How to Port Chainsaws Complete Guide

Chainsaws are among the most commonly used power tools used in work and manship. However, there are times when woodworkers don’t like the compressor ratio their chainsaw has.

What do they do? Are they going to buy an entirely new model?

Nope, actually. There is a method of porting the chainsaw. This assists in attaining a greater compression ratio in the chainsaw.

In this post in this article, we will discuss the definition of the purpose, process, and definition of porting wood on your chainsaw.

Stop for two minutes from what you’re doing and then let’s talk about the following.

What is it What is Porting Wood? Porting?

Many ways can be used to alter the chainsaw you are using, the wood porting process is only one of the options. This procedure involves altering the cylinder head and changing your port’s timing. The outcome of this procedure is the efficiency of your chainsaw.

Why is it necessary to take this step? What are the benefits in the end?

In reality, there are several advantages to this kind of modification to chainsaws. Take a look

  1. A higher compressor ratio results in better performance for the chainsaw.
  2. Cooler operating temperature, which results in less wear as well as a longer life expectancy of the chainsaw itself.

What Does Wood Porting Impact the Chainsaw?

There is a popular belief about chainsaws that it impacts the quality of the saw. However, as we’ll show it isn’t. In actual reality is, you can positively impact the performance or reliability through this method.

How to Port Chainsaws- The Steps

There are a variety of ways to porting the chainsaw to wood, depending on what you wish to accomplish using an altered version of your chainsaw.

In certain situations, there are times when you won’t be even given enough space to expel the air. Therefore, you’ve ensured that the saw can breathe better thanks to the muffler. Additionally, you must make sure that your chainsaw remains low.

Are you looking for the best tips to achieve this? Here you go-

First Step: Unlock and Widen The Exhaust

The entry point to the inside of the chainsaw is via the exhaust route. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the muffler taking care to do so. There are procedures like grinding or drilling that can be used to accomplish this.

When the muffler is open, ensure that the exhaust pipe is wide enough for access via your hands.

Step 2: Let Go A Space

Once you have access to the inside of the chainsaw, you need to create an opening in both the exhaust and intake systems that runs through the chainsaw. There are a variety of machining techniques to accomplish this.

At this point, you can try squishing. This is the process of lowering the jug of the chainsaw. The thing you’ll need to complete this procedure is a thin gasket. This process is known as milling.

Step 3: Test Modifying the Transfer Ports Also.

At the end of the second phase, you’ll have completed the process of porting wood. The compressor should have a higher ratio of compressor now.

If you’re looking for an additional modification, you can consider changing the transfer ports on the compressor. Here’s a list of options to test.

  1. Try to change your mechanical speed of ports.
  2. Take any excess material off the chainsaw’s piston.
  3. Take the coil off the limiter of RPM.

This will result in further increases in the ratio for compressors, which will lead to a more efficient output that the chainsaw produces.

Other Porting Options Chainsaw

In addition to the standard method, some alternatives could offer similar advantages.

Another method is to fill your saw’s combustion chamber using sawdust. The result is an increase in the combustion ratio which means that the saw can operate more efficiently.

This lowers also the heat of the chainsaw and is a further primary reason for wood porting saws.

The process of porting wood on the saw is a typical out typical of the practice. Therefore, it requires the expertise of a lot of people to accomplish this. If you’re not familiar with these methods, you ought to not attempt them at all.

Keep These Things in Your Mind When Wood Porting The Chainsaw

When you are carrying out wood porting, bear these points in mind:

  • The primary reason for a chainsaw that wood ports are to allow it to breathe more easily and to make the exhaust system more smooth. Make sure this happens when you wood ports your chainsaw.

The Bottom Line

The procedure of transferring your chainsaw needs prior experience and knowledge. When you’re trying this for the very first time seek advice directly from an expert or write a message below. We’ll be in touch promptly, we will.

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