How To Measure Chainsaw Bar Length?


Do you know the length of your saw bar? Well, you can measure the distance by following some simple steps. Most of the saw users do not bother about the range, but this is something which you need to know to identify the best bar. In addition to that, by knowing the measurement, it would help you have the actual measures in the case when the saw bar needs to get replaced.

I have a friend of mine who has a cordless saw which he uses in the domestic task. One day he wanted to replace the bar, and he went to the nearby saw and electric shop. On arrival, he was asked by the operator about the type of the saw and the bar length. The surprising thing is that he didn’t have the measurement in head and ended not buying the bar. If you have a saw, I wouldn’t want you to find yourself in a similar situation. Pay attention to this article, and you will learn on the tips to measure the length and also how to maintain it.


  • Turn Off Your Saw

The first step toward measuring the length is by switching off the saw. Most people tend to forget about these necessary step while considering to measure the size, which would cause some injuries. You should ensure this is done by removing the spark plug and this would make the saw safe. Different types saw which are used by people, and thus there is a need to ensure that your machine is switched off.

  • Find Out The Cutting Length

After ensuring that the saw is safe for you, it would then proceed for you to put the saw on a table or somewhere flat to measure the cutting edge. It would help if you taped for you take on these numbers. You will measure span from the end tip of the chain to where the rod comes from the metal casing.

  • Round It To The Nearest Inches

Once you lay your tape and measure, you would get a whole number and some inches which you need to convert them to the nearest inches. For instance, while measuring, you might get figures such as 13.75 inches. In this case, you will need to round it to the nearest inches, which is 14 inches.

  • Record Somewhere The Number

You now have the measurement with you, and the next step would be to record those numbers somewhere for future uses. Many people measure the bar and take them overhead only for them to need the figures at a later date and realize they have forgotten. When you find yourself in such a case, you will regret which is not good. Ensure you record them in your machine and also in your phone where you can retrieve them.

  • Remove Metal Casing To Know The Overall Span

The next step would be to determine the total size of the bar by removing it from the metal casing. You will follow a similar process by using the tape and measure the entire interval from the end of the tip. However, the number would be higher compared to the cutting bar.


Replacing then saw bar would be a tough decision because most people do not know when exactly when they are supposed to replace them. Due to the wear and tear, you need to know the right time to replace. The following are the reasons which would make you replace:

  • If The Bar Is Not Straight

This is the first reason which would make you replace it and consider looking for a new one. While cutting the trees, your bar would tilt a little bit which is not suitable for the saw. You can check if the bar is straight by removing it from the metal casing and put on a table and this would help see the straightness.

  • If Your Bar Gets Twisted

There are some bars which look straight one side whereas, on the other hand, they may be twisted, which makes them bent. It’s upon you like the saw users to make sure that you regularly check the bar to know if you need to replace it or not.

  • If The Rails Break Or Crackdown

There are some parts of the saw which usually hold the bar and after some time, they may crackdown or breaks, which means you need to replace the old one. If you were using the damaged rails, it would hold the saw chain incorrectly, and this might end in causing some injuries while using the saw.

  • If Your Chain Bar Has Worn Out

You can always replace your bar if you realize it has worn out. In most cases, it would be worn out so fast if it’s used regularly. On the other hand, some take ages for them to wear out if it’s used rarely. You can know if your bar has worn if it starts changing its colour. I have heard many people who have used their saw for a long time until when the bar breaks up, which is very wrong.


Saw are an essential tool in our home, and we should always ensure that they are kept safe and used in an appropriate manner. However, it would help if you took a proper measurement of the bar to ensure that you have an excellent time to replace the bar. It’s good to ensure all size have been kept in the right place to avoid losing such a measure soon.

There are different types of the bar which could be used in your chainsaw, especially when you want to replace it. However, when you get in the saw shop, you might get confused and wonder which one to buy, but it would be good to replace the saw with a similar bar which was there before. There is some bar which specialized in working with a particular type of saw.