How many amps does an electric chainsaw use?

Different electric chainsaws have different amperage, and they deliver different outputs. Electric chainsaws come in various capacities, some of them are super heavy duty while others are less powerful electric chainsaws. Electric chainsaws of both categories are equally important.

The chainsaws that belong to the category of heavy-duty electric chainsaws have a higher power output; they can deliver up to 14.5-15 amps of power, on the other hand, if you are talking about chainsaws which belong to the category of less powerful electric chainsaws, they can deliver up 10 12 amps of power. So, the power output depends upon the type of chainsaw, its model and manufacturer. Chainsaws are designed to be super powerful while others are designed to do tasks which do not require a lot of power.

The electric chainsaws, which are heavy-duty, are designed to do tasks that require a lot of power. Cutting through a tree with a big diameter or cutting through different parts of a property involves a lot of energy, and these tasks are done by electric chainsaws which are heavy duty. On the other hand, if a chainsaw is required to cut through something thin, then a chainsaw with less power will work just fine too.

If you have to look for an extension cord for your electric chainsaw, then you have to make sure that it matches the amperage of your chainsaw. The primary purpose of using a chainsaw is to get the job done, and you don’t want to use a chainsaw which doesn’t work well. So, to get the maximum potential from your chainsaw, you need to have the right extension cord. If you attach the wrong extension cord to a chainsaw of different amperage, then you will notice that the extension cord is getting hot and it will eventually burn the motor of your chainsaw. So, instead of ruining your hole machine, make sure that you get the right extension cord.

If you have a powerful electric chainsaw with an output of 12-15 amps, you can use up to 100 feet of an extension cord with ten gauges, with the matching amperage rating. But make sure that the cord that you are getting for a heavy-duty electric chainsaw, it should be flame resistant and water-resistant. In case of exposure to water, the cord should be safe, and so does the electric chainsaw. Also, the cords must have power indicators so that you are aware whenever the power is running through the cords to prevent any accidents.

Now if we come to the less powerful electric chainsaws, the extension cords used for these have 12-14 gauges with 50-100 feet of the extension cord. With the extension cords, make sure that they have a bright colour so that they easily visible. Also, the cords must be water-resistant, and the sunlight should also not have any impact on the cord. The extension cords for this kind of chainsaw must also indicate power so that dangers are avoided.

Make sure that you are always careful while using an electric chainsaw, whether it is less sturdy or super heavy-duty; chainsaws can be equally dangerous if you are not careful enough while using them.

Lastly, if you are new to chainsaws and are unaware of the amperage rating, then make sure that you get the right help. Playing around with chainsaws can be very dangerous, so make sure that you get all the information and steps beforehand. Whether you are starting with your DIY projects, or just randomly working in your garage, make sure that you know power output and the motor of the electric chainsaw so that you can get the right extension cord. The extension cords come in different sizes, and they have different compatibility. As the power chainsaws have higher power output and the less powerful chainsaws have a lower power output, their extension cords are different as well.

Figure out your need first and then get your hands on the right kind of the electric chainsaw. If you are a beginner, then you should surely opt for a less powerful one.