How to Cut Down Trees With a Chainsaw

how to cut down trees with chainsaw

If you’re wondering how to cut down trees with a chainsaw, here are some tips that will make your job go smoothly. Firstly, always remember to cut the tree on a horizontal line and to set the chain brake before starting the felling process. Secondly, make sure you retreat 15 feet from the falling tree. Never turn around and face the tree when it’s falling. Lastly, be sure to check the chainsaw before you begin the project.

Safety rules

If you’re planning on cutting down trees, follow these safety rules: first, make sure there is a safe drop zone. The area where the tree will fall should be at least two times the size of the tree’s circumference, and it must be clear of any obstacles. If possible, have a trusted assistant stand behind you to watch the cut and tap you on the shoulder if a branch falls.

During cutting down a tree, always keep a 45-degree angle in mind. You can also try to use a chain brake to stop the saw from kicking back. This is vital to avoid serious injury. Lastly, when cutting down a tree, let up on the downward pressure as the cut nears its end. Failure to do so could result in personal injury, or damage to your chainsaw.

Creating a notch

When cutting down a tree, a notch must be created in the trunk. This will ensure that the tree falls to the ground in the direction you want. It will also minimize any surprises. In one example, a large white oak had died in front of QDMA Headquarters, but the notch-cut method brought the tree down safely. Here are a few steps you should follow to create a notch.

First, make an open-face notch by making a cut 70 degrees downward. Then, make a second cut at a 20-degree angle and meet the first cut. Then, make another cut to create a 45-degree notch. The top cut should be the point of the hinge. Most chainsaws come with felling marks so that the operator can align the cut with the direction of felling.

Removing low-hanging branches before felling

Before felling trees with a chainsaw, make sure to remove all branches below shoulder height. The chainsaw can be dangerous when operated overhead, and it is best to have someone who can look over your shoulder. The safety of you and your fellow workers is crucial. You should remove low-hanging branches and any weak branches before beginning. Then, move down the limbs and toward the tree trunk to complete your felling.

Before using a chainsaw to fell a tree, make sure you’ve removed all branches. Low-hanging branches may seem like a simple task, but they can make the whole process much more dangerous. These branches act as obstacles around the perimeter of the tree, making it difficult to reach the most optimal cutting point. Additionally, large, low limbs can cause the tree to roll when it hits the ground.

Inspecting your chainsaw

Before you start cutting down trees, you should make sure to inspect your chainsaw for any damage. Its chain brake, muffler, starter cord, and chain catcher should be all in good condition. You should also clean the air filter before using the chainsaw, and replace it if it becomes dirty or damaged. Using a chainsaw properly will reduce the risk of injuries to workers. It’s also important to remember that the proper fuel and oil for your saw will make sure that it runs smoothly.

Before using a chainsaw, make sure to look for any cracks or loose nuts or screws. If you’re unsure, hire an arborist to do the job for you. Having a second set of eyes will prevent you from suffering a severe chainsaw-related accident. Moreover, you should operate the chainsaw at a level that is shoulder-high, and you should never make any adjustments while it’s running.