Makita-UC4051A Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in. Bar – Sliver Review

It’s no secret that Makita’s chainsaws are highly praised and have good reasons for this choice. In this review, we’ll discuss specifically this model: Makita Chain Saw, Electric 16-inch chainsaw.

Here, you can discover everything you require to make your choice.

Makita Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in. Bar – Sliver

It’s Makita 16″ Electric Chain Saw is an ideal choice to consider if you’re searching for a powerful and simple-to-use tool. Additionally, it’s an electric chain saw that’s easy to keep clean, and ensures safe use due to its electric-powered motor.

Who are the intended users of this product?

Most homeowners with trees in their backyard would be thrilled to have the chainsaw. Some of the people who may require this equipment include:

  • Anyone who requires an instrument to cut the excess branches of trees
  • People who don’t need a chain saw powered by gasoline
  • Anyone who is used to an easy and clean cutting experience

What’s Included?

The product is in a resembled form and, therefore, you won’t receive any accessories or parts in the box. The package contains one of the Makita 16″ Electric Chain Saw as well as a user’s guide.

Overview of Features

It’s Makita 16″ Electric Chain Saw is renowned for its outstanding quality and endurance. It’s electric motor is built-in and has a maximum speed of 2,900 FPM, which guarantees efficient cutting and trimming.

It has an electronic current limiter which helps to protect the motor in the event of overcurrent. The electronic chain brake guarantees maximum security.

For a longer life span for the cutting tool, the chain gets automatically coated using oil to ensure safety and improve performance. It allows users to complete massive and long-lasting wood cutting tasks.

To make it more comfortable to use the user, the manufacturer has designed an ergonomic rubberized grip. The large trigger switch allows making sure that the startup process is smooth.

Concerning the performance, it is unbeatable in cutting capability and power output. With its 16-inch diameter bar, you can enjoy an excellent cutting experience.

Since it’s not powered by batteries, there won’t be any performance lag due to battery power being weak. The cutting power is outstanding and gives ample space to cut branches from trees.

If you’re using a chain saw that cuts slowly is likely to be an unpleasant experience. This chain saw is very simple to operate, since it doesn’t require topping the fuel tank, or changing engine oil.

Connect the chainsaw into a power supply and then begin cutting. It’s a green chain saw that does not release smoke or fumes. Additionally, it doesn’t produce lots of noise.

This means you can finish every task without disturbing neighbors. Furthermore, the carrying of this saw chain is easy since it’s constructed using lightweight materials. Because of its compact size, it is easy to take it with you wherever you go. This makes it easy to store the chain saw in a small space.

How to Make Use of It

Take a look at this video to find more about how you can make use of this chain saw


  • It’s a strong and effective electronic chainsaw. This tool can perform a range of wood cutting tasks
  • The saw in question is a very user-friendly tool that is easy to use and maintain.
  • It is possible to adjust its blade and chain without the use of any tools
  • Engineered for cutting efficiency as well as outstanding performance. easy maintenance
  • The ergonomically designed ergonomic grip is comfortable and rubberized
  • A fairly large reservoir for oil and a simple-to-see window that allows you to check the level of oil.


  • As a chain saw with a cord isn’t able to be used beyond a certain distance, without the use of an extension cord
  • Costs more expensive than comparable options


Despite the features offered with whatever features are offered by the Makita Electric Chain Saw, you might not find it enough for your needs. To aid you to make a suitable choice here’s another chain saw that you can look at.

Black+Decker Electric Chain Saw

Below are the most significant characteristics that this saw chain has:

  • A durable and economical electric chain saw
  • Automatic Oiling System keeps the chain and bar well-lubricated
  • Awe-inspiring and user-friendly chain adjustment mechanism
  • The 18-inch Oregon low-kickback bar and chain offer unbeatable cutting capabilities in virtually every situation
  • It offers safety features such as chain break and kickback security
  • Tool-free chain tensioning allows for easy adjustability of your chain
  • Easy-to-view indicator of oil level


If you’re in search of a chainsaw that has the power and convenience, Makita Electric Chain Saw is one to think about. It is equipped with the features you would anticipate from a chainsaw with an electric motor.

It’s strong and secure to use, meaning it can be used effectively without compromising your security. Additionally, this tool will impress you with its capacity to do various cutting tasks.

In general, as a whole, the Makita 16 inch Electric Chain Saw is a fantastic tool. You aren’t going to regret it.