Orbit 27389 Coil Garden Hose

Social distancing is a requirement for Covid-19 burdening your soul with thoughts of homeboundness with or without restless children? In contrast to many homeowners in China, You may be blessed with the privilege of having an outdoor space for outdoor pursuits.

Perhaps you’re bored of the manual wind-up hose that extends an insignificant distance and then collects dirt, mud, and other dirt from your garden whenever you pull it back in front of you.

Perhaps, your current garden hose appears to be large and unattractive? It’s not surprising that some older hoses are bulky and heavy that wear easily during everyday usage. For homeowners who aren’t it’s all about conserving the environment.

So, let’s look at this Orbit 27389 coil Hose and find out if it’s the garden equipment you’ve been awaiting?

Orbit 27389 Coil Garden Hose

There’s no need for rocket science to use this. As its name implies it’s the 27389 from Orbit. Coil Garden Hose is a 50-foot. a garden hose that is used to water gardens. And … It’s green. For more specific information, it’s green, that has a black grip the nozzle is black and green, and it has a black tap fitting. It’s attractive and eye-catching and, like a new toy, is begging to be taken home and utilized.

Who do you think this product is for?

Ideal for gardeners of all ages, children’s play can take on its full meaning when you use a lightweight grip and hose that is easily maneuverable. The hose makes working within more difficult-to-access outdoor gardens an enjoyable experience and you’ll be able to reach your plants to get the proper irrigation.

These features, along with its size and design, make it perfect for watering smaller or bigger areas. This is a great purchase for anyone who wants to: Grandma can reach her potted plants without putting her body in a burden, and a simple and vigilant watering of your kid’s flourishing vegetable garden is easy.

If you’re looking to educate your children to garden This is the hose to help children participate in the chores; it’s simple to operate the nozzle.

It’s also great for those who don’t have a lot of space for storage or don’t wish to make your garden appear unorganized. The coil-like shape means that it will eventually return to its original size when you’ve stopped pulling.

What’s included?

With this purchase, you receive the hose as well as the nozzle, meaning there are no other purchases to make. It is possible to buy an installation to put your new hose up on however it’s not a necessity.

Overview of the features

With its ergonomic grip and trigger for effortless watering and aim quickly, a quick shuffle through the available patterns offers a different mode for each gardening need. The modes include:

  • A misty spray to those plants that need a little refreshment
  • A full spray that covers your lawn? Children’s chores aren’t always boring, but they could be transformed into an enjoyable aspect
  • Find those hard to access patio corners or clear gutters that are clogged with leaves by spraying them with full force to wash and dislodge accumulation
  • Do you have dogs or children returning after a day at the beaches? The convenient shower mode is a great outdoor wash off
  • By a simple turn of the nozzle, toggle between these modes with clearly marked cone, flat, or center patterns.
  • It can be folded back and stored easily, hanging outside or in a shed anywhere you have room
  • The Orbit range doesn’t stop at the garden hose that is a coil You can also purchase additional gardening tools to make gardening time with your family members even more enjoyable
  • The unit is easy to build and disassemble. The nozzle and comfort grip is simply connected to the hose while the fitting for taps screws into the tap.


  • Awe-inspiring green and black
  • Simple twist nozzle
  • Eight identified watering patterns marked
  • Comfortable grip
  • Clean and compact storage


  • Very expensive


Rocky Mountain Goods Coiled Garden Hose

Based on the previous pros and cons, it could be worth a look at the leak-proof Rocky Mountain Goods Coiled Garden Hose. The low price and its spray nozzle with 10 patterns make the perfect value-for-money. Brass fittings make sure you get a long-lasting device.


One could say that a hose’s just a hose however, I’m going to challenge you to think that way with any keen gardener. It’s an integral aspect of taking care of your garden, and we’ve highlighted one of the most effective models on the market.

Allow the Orbit 27389, Coil Garden Hose, to make its way into your garden and help you comfortably and effectively create your ideal garden.

If you’re to get those hands dirty, let’s assist you to make the most of the best items. If you have a large or small yard This is how you can ensure that your gardening chores are on track in the uncertain future.