Homelite® 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw Review

Homelite® 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw Review

Homelite® 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw Review

People who are used to making home improvements on their own know how important it is to have the proper set of tools. For smaller projects like DIY repairs, a basic tool kit might be enough, but other projects would require the use of bigger and heavier machinery.

During these instances, any handy man or woman will agree that they prefer to work using tools they are comfortable with. This is very important when it comes to dealing with dangerous tools like a chainsaw where the feel of the machine can affect the outcome and safety of the user.

This is just one of the main reasons why having your very own chainsaw is a great idea, but how will it fare against a gas-powered chainsaw?

The Benefits of Using an Electric Chainsaw

Here are a few more amazing benefits of owning an electric chain saw like the Homelite® 14-Inch Electric Chain Saw:

  1. It is easier to use compared to a gas-powered chainsaw. We’ve all seen it, be it in real life or the movies. A gas-powered chainsaw requires a chord to be pulled a few times to start it up, while an electric chainsaw does not. This makes it easier and safer to handle as one click of a button, and you’re ready to start cutting.
  2. No kickbacks. It is common to see gas-powered chainsaws give a violent and potentially dangerous kickback when it comes into contact with an object that requires a bit of force. Since electric chainsaws are not as strong as gas-powered ones, kickbacks are avoided.
  3. No more fueling A very obvious benefit is the fuel consumption. With gas-powered chainsaws you will often have to refuel your machine, electric chainsaws no longer need this, making them handier.
  4. Less noise. The sound of a chainsaw is very hard to drown out, especially one that is as powerful as a gas-powered chainsaw. A great thing about electric chainsaws is that it produces less noise, which is ideal for workers when they are working within quiet neighborhoods.
  5. Stores and cleans easily. Without the mess and smell of a fuel tank, electric chainsaws are much easier to maintain and to clean. Plus, some models provide a bag for safe and easy storage, even for extended periods of time.

Now that you’ve gotten the idea of how useful an electric chainsaw can be, it’s time to get more specific. For this review, we will talk about the Homelite 14-Inch Electric Chain Saw and all of its various features. Here you will also get the chance to weigh all the pros and cons to see if it this machine is a sound investment.


  • 0 amp powerful motor
  • Safe-T-Tip® feature to help reduce kickbacks
  • 14-inch bar with a ⅜-inch low-profile chain
  • Well-lubricated chains because of the installed automatic oiler
  • Installed oil level window for easy monitoring of oil levels
  • It comes with a tool-less chain tensioner. No wrench needed.
  • Has a cord retention hook to avoid annoying power disconnects
  • Ergonomically designed chainsaw handle grip for comfort and ease of use.
  • A manufacturer and Amazon certified refurbished chainsaw—works and looks just like a new product


Although we have already discussed the different benefits of the electric chainsaw in general, the Homelite 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw also has more advantages over other electric chainsaws that are worth mentioning.

First and foremost the biggest advantage of this electric chainsaw is the 14-inch blade makes this chainsaw very compact and easy to use. It saws through various materials very well and can cut through 4 inches of wood and other materials easily.

The chainsaw also comes with a manual which serves as a very handy guide for first-time users as it gives very clear and precise safety tips. A must when you’re handling machines like the Homelite Electric Chainsaw.

With its amazing and striking design, it makes sawing stress-free and safe which makes users commend it for its price and functionality. The small size of the chainsaw makes it perfect for trimming shrubs and even cutting down small trees—a great advantage for people who are into landscaping.

Another aspect that makes this chainsaw standout its certified refurbished status. This just means that this electric chainsaw was brought to the manufacturer and overhauled like brand new.

Because of this feature, the chainsaw itself is very affordable and worth every penny.


One big issue to take note of is that since the Homelite 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw is refurbished and not brand new, expect to see some small dents or scratches on the body of the chainsaw, but this will not affect the way the saw works. It will actually work like a brand new machine since it is certified by the manufacturer.

Also, do not expect this chainsaw to be able to function like other more expensive and powerful gas-powered saws as it will not compare. They are two very different machines that have some differences in its uses, but this refurbished chainsaw will still perform well when used correctly.

Another thing worth noting is that the electric chainsaw requires more oil in its reservoir to keep it going. Just continuously monitor the oil levels while cutting and you’re good as gold.

Finally, when it comes to usage, do not overexert the Homelite 14-inch Electric Chainsaw or the chain might pop out. Just take it easy, and you’ll be smoothly cutting through objects smoothly.


The Homelite 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw is an affordable machine that does an excellent job. Although it is not brand new, it still makes a great addition to your outdoor power tools at home to help you with home improvements and landscaping projects.

Just don’t expect too much out of this small chainsaw and do not compare it to bigger and heavier chainsaws because it will not function the same way. Stick to the small cutting jobs instead, and you’ll be extremely pleased with its power and cutting capabilities.

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