How good are electric chainsaws?

How good are electric chainsaws

When it comes to cutting down a lumber, you will probably not find any tool that is better that a chainsaw. With the constant evolution of the technology, people came up with several inventions that sum up to different types of chainsaws that you can choose from. For sure, some are better than others, but this article is resumed to how good are the ones that are electric.

The electric chainsaw isactually a portable saw that is also mechanical and it works with power from a wall socket or it is battery powered. It cuts into wood or other materials such as ice and concrete (for this, there exist some specific designs that make the tool specialized) with the help of a set of teeth that are attached to a chain that rotates and that runs along a guide bar.

The activities that are included into this subject resume to limbing, tree felling, pruning, bucking and cutting firebreaks and harvesting wood for the fire.

If you are a professional sawyer, you probably already know all of these, but chainsaws can also be used by professionals. As long as they make sure that they wear safety gear and that they provided a safe environment for the activity that they engage in, there is no need to worry about the usage.

Using an electric chainsaw has many advantages, but it also has its downsides. Down below you will find more details about electric chainsaws and how good are they as tools, by analyzing the advantages and the disadvantages that come with the tool.

How good are electric chainsaws

The Advantages

Smaller and lighter

When you are focusing on a more trivial task, then electric chainsaws are a good choice for you. In this category of tasks, you can include tree trimming, light chopping, pruning and much more, but if this is what you intend to do, then the chainsaw that is powered electrically is the best choice.

Usually, the cutting edge (the bar) has a range of dimensions that start from 8 inches and go up to a foot and a half on a model that is electric. These models are most of the time lighter in weight and they do not require much effort for an efficient usage.

Easier to handle

An electric saw is lighter and less powerful than other chainsaws (for example, the ones that run on gas power) most of the time and this is what it will make it carry less of a kickback (this is that you feel when the chainsaw touches with its tip the material that you want to cut, it is a jolt).

Due to the less power of the model that is electric, there are fewer chances of that kickback to be more that what a user that is not experienced can handle. The electric chainsaw will need less of a cool down time of period after you are done with using it. You can just unplug it and move it aside.

Less noise

The electric chainsaws produce less noise than other chainsaws, for example, the ones that are powered by gas. The models that work on gas are pictured to work on lumberjacks in the woods, but the electric models are more likely to be pictured for an afternoon trimming job in the garden. The electric ones are better if you do not want to disturb your neighbors with noisy tools.

Continuous power

The electric chainsaws that come with a cord and that take their power from a socket are able to give a power that is continuous and with them, you will not have to worry about interrupting the job because the tool remains out of gas for example.

On the other hand, if you purchase a chainsaw that is battery powered and that is cordless, the battery can run out of power and you will have to interrupt the action that you engaged in and take a break for charging.

Cordless option

Some of the electric chainsaws have cords, but some of them do not. This is possible due to the battery powering features. A chainsaw that is cordless is more convenient because it is great for light work. If you are going for a more heavy-duty operation, then you will want to opt for a model that is corded.

The cordless model is however, easier to maintain and it emanates less odor because you only have to plug it into the charger.

With electric cordless chainsaws you might want to remain to use for pruning, cleaning weeds that are tall or foliage shaping. For more, you can opt for an alternative that has more sturdiness to offer.

The Disadvantages

Less power

If you need a tool that can provide a lot of power, you should probably go for a chainsaw that is gas powered over one that is electric. The electric chainsaw is always providing less power overall. This is what makes the difference between the electric chainsaws and other models, the power.

The cord

If you have a corded model of chainsaw, then you will be able to have power continuously due to the motor that requires power in order to function.

With this model, you do not have to worry that the fuel will run out or that the batteries need to be recharged. Besides the quantity of power, the presence of the cord is also a drawback in a chainsaw that is electric.

With a corded model, you can not go further than the cable allows you to and if you are nat careful enough, you might get to cut the cord or to fray it with the edge of the saw. Is this happens, your chainsaw will get damaged and besides this, it can cause electric shocks.


In conclusion, in the light of all of the above-mentioned ideas, it is easy to notice that the electric chainsaws are good options in general. If you want to engage in a light job, they can be very helpful. They produce less noise, they are easier to use, they are small and light and you can choose to have a cordless option, too.