How Tight Should a Chain Be on a Chainsaw?

how tight should a chain be on a chainsaw

If you are considering purchasing a chainsaw, one question that you should ask yourself is how tight should the chains be? An over-tightened chain can cause premature wear and tear. This article will help you identify whether or not your chain is too tight. Performing a “snap” test is one way to check the tension of your chainsaw chain. Over-tightened chains can also lead to premature wear and tear.

Ensure proper chain tension on a chainsaw

Ensure proper chain tension on a chain saw by using the right tool for the job. The chain should fit snugly over the guide bar and the drive links should be just out of the bar’s nose, not dangling. In most cases, STIHL chainsaws have a chain tensioner located on the side of the saw. To loosen or tighten the chain, unscrew the side panel and loosen the tension screw. If the chain is too loose, it will slip back into place when you release it.

Perform a “snap” test to ensure proper chain tension

First, make sure that the chain on your chainsaw is securely tensioned. To perform the snap test, grasp the chain with two fingers and pull it apart from the guide bar. If the chain snaps back into place without any resistance, it is correctly tensioned. If the chain has loose links, the tension is too high and can lead to a chain breakage.

Over-tightened chains can cause premature wear

Over-tightened chains on a saw can lead to premature wear. Before using a chainsaw, always read the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer for maintenance instructions. Never over-tighten the chain, as it can cause premature wear on the teeth of the saw. The chain tightening screw does not have to be turned a great many times to over-tighten the chain.

Checking the tension of a chainsaw chain

There are a few simple steps to checking the tension of a chainsaw chain. This procedure will only take a few minutes and you can continue cutting wood. Be sure not to skip any steps, as these could cause the chain to lose tension. First, find the screw wrench for the chainsaw. Most saws come with one, but if not, you can buy a good one at a hardware store or online.

Adjusting the tension of a chainsaw chain

The first step in adjusting the tension of a chainsaw chain is to determine if it needs to be adjusted or replaced. If the chain is sagging and needs replacement, you may want to consider doing a snap test to determine whether it needs tightening. To conduct the snap test, disconnect the spark plug lead and wear gloves. If the chain is tightened and still sags, the tension is too high or too low.