How to cut a small tree with a chainsaw

Trees have tremendous benefits, and the idea of cutting them is haunting, but sometimes, there are situations where trees can be dangerous, or at other times, the tree may be rotting. So, instead of having an accident by leaving a hazardous tree on the property, it is better to get rid of it. If you don’t want professional help and want to do the whole process on your own, then you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Personal Safety

The first thing that you need to take care of is personal safety. Since you are going to be doing all the work yourself, you need to make sure that you have protection for your eyes, your head must be protected, your ears should also have a covering, and lastly, you need to have heavy-duty boots on to keep your feet protected. It is quite possible that the pieces of wood can enter your eyes if they are not protected. Please keep your hands protected from the harsh lumber as well; you can do it with the help of gloves.

Step 2: Check the equipment

Before you get to work, give a quick check to your chainsaw. Make it sure that it is working correctly with all its parts properly functional. Parts of the chainsaw such brake, throttle lock and the chain catch must be in place. Another thing that is very important at this step is that you need to have the right chainsaw. The chainsaw should be of the right size according to that of the tree. The chainsaw should be big enough according to the size of the tree. Similarly, it should be powerful enough to cut the tree easily.

Step 3: Clear the space around.

Before you start handling the chainsaw and making the cuts into the tree, make sure that the surrounding area around the small tree is clear. There should be no pipes, no power lines, no pets or even people around that space. You surely don’t want to trip and injure yourself or anybody else. You will have a peace of mind after clearing the surrounding, and you will confidently do the desired job instead of worrying about something else.

Step 4: The escape route

The trickiest part of cutting a tree with a chainsaw is the escaping. If you are unable to escape on time, then you can be facing danger. If you avoid right into the line of the tree, then you are very much in danger. Also, if you intend to escape back of the line where the tree is supposed to fall is as dangerous. You will take the precautions, but if somehow the tree falls in the backward direction, you will get injured. The most suitable and safe way of escaping while cutting a tree is to avoid right at 45-degrees from the line of falling off the tree. This way, you are nowhere near the place where the tree is supposed to fall.

Step 5: Making the front cut

Now when you are all done checking the equipment, clearing the place and also figuring out the escape route, you are ready to make the first cut on the tree. Start with your waist’s height and then make a 70-degree cut with the help of the chainsaw. One thing that you have to be careful about is that the cut should not be intense. At this step, your goal is just cutting, not making the tree fall. The first cut determines the direction of the falling of the tree.

Step 6: Making the back cut

The back cut is critical; it doesn’t have to be too deep; it is just a straight cut which gives the first cut a push to move in the forward direction. So, the tree is capable of falling back after the back cut, but you can put in wedges, maybe one or even more to make sure that the tree falls in the forward direction instead of backwards.

By the end of these steps, you will have successfully cut the tree.