents to escape. These devices are effective, but they must be regularly inspected and emptied of trapped rodents. In addition, these devices should be humanely handled and released in the wild.

Glue boards are a great option for trapping rats. You can set them parallel to the wall to increase your chances of catching the rodents. Electronic traps are another great choice. These box systems use a live charge and shock rodents when they step on the panel. The shock kills the rodent instantly. The bait must be placed in an accessible location in the house, such as under sinks or near windows.