How to Sharpen Your Chainsaw Before it Gets Out of Tune


How to Sharpen Your Chainsaw Before it Gets Out of Tune

Your chainsaw must be sharpened every time it is used. You should be able to get it sharp without the help of the tools that come with the chainsaw, but you can, and if you do, then you need to learn how to sharpen it.

When you sharpen your chainsaw with a chainsaw sharpener electric or manual you are actually accomplishing two things. The first is that you are maintaining the edges of the blade and reducing the amount of wear and tear. This is usually done by reducing the thickness of the teeth on the cutting surface.

Sharpening also causes the steel to be de-gassed, which helps reduce rust and dirt that have gotten into the steel before you took it out of the box. De-gassing a piece of metal is a way of loosening it up so that it can be more easily worked on.

So if you are considering buying a chainsaw sharpener, then you should learn how to sharpen it before you buy it. To sharpen a chainsaw, you will need to take the handle off of the chain saw or use the end of a knife to pull it off.

Once you remove the handle from the chainsaw or knife, then you can begin to remove the sharp edges that make the chainsaw dull. These edges are sharp and work against the chainsaw’s cutting ability.

To remove the sharp edge from each part of the chainsaw handle you will need to cut it off. If you are using a chainsaw sharpener electric, then there are a couple different ways to do this.

If you have never cut the chainsaw up, you may need to place one part on the sharpening stone and carefully work it through the other parts of the chainsaw with a saw. This process should not take too long.

The sharp edge can be removed by using the teeth on a pair of wire cutters to remove the tooth. Be careful, because it may leave some minor damage to the handle, which could cause a tool failure.

To sharpen the steel without damaging the piece you can use a chain saw along with a compound that will burn off the old sharpness with a mild heat. Sometimes this compound will require a combination of both heat and compound.

To keep the guard rails on the chainsaw from having the same kind of cuts, you can coat them with a protective coating that will protect them. In this case you will need to strip the coating from the guard rails and then re-coat them.

Some of the guards need to be re-coated if they do not come pre-coated with the compound. Once this is done, the guards will be ready for sharpening.

Now that you know how to sharpen a chainsaw you will be ready to make sure that your chainsaw is in tip top shape before you head out on the trail. Happy sharpening!