How to join chainsaw chain links

A chainsaw is a handy tool, you can use it to cut down a tree, or you can use it to get it many of your other household chores done. However, the chain plays a critical role in the working of the chainsaw. If the chain is not good enough, then the chainsaw will not work well. In this article, we aim to tell you how you can join chainsaw chain links, with this method you can make your chain for the chainsaw if you get one whole roll of the chainsaw chain. You can also get rid of the links that you don’t need in the chain to make it the right size.

Tools needed: To make your chain with the roll of the chainsaw chain or breaking chainsaw links, you will need two simple tools. You will need a pocket breaker which comes with a few notches, and you will also need a punch. The punch has to be super strong and sturdy so that it can do its job quickly. The grooves in this tool are created for different chains of the chainsaw.

The chainsaw chain roll comes with rivets which can be used to put it together according to the desired size. The first thing that you need to keep in mind while making your chain and joining the links is that you need to count the number of drives. You need to determine how many trips you need for your chainsaw chain; you may need 56, less or more, according to your need. The next step will be cutting off the number of the drives that you need for your chain, for example, if you need 56 drives then you will cut them off from the role of the chain and then rivet them back together.

So, to make your chain, you must know how to break the link and then rivet it back together. The number of drives of the chain depends upon the chainsaw.

To break the link, you will need a durable surface, and on this, you are going to place the chain. Get a pocket breaker, and on top of that, you will place the chain, and then you are going to use the punch and a hammer to get rid of the rivets. When the rivets are broken, the link will also be broken. One strap will come off, and you will have the desired length of the chain, whether it is 56 drives or any other range. Once you have the string of the desired length, you will be able to put it back together. Now that you have the two ends of the chain that are going to be put together, you will look at the terms to find out which direction they are going to go.

Now, you are going to take a new rivet, and then you are going to put it back together to the straps of the chain. Try to match the natural arrangement of the chain, the method of the tooth, the rivet and belts can be different for every chain so try to follow the natural pattern that already exists on the chain while you are joining the two ends.

When you put the new rivet on the two ends of the chain, even after the fitting, you will notice that some of it will stick out. At this point, you are going to take a hammer which has a rounded head. Lay that joint flat with the help of the punch and then use the stick to hammer on it. This will make sure that the joint is entirely secure, the tooth, the rivet and the straps will be fitted firmly. With this, it will not pop loose, and here you will have your chain for your chainsaw.

With this method, you will be able to get rid of one link from a worn off-chain, and you will also be able to create your chain with the desired number of drives according to your need. We hope that this article was helpful to you.