How to Put Chainsaw Chain Back on

how to put chainsaw chain back on

In order to mount the chainsaw correctly, it is important to follow a few steps. The first step is to ensure that you have ample space to place the materials you plan to use. Before beginning, lay down newspaper or cardboard for protection. Make sure that you are wearing leather gloves for safety. Afterward, make sure that you remove all debris from the saw and bar. If necessary, use a paintbrush to remove any debris from the saw and bar.

Proper mounting of chainsaw chain

When mounting a chainsaw, it is important to ensure that the drive link is pointing in the correct direction. The drive link is a wave-shaped piece that fits into a groove on the chainsaw bar. The drive link should be oriented toward the chainsaw’s front part. Keeping this in mind will help avoid problems with the chain blade. Here are some tips to mounting the chainsaw correctly. Observe the chainsaw video to learn more about proper mounting.

Checking tension of chainsaw chain

One of the most crucial homesteading tools is a chainsaw. A chainsaw is indispensable for woodworkers and is also great for forest maintenance. If the chain comes off, your work will be interrupted. Here are some tips for checking the tension of your chainsaw chain. If you are experiencing the problems mentioned above, you can try fixing the problem yourself. But remember to be careful and avoid the risks involved.

Applying tension to chainsaw chain

You might be wondering how to apply tension to the chainsaw chain back on. Putting the chain on a saw is very similar to applying tension to an electric chainsaw. To make adjustments to the chainsaw chain, you will need a half-inch socket wrench and a flat screwdriver. Remove the side panel bolts, and loosen the chain until it reaches the correct tension. Pull the bar back and forth to make sure the chain is correctly tightened.

Safety precautions

Before re-assembling your saw, you must take some precautions. You should first tighten the guide bar nut. If the nut is overtightened, the chain will not cut properly and may damage the saw. Always tighten the guide bar nut in a controlled manner to prevent damaging the chain or the saw itself. Before re-assembling the saw, you should use the proper tools. Make sure to wear safety gloves and protect your hands from sharpened cutters. You should also tighten the chain nut and blade firmly to prevent binding and derailment.

Reinstalling chainsaw chain

Reinstalling chainsaw chains requires you to re-tension the chains first. To do this, find the tensioning screw in the chainsaw’s guide bar and loosen it a bit. Once loose, thread the new chain on and make sure all drive links are engaged with the sprocket. To tighten the chain, loosen and re-tighten the tensioning screw using a screwdriver.