How to Tighten Echo Chainsaw Chain

How to tighten Echo chainsaw chain is a question that I get asked from time to time. Having worked in the automotive industry for many years I know how important it is to make sure that every tool is functioning at optimum level. In this article I will briefly cover the subject of how to tighten the chain to make sure that it does not break or cause damage to the tool.

how to tighten echo chainsaw chain

As a rule of thumb, when tightening the chain, you should use a torque wrench. To tighten the chain, you should turn the wrench counterclockwise. The two markings on the wrench are “T”R”. Remember to always move the wrench to a side before checking the chainsaw chain.

Make sure that when tightening the chain, you are using a vice to avoid crushing the chain. Once you have the correct setting you should apply about 20 lbs of pressure to the chainsaw.

When tightening the chain, always wear eye protection. This is because there is a slight chance that sparks could fly when it is heated up.

There are two types of chains that you can buy. A flat chain and an oval chain. Always use the appropriate type of chain. If the chainsaw chain is broken, the tool is not working and it is not safe to use the tool.

Before starting to tighten the chain, ensure that the chainsaw blade is positioned correctly. Remember to place the chainsaw blade on the top of the front of the blade. Always make sure that the chain is tight to prevent it from moving when it comes out of the box.

Always avoid turning the chainsaw while it is running. Always get out of the tool safely.

Before starting to tighten the chain, it is advisable to cut two round pieces of rubber to measure the space between the chainsaw teeth. Once this is done, position the rubber under the top of the chainsaw blade. You need to ensure that it will be cool.

Once you have ensured that it is cool, it’s time to tighten the chain. Always start by tightening the bottom chain first. Start with a small amount of force and gradually increase the tension of the chain as it passes through the rubber. Do not over tighten the chain as it can damage the teeth of the chainsaw.

It is important to remember that each time you tighten the chain, you should turn the side of the chain counter clockwise. Always ensure that the last piece of the chain is in the slot before tightening it to avoid the chain from having too much play.

For best results, you should start off with about a 50% excess around the end of the chain to ensure that you get the best fit. Always make sure that you are wearing eye protection and if you need to reduce the excess around the chain, you should do this as close to the end of the chain as possible.

The last thing you need to remember when tightening the loose chain is to make sure that you loosen the top screw in the chainsaw with the socket wrench before tightening the chain. Remember that you should always wear eye protection. Never drive the chainsaw without a spare chain.