Greenworks 10-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Chainsaw Review

Do you have to take down tiny trees or cut off branches? You could use an Axe or a Foxtail Saw But that’s not how we define time wasters.

However, an enormous gas-powered chainsaw could be considered complete overkill. If you’re looking for something that can be placed in the middle an affordable and small battery-powered chainsaw may be suitable for you. Something similar to this Greenworks 10-inch 24-Volt Cordless Chainsaw.

Greenworks 10 Inch Cordless 24V Chainsaw

Today, we will look at our review of the Greenworks 10-inch 24V cordless Chainsaw It is a small and compact battery-powered chainsaw.

This product is from the well-known Greenworks brand A company committed to providing top-quality gardening tools and power tools that have an as little environmental impact as is possible. It’s worth noting that this particular item is fairly inexpensive for the value you receive.

Who does this product serve?

The Greenworks 10-inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw is can be used to cut tiny branches and small trees around the house. It’s not an extremely long bar and so it’s designed for smaller tasks and not to cut down large trees. It’s a tiny chainsaw that is used to cut small pieces of wood however, for smaller jobs, it does very well.

Additionally, it is the type of chainsaw you’d buy for those who require something compact and portable to carry around to do small landscaping or property cleaning tasks.

Additionally, the Greenworks 10 Inch 24-Volt Cordless Chainsaw is a battery-powered chainsaw that does not use gas and is more sustainable and less damaging on the earth than other chainsaws that utilize gas and emit pollution.

What’s included?

If you buy the Greenworks 10-Inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw It’s the smallest battery-powered chainsaw, one that is light small, and compact. It’s also portable. It also comes with a 2AH battery, along with a charger to charge the battery. This compact and light chainsaw has everything you need to perform basic sewing tasks in the house or while on the move.

Overview of the features

This Greenworks 10-inch 24 V Cordless Chainsaw features a 10-inch chain and bar that isn’t very long however it is more than adequate to be used for everyday usage at home. It’s adequate to cut small branches, pieces of wood, as well as to reduce tiny trees. It’s certainly not made for lumberjacks or large-scale log operations, but it’s smaller and light enough for home use.

This Greenworks 10 Inch Cordless Chainsaw weighs around 7 pounds, which makes it among the lightest chainsaws on the market which could go a long way in reducing fatigue. It also has two handles, the classic design of the handle that most chainsaws have.

But, what’s attractive concerning these handles is they’re adorned with a shock-absorbing grip which is designed to give you plenty of grips. Also, it is light and comfortable to hold and very comfortable to hold.

The lithium battery that is used here will last around 35 cuts before running down, and that’s not a lot of time. But, there’s a bigger version of this chainsaw, using a battery that can make up 70 cuts in just one charge.

So, if you have to make many cuts, and you’re looking for the Greenworks 10-inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw It’s suggested to buy two batteries to ensure that the other is always full.

The other thing you might like with Greenworks’ Greenworks 10-Inch, 24V Cordless Chainsaw is that it comes with an adjustable tension system that is tool-free for fast and easy adjustment of the chain.

The tank for oil of this chainsaw is transparent and you can be aware of the amount of oil it holds. Furthermore, this chainsaw comes with an oil dispenser that is automatic, that automatically lubricates the chain without having to do anything.


This particular chainsaw is nearly as simple as it gets however if you need assistance this is a brief video.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Handles that are ergonomic and shock-absorbing
  • Perfect for small jobs
  • Automatic oil dispenser that has a clear tank
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not the best choice for jobs with large amounts.


The BLACK+DECKER Cordless Chainsaw has a maximum voltage of 40V.

If you’re looking for something bigger with more power to cut the BLACK+DECKER40V Max Cordless Chainsaw could be right suitable for you.


The Greenworks 10-inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw might not be extremely large or robust, yet it’s light, eco-friendly, affordable, and perfect for smaller tasks.