How To Clean An Electric Chainsaw?

How To Clean An Electric Chainsaw

Do you know cleaning your electric chainsaw properly and regularly would give it a long life? Well, most people do not bother in cleaning saw after use, and those who remember to do it do improperly. Something saw users should know is that there is a need to clean you saw every time you use it and store it in a safe room.

Maintenance is the essential tip, but most people end up ignoring, which in the long run, costs a lot. I am sure by now; you will be wondering how you are supposed to clean the saw. Well, I am here to share with you some essential tips and steps which you should follow when you want to clean, you saw immediately after use.


  • Wire Brush

It is one of the most common tools which is needed while cleaning the saw because it would help in removing the clogged dirt. It is good to consider the size of the wire brush before using it to avoid struggling while using the brush. However, you should ensure that you don’t apply a lot of force while using the brush to prevent making some scratches.

  • Universal Cleaner

There is different universal cleaner, which would get used in cleaning the saw; however, most of the users prefer to use kerosene or household ammonia. Despite the cleaner which you prefer, it is good to ensure that you clean the chains and bars. In addition to that, make good use of the brush to ensure all parts get cleaned effectively.

  • Warm Water

Anytime you want to clean the saw, it is good to ensure that you have some clean, warm water in place. Warm water would help to clean any lubricant oils which get clogged in the blade or any other part with the help of the brush. However, something should get noted is that the water should be applied slowly to avoid creating a shot.

  • Paintbrush

Paintbrush would be used while cleaning them saw or removing some dust in the various part of the saw. Ensure the paintbrush is clean and free from contamination to avoid creating a corrosive while cleaning.


There are various parts of the saw, and all the parts need to be adequately cleaned to remove any clogging. The following are the different tips which one would essential while cleaning the saw.

  • Begin By Removing The Chain And Bar

The first step is to remove the blade and chain to enhance the cleaning process. Ensure that you follow the guidelines in case it’s your first time to remove the blade and the chain. While removing the blade and the chain, you should mind personal safety because the blade may cause harm. Ensure that you have gloves while removing, which would prevent such injuries.

  • Effectively Clean Bar And Chain

Once you separate the chain and the blade, it’s time to begin cleaning the two separately and ensure they have been cleaned well. The sword and the chain are the essential part of the saw, and they are expected to have a lot of dust; hence, you should spend ten to twenty minutes while cleaning. You can clean the blade by the air compressor to ensure that all the clogged dirt gets removed effectively.

  • Clean oil Reservoir

The oil reservoir is likely to perform improperly due to some clogging, and it would be useful if you would take your time and clean the oil reservoir thoroughly. It is expected to have a lot of wood dust which would cause some problems. Ensure that it gets cleaned well, and the lubrication is proper. Another critical thing that people forget is that oil needs to get changes regularly to enhance adequate lubrication.

  • Clean The Electric Motor

The electric motor is also part of the saw and should be cleaned effectively to ensure all the clogged wood dust has been removed. Powerhead performs all the functions, and thus it woods dust would likely have crept inside. However, it is good to note the powerhead should not be cleaned with water but instead use the air compressor, which would remove all the dust.

  • Wipe The Dust Off Body

Once you get done in cleaning the blade, chain, powerhead, it would proceed to clean off the dust in the body. Dirt could get wiped by wire brush or paintbrush, depending on whether the earth has clogged or not. Ensure that you don’t apply a lot of force to avoid causing some scratches.

  • Dry The Saw And Fix All The Part

It is the last step in cleaning the saw where you dry all the parts using a dry cloth and ensuring there is no water left. Remember it is an electric saw and thus water would cause shot hence you dry off the water. As soon the water is dried off, fix all the parts of the saw ready for use. There is a manual guide which is generally availed to the users when purchasing the saw which could be used while fixing the various part to avoid setting improperly.

  • Store The Saw In A Cool, Dry Place

When the saw is clean and not in use, its good to store it in a cool, dry place where it would not lust or get contaminated by any unnecessary materials, most of the users have left their saw unattended, which has led to injuries, especially from the kids.


An electric chainsaw is the most effective and expensive chain; hence, there is a need to have proper maintenance to give them the longest time possible. Cleaning the saw is the most straightforward maintenance step which you can always embrace. The first thing supposed to clock in your mind when you complete working with a saw is how to clean. Ensure you make good use of the various tools and tips. Try out some new ways of cleaning your saw, and this would make a difference while using the saw in the future task.