Katchy Indoor Insect Trap Review

Katchy Indoor Insect Trap Review

KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap Review

If you want to purchase a mosquito trap that will work well in your home, you might want to look into the Katchy indoor insect trap. This device attracts mosquitoes and sandflies and is designed to emit no noise at all. You can also set it to be in silent mode. Read on to learn more about this product! Listed below are the main features and our Verdict.

Main Product Details

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap is a great option for those looking to catch insects indoors. You can use it in your kitchen near fruit, in a trash can, near open windows and doors, or even in your car. It works well in all three locations and is portable, so it can be used anywhere. If you don’t want to use it inside your home, you can always take it with you when you go camping. The best time to use it is when your lights are off, as bugs are attracted to UV light.

The KATCHY indoor insect trap doesn’t use chemicals or harmful fumes to kill insects. It relies on the suction power of its fan to attract the insects and hold them. However, this trap is not ideal for larger flies, so you should place it near areas where insects are most likely to congregate. Because it doesn’t produce a smell, the KATCHY trap may not be as effective in larger areas.

The Katchy Indoor Insect Trap works in two modes, one for daytime operation, and one for nighttime use. The manual mode allows you to manually set the trap, but the automatic mode will work around the clock to combat bugs around the clock. The Katchy Indoor Insect Trap costs $28 in today’s Amazon Gold Box. You can purchase it in two configurations, including a battery-operated version and a manual version.

Our Verdict

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap is a very convenient way to catch small insects in your home. It features a fan that is designed to catch and hold the insects, and the electric insect killer attracts the bugs with its UV light. The bugs then fall into the trap, and a glue board keeps them stuck to the bottom of the trap. Our Verdict of KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap: The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap is a beginner-friendly way to control your insects. However, it is important to understand that the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap cannot handle larger insects like flies.

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap has two speed settings, silent and standard. The standard model consumes more power when working at full capacity. Both modes are relatively quiet, but the silent mode does not completely eliminate the zapping noise that occurs when the insects are caught. It does not rely on chemicals to kill insects, so it’s safe for children and pets. Its UV light may not be strong enough to kill large bugs, but it can attract the smallest ones.

Who Is It For?

This Katchy indoor insect trap is an elegant and effective way to keep house flies and other bugs away from your home. It uses a fan to attract bugs, sticky glue boards to catch them, and a combination of both to attract and trap them. The fan also draws in bugs, eliminating the need for unsightly sticky glue traps. But what makes this trap so special? Read on to learn more about it.

A three-way bug zapper, this katchy indoor insect trap is effective at repelling mosquitoes and sandflies. Its fluorescent UV bulb emits a warm light that attracts insects, while a CO2-releasing titanium dioxide surface releases a pheromone that mimics the smell of human breath. A whisper-quiet fan then pulls the insects into the catch basket, where they die. The katchy is easy to install and remove. It also has a chain for hanging.

This Katchy indoor insect trap is designed to draw and trap flying insects. Bugs are attracted to the UV light, making it very effective at night when there are no lights. Unlike many other traps, this one emits a dazzling UV light that bugs cannot escape. It keeps working against them all the time, so it is a perfect solution for flies. So if you’re looking for an effective insect trap, give this product a try!

What Insects Does It Kill?

What insects does KATCHY indoor insect trap control? Its unique UV light attracts flying insects and kills them quickly. The UV light is most effective at night when the lights are off, since insects can’t figure out how to get away. It’s constantly working against the bugs to make them stay inside. So, it’s a better option for flies than sticky tape traps or bug zappers.

This UV-based insect trap works by luring mosquitoes with its light and sucking them with its quiet fan. It’s effective against gnats and fruit flies, but less effective against larger house flies. The UV trap includes 4 glue boards that trap small insects, but you can purchase more if needed. A USB power source is also needed to operate this product.

The Katchy insect trap can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s most effective when placed near fruit or other sources of moisture. It can also be taken camping. This insect trap works best when lights are off, since the UV light attracts bugs. Using the auto mode can also be helpful. With the light sensor, the KATCHY indoor insect trap works automatically. So, if your room gets too sunny or too dark during the day, you can place it near the fruit and let the UV light kill the insects.

Where Should You Use It?

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap is a simple but effective trap for catching mosquitoes, sandflies, and other indoor pests. This trap can be set to work all day or only during darkness, depending on your needs. In addition to killing mosquitoes and other pests, the KATCHY trap also works on gnats and moths. If you live in an area where dust can accumulate, this trap can be a great option for removing those pests.

Unlike other bug zappers, the KATCHY uses three mechanisms to keep pests out. It emits a warm glow from a fluorescent UV bulb, releases CO2, and has a whisper-quiet fan that pulls pests into the catch basket. It can be mounted indoors or hung from a chain. Although it does not require a battery, it is best to purchase one that lasts for several years.

The KATCHY indoor insect trap comes pre-assembled. It stands nine inches high and is cylindrical in shape. It features a UV light source, a fan, and glue card. The unit uses a USB port or an A/C outlet to power its fan. Once set, the Katchy can run continuously for up to 10 hours. It can also be used to catch fruit flies, gnats, and mosquitoes.

Do You Need Extras To Make It Work?

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap is an easy and portable trap that uses a UV light to attract insects to the glue stick pad. Once trapped, they can’t escape because the glue sticks are sticky. They are very similar to the sticky tape that you can put on your ceiling, but more discreet. You can place the trap in an open room or even in your car. To use the trap, you need a power source and glue traps. A USB port will work just fine.

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap is easy to use and clean. The sticky pad attracts insects and can be replaced when full. However, if you use the trap frequently, you should be aware that the sticky pads are quite likely to become dirty. To ensure that the sticky pad is working, you should keep a close eye on its contents and replace them as needed.

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap comes with USB plug and cord for power. This is great because the trap is small and portable. It measures about 8 inches tall and five inches wide. It’s very easy to use and is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Its UV light is effective in attracting bugs and insects. You can place the KATCHY wherever you wish – in your home, office, or vehicle.

How to Clean the Trap

To clean the Katchy, unplug the base and remove the glue board. The glue board should be removed by pulling the base of the trap downward. Place the used glue board in a trash bin. Replace the glue board with a new one. Replace the glue board every 3 weeks or as needed. Once the glue board becomes dirty, remove the trap and clean it thoroughly. Then, repeat the same procedure to clean the other sides of the glue board.

The glue board on the KATCHY indoor insect trap should be changed whenever bugs are found on it. This will keep the device effective against flying insects. The UV light on the trap draws the insects to it, so you should turn off any lights that are in the room to maximize the trap’s effectiveness. Once the bugs land on the sticky board, they can’t figure out how to get out. Hence, it works against the bugs and prevents them from reproducing.

The KATCHY trap works with most insects. Mosquitoes, fruit flies, and gnats can be attracted to the sticky pad and eventually fall into the trap. Insects like dark environments, so make sure to place the trap in an area where they can enter the room. Once the bugs are caught, simply leave the KATCHY on the area where they are a problem.