How to Join Chainsaw Chain Links – Step by Step Guide

Learning how to join chainsaw chain links is easy if you know what you are doing. It just takes a bit of time and practice.

how to join chainsaw chain links

I’m going to show you the easy way to make your own chainsaw parts by purchasing an already built generator from a local hobby shop or hardware store. You will want to cut the two ends off so that they will fit into the generator. A small hacksaw is needed for this step.

In this article I am going to use this example because it is very basic but you should be able to get your basic tools for about ten dollars at your local hardware store. First you will need a hacksaw. I recommend using a small blade. This will save you much frustration and pain when you realize that you can’t cut it.

Take a look at the battery charger and the basic voltage engine. In most cases you won’t have any trouble finding the engine or the handle. Both of these pieces will be on the same side of the car. They are both relatively large pieces. A pair of pliers will work for holding the battery pack in place while you cut the pair of chains that hold it down.

The first pair of chains should go underneath the front grill. The second pair should be placed underneath the driver’s seat and then between the seats. These two chains should be cut as close to the edges as possible.

Take the two halves of the generator that are lying side by side and lay them flat against the floor. Make sure that they are pressed firmly into the floor but don’t force them together.

Take the two wires that are connected between the generator and the battery and run them through the holes in the plastic in the floor. In this example you will be leaving one wire on each end of the generator. Make sure you turn on the electricity when you are cutting the generator to avoid any shocks.

Now that you have the generator and the electric chainsaw you will want to pull on each of the wires. With the electric chainsaw the cables will either snap right into place or fall right out. The generator cables should not snap into place but rather to slide into place. This means that you have successfully joined the generators together.

Now that you have successfully joined the electrical connection of the generator you can take the spare tank that is in the trunk. Again I recommend using a small hacksaw for this. If you have never used a hacksaw before, be careful because it can be a little dangerous.

You can now remove the extra tank and prepare the tank that you will be using for the electrical chainsaw. Put the screws that are holding the battery pack in place back into place and secure them with some tightening nuts. Take the screws that are holding the battery holder in place and slide them back out. These screws are attached to the cables that are attached to the engine and that are in turn tied to the generator.

The next step is to remove the extra chains that are connecting the generator to the garage door opener and these can either be clipped in with cable ties or removed by hand. The chain must be on the opposite side of the generator. Clipping the chain ties on to the wires will provide you with less friction and less trouble.

Learning how to join chainsaw chain links is not that difficult if you follow a few simple steps. The steps that I have mentioned here should help you along the way.