Klipsch AWR650-SM All-Weather Two-way Rock Speakers Review

Finding suitable quality speakers suitable for outdoor areas that fit in with the surrounding is more difficult than it sounds and especially those that are stylish, sound great, and don’t cost a lot. We are however reviewing a set of speakers that can meet all these requirements Klipsch’s AWR650-SM all Weather 2 way Rock Speakers.

Klipsch AWR-650-SM all Weather 2 way Rock Speakers

These Klipsch AWR-650 All-Weather 2-way Speakers are great outdoor speakers that are available at an affordable price and have superb audio quality.

Who does this product serve?

The Klipsch AWR-650-SM All-weather 2-way Rock Speakers were designed for medium to small outdoor spaces. For instance, they can make perfect speakers set on the terrace of a restaurant, they can be used for small-scale concerts, and are a great addition to your pool event. They aren’t personal indoor speakers, though nothing is stopping you from using them in this manner.

What’s included?

If you purchase the Klipsch All-Weather AWR-650-SM 2-way Rock Speakers this is what you will receive and nothing more. They are high-quality speakers that are UV-resistant and weatherproof in design. They are designed to appear like rocks or granite or sandstone based upon the type you select.

Overview of the features

These Klipsch AWR650-SM Rock Speakers for All Weather are excellent speakers for any type of outdoor event or simply the backyard. One reason for this is that they have a completely weatherproofed cover.

In addition, they have UV-resistant covers, meaning they will not degrade from being exposed to the sun. Furthermore, they can be able to withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures as well as be waterproof which means that being outside in the rain will not affect their performance. This is why they are extremely durable.

Keep in mind that these speakers are available with a grey-dark granite, or a golden yellow sandstone look. The fact that they appear like rocks also implies that they can blend with all kinds of outdoor locations, which makes them great for backyard parties, restaurants, and other events.

One of the main concerns is that there’s no way that is weatherproof to connect them. In other terms, there are cables and wires which will be exposed to elements.

One thing that’s worth noting concerning these Klipsch AWR-650 All Weather 2-way Rock Speakers is the fact that they come with a dual tweeter design which means both of them can play both rights and left stereo signals. This is something that isn’t something that many other speakers take on.

Additionally, they can be wired to output mono This is beneficial when you wish to hook up multiple pairs of them to an amplifier, which will allow you to effectively cover a vast area with a loud, crisp clear, and crisp sound.

In terms of audio quality, The Klipsch AWR650-SM All Weather 2-way Rock Speakers are definitely of good audio quality. They come with 6.5-inch two voice coil polymer woofers, as well as two polymer domes measuring 3/4 inches. tweeters.

They’re a fantastic bass sound, they manage vocals with ease, and both highs, as well as lows, sound crystal clear. They might perhaps not be among the highest-priced speaker however they sound fantastic. Remember that you’ll need to attach them to an amplifier and a power receiver to enable them to work.


There’s not too much to learn about these Klipsch AWR650-SM all Weather Two-way rock speakers. They must be connected to an amplifier and an audio receiver. However, there’s little more to learn.

Everything is controlled via the amplifier since these speakers do not have control on their own. They’re outdoor speakers, but if it’s possible make sure to place them in a location that isn’t subject to excessive rainfall.


  • Excellent bass and vocals.
  • Plays left or right stereo signals
  • It can be wired to provide mono audio.
  • Ultra-resistant and waterproof
  • Available in a variety of different shades


Connections aren’t weatherproof.


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These Klipsch AWR650-SM all-weather 2-way Rock Speakers are primarily speakers for outdoor use unless you’re okay with having something that resembles rocks within your home. If you’re looking for speakers that are stylish inside but are also suitable outdoors then you should consider speakers like the Yamaha NS-AW150BL 2-Way Outdoor/Indoor Speakers.


The main thing to consider is that if you’re looking for speakers that look great and sound great and don’t price you an arm leg Then these Klipsch AWR650-SM all Weather Two-way rock speakers are great speakers to be aware of.