How to Cut Small Logs With a Chainsaw

How to cut small logs with a chainsaw is not something you can learn overnight. Having done this for years, I’ve learned that every aspect of this project is important. So, if you’re interested in learning how to cut small logs with a chainsaw, here are some tips.

To cut small logs with a chainsaw, you’ll need a good saw blade and a bit for the end of the log you want to cut. Just keep these two essentials in mind when planning your project.

In addition to a saw, your saw should be long enough to reach the end of the log you want to cut. So, don’t get the old fashioned chain saw that’s only adequate for wood chopping. Get the chainsaw with the blade at least twice as long as the distance between the posts you’ll be working from. That’ll give you room to reach the post with the chain and have plenty of room to handle the log yourself.

You’ll need a piece of wood to work on. These days you can buy pre-cut logs or you can buy pieces of wood. Using a piece of wood is better, though, because it will protect your hands from the saw’s sharp teeth.

A good place to start is by finding a solid log. This way you can be sure that you don’t fall backward and get hurt. After you’ve secured the log to the ground, cut along the grain.

Instead of using the teeth of the saw, work the chainsaw up and down along the log’s surface. Most people, when they begin this, try to flip the log over with the saw. But, I recommend that you use the saw’s teeth. This way, you’ll be sure to cut along the grain. When the log’s surface is grooved, you know you’ve found the right spot.

If you do flip the log over, it’s a good idea to use the saw’s blade and don’t slash the grain. Only cut straight across the log’s surface. If you find it easier to turn the log, it will leave more of the groove exposed. So, if you find it’s easiest to turn a grooved log, make sure you’re doing it from the back side of the log. You should also scrape the edges of the log with the saw’s teeth to make it smooth.

After you’ve got the log cut to size, use the saw’s blade to rip the log off the tree. You should only rip the log about an inch or so from the top. The reason for this is so that you don’t miss the groove at the top.

It’s better to use a pair of shears instead of a pair of clippers when you’re cutting the log. They’re shorter and easier to work with, too.

After you’ve removed the log, be sure to rip the grove off the top. Then, using an auger, chisel out the next groove. By now, you should have had a hand-on experience with the saw and be able to cut small logs with a chainsaw.

I hope this short article has answered the question of how to cut small logs with a chainsaw. Other than having a lot of practice, this is the best way to work with a chainsaw. Be sure to keep your hands safe and use the right tool for the job.

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