GreenWorks Pro GCS80420 Cordless Chainsaw Review


For homeowners who tend gardens and backyards, a handy tool is convenient for jobs involving those areas. These days there is an excellent crop of portable power tools available to make the job easier.

We now have electric chainsaws that can get the job done. Electric models are beneficial since users are not required to deal with oil and gas, and it will not release harmful fumes into the air as well. There are even cordless chainsaws that make them more portable and convenient.

In this review, we are going to talk about the handy GreenWorks Pro GCS80420 Cordless Chainsaw. It runs on 80V lithium batteries and DigiPro brushless motor, so you will acquire all of the force you need with just one touch of a button.

Features of Electric Chainsaw

  • Includes integrated fan for faster charging time
  • Has a simple mountable structure
  • Includes integrated LED lights
  • Compatible with GBA80200 and GBA400 battery models
  • Has 4-year warranty on the tool for non-commercial use and two years for battery
  • Has a 1-year warranty for commercial use on the tool and one year for battery
  • Passed Energy Star standards


The Greenworks GCS80420 cordless model operates using lithium batteries, and it also includes a DigiPro brushless motor and an 18-inch bar and chain. The unit operates under 2 oz. of oil, as you will notice from its oil level window. Its handle is built from quality metal, and the unit has a sufficient fuel from a regular gas-powered chainsaw.

The batteries are rechargeable, which is a plus, and the procedure is pretty fast and straightforward. You just slide the battery inside the device and allow it to charge. It will take around an hour for a 2AH 80V battery to fully charge itself. The product is built to take in a tiny fan that is integrated within the charger, and it serves as a sort of cooling device for the machine’s sizeable lithium-ion pack.

From the description of the product, the battery can work for up to 150 cuts if it is fully charged. It works as promised, and it will defeat the hesitancies of customers who may not want to test out a battery-powered chainsaw. It works like a regular gas chainsaw, and it displays and delivers enough pep and power to take on small tasks in the backyard.

The blade of the unit, which is 18 inches, can accommodate thick wood material; users can penetrate bit by bit, jabbing the spikes within the wood, sloping down at a constant rate. Let the blade accomplish its job and just relax. Using the device feels comfortable and well-ordered.

The design of the GCS80420 makes it a lightweight model; thus, it makes for a right chainsaw that you can work with for a more extended period. No sore muscles and back for you then. The bar, which is located in front and the bigger handles at the end, provide users lots of parts in which they can grasp while chopping twigs and branches at a variety of angles.

Customers who appreciated their purchase shared that the unit has a fast start, and it has enough power to tackle the tasks it was designed to do. It has quality parts, and its steel bucking spikes deliver a feel that you are using a gas chainsaw. Customers also appreciated that the chainsaw does not emit noxious fumes.


Some customers felt that the item did not have plenty of power, while some said that the unit has a propensity to stall.


The GreenWorks Pro GCS80420 Cordless Chainsaw gathers huge points from us for its ergonomic design, user-friendly and safety features. This is an excellent model that lets you accomplish the tasks in a fast, easy, and safe manner, plus it is great for the environment too. It is ideal for residents who want a quiet operation and is recommended by everyone.