How Do Chainsaws Work


Do you know chainsaw is the most resourceful tool in your home? Many people have saw in their homes, but they don’t know how to use them. A saw could help you carry out some cleaning work in your home, which includes cutting branches, and also getting wood. Further, you can use a saw to undertake some professional projects which would earn you some money.

Everybody can operate a saw provided you have an interest in learning how to use the saw and be attentive. In recent days, we have saws which are built-in a more efficient way and easy to operates hence making it possible for someone to work with the machine. There exist different types of saws which include electric and also gas which functions similarly. If you are an amateur in saw operating, then you need to pay much attention to this article, and you will learn about how the saw works.


  • The Chain

It’s one of the main parts of the saw which also known as the cutting teeth which is usually fixed in the bar and facilitate cutting. It has some drive links which ensure the chain remain set on the bar and thus ensure there is valid propelling.

  • Guide Bar

The guide bar is the one which the chain is usually wrapped and enhance the rolling of the chain. The primary function which is played by the guide bar is guiding the chain and ensuring that the chain remains in a similar position.

  • Chain Brake

Its primary function is to regulate the chain and ensure it stops when there are kickbacks. It ensures that you are safe and prevent any injuries.

  • Clutch

It’s usually attached to the chain notch which ensures the speed of the saw is regulated while cutting wood.

  • Fuel tank/battery

The fuel tank is found in the gas saw where you are supposed to put some gas which would be providing some power. On the other hand, the battery would get used as a source of energy to the saw.

  • Hand Guard

The handguard is usually the plastic shield which is used the users of the saw in protecting them. There is the potential of the kickbacks, and this what would be used to protect you and prevent injuries.

  1. Anti-Vibration Valve

It’s another valuable part of the saw which is also used as protective gear. Saws usually produce a lot of power and thus creating a lot of vibration, but the anti-vibration ensure that this has been reduced, thus making it possible for someone to operates.

  • Filters

Every saw has filters which would be used to filter the machine from all the dirt and dust. For instance, it prevents any of the particles from getting into the saw carburettor, which would cause a lot of damages. It’s good for the users to ensure that they clean the filter after uses to prevent clogging.


After looking at the various parts of the chainsaw, it would be easy for any person to have a good understanding of how the saw operates.

  • Choose The Model Which You Are Comfortable

The first steps toward using the saw would be to choose the best model which you want to use. There exist some different types of saw which you can always choose. For instance, you can have corded, and the cordless saw, which is operated the same way.

  • Get The Protective Gear

After choosing the right model of the saw to use, it would need one to use some protective gear which would guarantee your safety. For instance, you need the gloves, glass protector or a helmet, and hearing protector which would ensure your safety. Many people ignore safety protection and end up getting some injuries during the cutting.

  • Identify What You Want To Cut

You now have a safety gadget with you, and the next thing would be to determine where you need to cut. For instance, you may need to cut some branches in your compound or cut trees. Something you need to know is that it calls for some skills to cut trees compared to cutting some branches.

  • Put The Saw On Flat Ground And Push Chain Brake

It would help if you put the saw on the flat ground ready to ignite the machine and begin the work. The chain brake needs to move forward until the time when the saw would engage.

  • Pull The Start Key

After ensuring the machine gets engaged the next course of action would pull the start the key. In addition to that, you can also choke control out to safeguard its ON.

  • Hold The Front Handle With Your Left-hand

After ensuring the machine is on, it would then follow the users to hold the front handle using the left-hand hand while the right side would hold the rear handle after that ensure that you should make good use of rear grip until the saw fires.

  • Make Your Cuts From The Bar Tip

It is time to cut where you will need to start cutting using the bar tip while holding the machine gently. You should avoid cutting the tree using the upper portion because it would lead in kickback which would cause some injuries.

  • After Use Make Sure You Inspect The Machine

After completing the task which you intended, it would then proceed to check on the saw and ensure all the parts of the saw are intact. In addition to that, you should also clean the filter to reduce the clogging of the particles.

  • Clean The Saw And Keep It Safe

After ensuring all the parts of the saw are intact, it would then follow you ensure that the saw is cleaned and left to dry. After that, ensure that the chain cover is returned and the saw is kept in a safe room.


Proper use of the saw would ensure that your saw gives you maximum services for an extended period. Families should buy a chainsaw for their domestics, and this would ensure their compound are clean. If you have trees within your home, then you need a saw to cut the branches when such trees fell. After use of the machine its good to ensure that the saw cleaned and kept in a safe room.