Most Powerful Electric Chainsaw – Full Buyer’s Guide

Most Powerful Electric Chainsaw – Full Buyer’s Guide

The most powerful electric chainsaw offers clear benefits as compared to other chainsaws. It must be light and quiet, but still powerful enough to handle all the cutting tasks.

However, it can be quite tough when it comes to choosing a decent electric chainsaw. This is mainly because of the numerous options available that can present a problem to buyers.

The following guide will help you pick the most powerful electric chainsaw that will suit your needs. While the looks of different electric chainsaws may seem the same, the functions are totally different.

That is why you must be very careful when deciding which electric chainsaw to buy.



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Why Not Just Get a Gas Powered Chainsaw Instead?

Gasoline powered chainsaws are the most common chainsaws and they have been used for a long time on forests and farms. They are largely designed to be used for heavy-duty or complex cutting jobs as they pack more power.

Hence, if you are just a novice looking for a convenient and efficient option, a gas powered chainsaw is not the best option.

There are also some notable drawbacks of gas powered chainsaws. For one, they can be quite hard to operate as they are generally heavier than their electric counterparts.

Gas chainsaws are also much louder, which means that they are not practical for residential settings. Additionally, they also produce far more vibrations and can be difficult to use for first time users.

The electric chainsaw is therefore the perfect option for those looking for a convenient household tool. With an electric chainsaw you get more safety features, ease of operation, lower cost and also less vibrations and noise.

While some will still require an electrical cord, they are generally more convenient to use as compared to gas powered chainsaws.

Top Technical Features When Buying a Chainsaw

There are a few factors that you should consider before buying any electric chainsaw. Below are some of the top specifications you must keep in mind.

Remember that not all electric chainsaws are created equally. Some will have significantly better performance than others, particularly on each of the following criteria.

Main Objective

A great place to start your search for the most powerful chainsaw is to determine the reasons why you need a chainsaw. If you want to use it in a residential location, you may need to use a quitter chainsaw.

Additionally, an electric chainsaw will also be sufficient for light cutting and maintenance around your home.

If you are going with an electric chainsaw, you will also need to consider the length of the extension cord. For better mobility, you can go with a cordless chainsaw.

Nevertheless, it all comes down to how you intend to use the electric chainsaw that will determine the best model. That is why there is really no single model that is best for everyone.

Engine Power

The power specifications on an electric chainsaw are measured in terms of amperage and volts. For pruning and trimming, you can opt for an electric chainsaw that is rated at around 30-35cc.

The slightly more powerful 35-42cc chainsaw will help in small to moderate size tree felling and cutting firewood.

Generally, a corded electric chainsaw will offer more power than a cordless one. So if you want the equivalent amount of power like a regular gas chainsaw you should get an electric corded one.

A good example is the WORX WG 303.1 16-inch chainsaw that offers a great performance.


The weight of the electric chainsaw is also another major consideration, particularly when using it for a long time. When handling any cutting equipment like a chainsaw, it is recommended to choose a weight that you can comfortably handle.

Choose a moderately sized chainsaw that you can use even for long periods of time without any hassle. While chainsaws still have good safety features, it is a lot better to avoid overrating your ability to operate heavy equipment.

Budget or Cost

Ensure that the electric chainsaw you are buying is not only powerful, but also offers good value for the amount you have spent. You should go for a reliable unit that has all the main features that you have deemed necessary.

Safety is always a huge concern with chainsaws, so you should ensure you get a warrant that guarantees everything is functioning well.

The budget of an electric chainsaw is not just limited on the equipment price only. You will probably have to budget for maintenance costs, including oil and replacement parts. Luckily, electric chainsaws are easier to maintain than gas powered units.

Extension Cords

When using an extension cord for your electric chainsaw, make sure it is less than 100 feet long. This will ensure that the saw gets adequate power supply for your cutting job.

Additionally, give yourself time to adjust well to the limitations of a cord as it may get unplugged easily while cutting.

Automatic Bar Oiler

The chain and bar on an electric chainsaw must be lubricated continuously with oil when doing any cutting work. This enables the saw to perform smoothly and prevents the chains from breaking.

Buy a chainsaw that has an automatic oiler that will constantly keep the bar lubricated. This will be a much faster solution than stopping after every few minutes to manually oil the saw bar.


Take your time and consider all your options when looking for the most powerful electric chainsaw. This is not something that you should buy on impulse.

Go through all the factors mentioned above and figure out if the chainsaw you have chosen is actually going to fit your needs.

First evaluate your needs and what you need to cut and then choose the right equipment that can handle those tasks. It is advisable to buy electric chainsaws from the major brands like WORX, Black & Decker, Remington and GreenWorks among others.

These brands usually offer quality electric chainsaws that have already been proven to be quite effective.

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