How to sharpen a chainsaw blade with an electric sharpener

How to sharpen a chainsaw blade with an electric sharpener

How to sharpen a chainsaw blade with an electric sharpener

Chainsaws are saws that are portable and mechanical and that cut with their sets of teeth that are attached to chains that rotate and that run along guide bars.

They are used in many different activities and there exist some chainsaws that are specialized for cutting special materials (concrete, ice) or for chainsaw art and mills. Most of the time, chainsaws are used for tree felling, for limbing, for harvesting wood for fires, for pruning and much more.

Using a chainsaw can be done by almost anyone, you do not have to be a professional sawyer to do this job, but you should always make sure that you wear protective gear. Chainsaws are usually engineered to be safe, but the safety also depends on the way that you act when you engage in this activity. Provide a friendly environment for you and other participants and always be cautious.

If you recently purchased a chainsaw, you should definitely do some research and inform yourself on how you will sharpen its blade when the time comes.

Like all the other electric tools, a chainsaw that is electric also has to be sharpened because in time the keenness wears off. After usage, the chainsaw can be sharpened using a tool that is specially made for this job. The tool is an electric chainsaw sharpener and its usage is very easy.

You can sharpen the chainsaw by yourself with a tool like this, without the need of a professional. All you need for this job is an electric chainsaw blade and an electric chainsaw sharpener. Down below you will find some simple steps that you should follow when you want to sharpen the blade of the chainsaw.

Step 1

The first thing that you have to do before the actual sharpening of the blade, is to inform yourself on the specifications of the saw blade. Most of the time, you can find out what the specifications are right from the box in which you chainsaw came. The manufacturer usually gives a manual with instructions where you can also find the specifications, but they also put them on the box.

If your chainsaw did not come with its specifications, you can always inform yourself on the internet about them, or even contact the manufacturer because for sure they have support for their clients.

Step 2

With the next step, you will have to struggle with positioning the electric sharpener tool. In order to not move during the operation, you should always place the chainsaw sharpener on a ground that is firm and rigid. You must keep the tool in one place if you want to install the saw blade easily on the sharpener. Having the correct positioning will also provide a smooth sharpening process.

Step 3

Next, you will have to install the sharpening stone. The first step from this guide has to be made in order to install correctly the stone. With all the information that you managed to gather about the specifications, you will install the stone with the correct width and so, it will fit in the gap that is found between the teeth of the blade.

Usually, the width of the sharpening stone is found at 3/16 inch. You can find on the market stones of different widths, so make sure to purchase the one that fits with the specifications and that will please your needs.

Step 4

You will have to also swivel the angle. This is an important thing to do, so you must place the blade in the holder of the chainsaw sharpener and after that to adjust the angle. Usually, the most common angle is placed 0 degrees to 60 degrees. In some cases, it can also go up to 80 degrees.

Step 5

Here you will have to go back to the specifications and look out for the blade tooth angle that is given. The blade tooth angle can be adjusted in the electric chainsaw sharpener by simply loosening a knob in the holder of the blade. In order to be set accordingly, the knob can be moved in multiple directions, either negative or positive one.

Step 6

Now you will have to adjust the depth. This step is important because the depth stop has to be properly adjusted so that the grinder will not cut the teeth very deep. If you do not adjust properly the depth, it is possible for the grinder of the chainsaw sharpener to tend to cut the metal that is found between the teeth and in consequence, the blade can get damaged. Another possibility consists in the overheating of the blade and this is how the material can lose its temper.

Step 7

You can now start the process. With a slow pace, you can lower the grinder wheel on the first tooth of the blade and when it touches the first time the blade, you will notice that sparks will come out. After you keep them in contact for a while, you can remove it and you can observe that the inner surface of the tooth is left with a metallic and shiny finish.

Step 8

You can advance and sharpen slowly each tooth on one side if the blade. After you are done with one set of teeth, you must repeat the adjustment of the grinder again. If it was set on 20 degrees on the negative side, you will now have to change it and set 20 degrees positive. After this step is completed, you can repeat the procedure for the next set.


In the light of all of the above-mentioned steps of the procedure, you can notice that it is possible to sharpen a chainsaw blade with an electric sharpener. Following these steps is easy, but it is important not to miss any step. Inform yourself with the specifications and you will be able to this process by yourself, without the help of a professional. It is also indicated to wear protective gear for your safety.