How to Use a Chainsaw Pruner

For anyone who wants to improve his or her chainsaw cutting abilities, the safest way is to take advantage of a pruner. A pruner is an extension of the chainsaw, and it is fitted in the handles of the machine for that reason, which allows for a more level and smoother impact on the wood.

Your first step is to get one of the handy ones on the market today. These can be purchased at a variety of places, including hardware stores, and you can have one even built to your specifications. They come in a number of varieties, so you can find one that is perfect for your needs.

There are some points to remember when using a chainsaw pruner. First, you want one that fits well in the chainsaw’s handle, because the thinner the pruner is, the more leverage it will give you. A harder, more flexible pruner will result in a weaker impact on the wood.

Secondly, the front end height of the pruner is very important. The best ones are about 2″ from the chainsaw’s top-most handle.

When choosing the best pruner, consider what kind of materials you will be working with. A hollow piece of hardwood will definitely snap when cut with a chainsaw. One great pruner is made of stainless steel, and it will give you the maximum shock resistance.

There are all kinds of ways to use your pruner. If you are building a shed, you can use a pruner on a model that will hold the shed up and prevent it from being knocked down.

If you have a drop chainsaw, you can add a pruner to the rear of the chainsaw. Using this type of chain saw will give you a greater control over the direction the chainsaw is cutting. Also, if you are in a storm, the pruner will protect your hands and allow you to do whatever you need to do in a natural disaster.

When using the pruner, always ensure that you are fully gripping the handles of the chainsaw to make the pruner functional. This means that both hands should be on the handles and that you should not be wearing gloves while using the pruner.

Another great weight that the pruner can bring is the ability to chop. This is when you end up chopping into a tree’s branches or other debris. Using the pruner with a chainsaw helps in this situation, because you can end up with a large pile of debris without even trying.

Another great thing that the pruner can do is that of a wheel chipper. A wheel chipper comes in a smaller variety of pruner, but they work well and effectively in clearing branches and debris.

Finally, the pruner is a great tool for carving a log. Chipping a log into smaller pieces enables you to be more accurate with your movements. It also gives you a good angle from which to work.

With a chain saw, a pruner, and some practice, you can enhance your chainsaw cutting abilities. Be sure to choose a pruner that will fit your chainsaw and that is right for your needs.