Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

There is no better method to spend time going outside than to listen to music? It sets the mood for an outdoor barbecue or a romantic candlelit terrace dinner, a poolside summer celebration, days in the sunroom, or a special backyard birthday celebration with a few beats to dance on your toes to.

Are you a fan of music and want to jam out to tunes while enjoying nature? If you’re in search of the perfect set of outdoor speakers to get that bass pumping you’ve come to the right spot. We’re reviewing Polk’s outdoor speakers, which are worth considering for your list of purchases.

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers that have powerful Bass

The outdoor speakers were specially designed for outdoor use. They are superior to the standard specifications of military and industrial equipment in terms of environmental protection. They’re all-weather tested and can withstand extreme temperatures as well as heavy rain.

The speakers are referred to as those that can be used in all seasons, they are known for their robustness and high quality. They can be positioned in any open space. Their purpose? to create high-fidelity and extremely loud sound outdoors.

Introduced in 2002, and first advertised in Amazon the year 2005. It’s a part of the Polk Atrium series of outdoor speakers. It was followed by models Atrium 5 6 and 8-SDI. it’s manufactured by one of the top worldwide audio companies.

The Atrium is one of Polk’s most popular series of standard indoor and outdoor speakers. Even in all these years, it’s one of the most successful and highly evaluated speaker lines that are available.

Who does this product serve?

If you’re an avid music or sound enthusiast outdoors, these speakers are ideal for you. They’re simple to set up and not bulky or large as well as they can be positioned in various positions. They’re perfect for your balcony or deck and you’ll be able to spend endless hours listening to the music you love. It’s priced at a moderate cost for a set of speakers of this size. If you’re looking for a more bass-driven sound like an active subwoofer you’ll likely be dissatisfied. It’s possible to remedy this issue by installing your subwoofer.

What’s included?

You’ll receive two speakers that come with mounting brackets. Screws aren’t supplied and the product does not include audio inputs or a built-in amplifier. You’ll have to be able to hook the device up to an audio system or amplifier.

A user’s manual that includes instructions for installing and mounting instructions along with safety tips is included. Be sure to sign up for your item upon installation. Check out this video on unboxing to find out what you’ll get inside the box.

Overview of the features

Outdoor speakers are available in black or white. The pair can be mounted either in vertical or horizontal orientations. They measure 8.625″ and 5.688″ and 6.688″ They weigh 3.6 pounds.

The “4” in the product’s title means that it is a 4.5″ lengthy throw polypropylene cone that is a mineral-filled driver for the front of. It comes with a .75″ the anodized dome of aluminum and the butyl surround. Neodymium’s magnet aids in enhanced power control and a more natural sound response. Even though the speakers aren’t huge their compact design allows for huge volumes of sound with a wide distribution.

The patent-pending Dynamic Balance(r) guarantees true sound quality at high and low levels. The result? Amazing audio quality with a frequency response of 75-25Hz, and a sensitivity of 89 decibels. The recommended power of the amplifier for each channel is 10-80W.

These powerful speakers can cut through the loud, pulsating background noises, and provide excellent audio. The critical mid and high-frequency distributions are maximized over an extensive area, without sacrificing clarity.

The baffled design with a steeply angled angle lets full-range sound be heard in open spaces. It also has speaker inputs made of five gold-plated binding posts, which ensure solid, secure hookups, this speaker has been acknowledged as among the best quality outdoor speakers.

The exterior profile blends in with the corners of the walls which means that the speakers can be concealed from view. What’s more? The aluminum brackets and grilles made of brass and steel ensure that there is no chance of corrosion.

While they’re not Bluetooth speakers but they are easily connected to an amp or stereo. The product is covered by a 5-year driver and cabinet warranty.


Installing this outdoor sound system is much easier than you imagine. Select a vertical or horizontal mounting orientation to find the most optimal location for the best sound quality.

With the simple, fast, and secure mounting method you can mount the swiveling bracket on your wall or ceiling, and then click the speaker to place it. The single-click speed lock mounting bracket offers a simple, anti-slip single-hand installation. Simply aim it then tighten it and you’re ready to go.


  • All-weather Durability
  • Small size
  • 180deg speed lock mounting system
  • Price is reasonable
  • Solid bracket


  • Screws are not included


Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Flagship Outdoor All-Weather Speaker.

If you’re in search of an audio system that has superior sound quality, look into an outdoor speaker like the Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Flagship Outdoor. It’s a great alternative to provide better sound quality.

Polk Audio Atrium SUB 100

If you’re still looking for an even more bass-filled sound you might consider investing in a subwoofer like that of the Polk Audio atrium SUB 100. Be sure to use it with at minimum 100W amplifier for optimum bass.


If you’re planning a night of entertaining guests or are looking to upgrade your outdoor space, make certain to invest in the set of Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers. With the variety of options available you’re just only a step away from enjoying more time outside, accompanied by the music that plays nature.