How to Landscape Around Trees

Gardening is among the most relaxing things you can do in your spare time. In addition to reconnection with nature at the present moment gardening also produces fresh, healthy produce that you be able to put on the dining table. While you’re in the process, why don’t you make use of the possibility to landscape your yard, focusing on trees and flowers?

A garden under the hazelnut tree or an artificial pond with multi-purpose plants can turn an ordinary outdoor space into something unique. If you need a boost in the realm of innovative concepts, we suggest you take a look and make your interpretation of certain of these.

A tree planted within your outdoor space could be an excellent investment in the overall appearance of your backyard – however, it is dependent on how you handle the landscaping aspect and that’s what we’re here to help with. So, if you’re fully prepared now, let’s learn how to design your landscape around trees!

A Few Things to Consider

Before we go on to some beautiful landscaping ideas, here are some tips that can be useful: First and foremost, you’ll need to keep your landscaping as straightforward as you can. However, this does not mean that your landscaping should not be elaborate however we recommend making educated choices and ensuring that you protect your trees with the right landscaping plants. One great option for the surrounding area of the tree is to plant the vinca vine. It is a stunning groundcover that’s not overly invading and can withstand various weather conditions.

Also, you should take into consideration the so-called peak blooming time and act according to the time of peak bloom. Imagine how stunning the trees’ landscape will appear after spring arrives and try to mix the hues of the flowers with plant species that are in the same group. This will bring your garden to life and create the ideal landscape to look at.

You can also play with succulents and decorative gravel to maximize the benefits of the sun. This will result in an appealing landscape that is year-round. The most appealing aspect of the use of mulch around the trees is that it offers adequate drainage and acts as a mulch that is effective which preventing the growth of weeds and other issues.

It is also important to consider that some people enjoy the shade and others are more comfortable in the sun. So, you should think about designing a landscape around the tree to permit both groups to enjoy shading, as well as the other to take in the sun while taking in the beautiful treescape.

If you’re looking for other plants in your garden, you could opt for an attractive curb appeal that is focused on different varieties of height, color, and height, or make an overall appeal the central theme of your garden. If you opt for the latter option, vibrant begonias are an excellent investment. In this way, you can get the same elegant and uniform scene, and also add an element of diversification.

In the final moments of your day, truly enjoy the freedom of your imagination and be brave enough to play around with it. The combination of hostas that love shade and ferns with a few impatiens and gravel mulch could truly create amazing landscaping around a flowering tree!

The significance of mulching

As the name suggests, mulch is a vital element of any landscape. This isn’t solely for aesthetic reasons it is also because the probability of your tree and the plants that surround it flourishing is greatly enhanced by properly mulched. Although mulch should give an organized and clean design to the area around the tree, this does not mean you cannot be creative with the kind of mulch that you choose to use.

Yes, wood chips and bark are the most commonly used alternatives, but gravel is similar. If you opt for Mexican-beach pebbles or the more common pea gravel which is lightweight and provides excellent drainage, investing more time into this area will be worth it.

Mulch does more than help protects the tree’s trunk from damage during the moving process, but it also helps to ensure proper all-year insulation and also helps to prevent the soil from being eroded, and encourages weed growth.

Another thing you need to be aware of is how you put mulch layers down Be careful not to pile over the rocks, and aim for even layers that get to an extent that is at the drip line. If you have plants surrounding the tree, we suggest making use of the same mulch.

Talking to an expert in landscaping edging could provide you with a better idea of how to make an appealing border that separates your trees and the other elements of your yard.

Add Cool Details

In the final analysis, landscape design is about having fun and showing the freedom to make your own choices. Thus, the main ingredient to beautiful landscaping around your tree lies in the companion flowers, plants, and the right mulch, other elements, like rocks can make a significant difference to create a unique landscape.

The placement of medium-sized rocks around the tree can create a more natural appearance while also preventing problems with weeds (much as gravel).

Additionally, it is possible to have fun by putting up a tiny fairy garden or garden dwarfs to add some decoration. Our favorite is to place some lights for the landscape across the border. If you like being in your backyard at night they can create an overall romantic scene!


The general perception is that putting an ornamental tree in the middle of your yard can be an excellent investment in creating a beautiful outdoor space where you and your family can enjoy. That is if you put in the effort and time in selecting the best landscaping plants, mulches, and other accessories, like a toad house or landscape lighting that will transform the space into something spectacular.

Learn about the types of annuals and perennials that are available to put in your garden, place an order for the basics, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!