Safety Tips For Electric Chainsaws

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If you are considering purchasing an electric chainsaw, you should read the product safety information carefully. In this article, you will learn about the Recall on 14-inch electric chainsaws and some safety tips. Also, you’ll discover about the Low depth gauges and power switch problems that may affect your chainsaw’s safety.

Safety precautions

An electric chainsaw may look like a simple tool, but there are several safety precautions to take before using one. The first is to make sure the switch is in the “off” position. If it is not, the chainsaw will continue to run until the operator turns off the power.

Another important precaution is to wear safety goggles and gloves. If you don’t use a safety goggles or a face mask, you could accidentally cut yourself. If this happens, you will need to call 911 or go to the emergency room. An electrically powered chainsaw should be used only in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Harbor Freight Tools has issued a recall on two types of 14-inch electric chain saws. The chain saws sold under three brand names – One Stop Gardens, Chicago Electric, and Portland – are prone to malfunctioning power switches and may cause a laceration if used improperly.

Lastly, users should take into consideration the environment in which the chainsaw is being used. If there are small objects in the workspace, the operator should exercise extreme caution as they could catch on the chain and pull the operator off balance. Likewise, operators should not operate the saw in trees. They should also be careful to avoid spring back, which is caused by the tension in wood fibers releasing. Moreover, they should avoid exposing the saw to rain or other weather conditions.

Recall of 14-inch electric chainsaws

Harbor Freight Tools has recalled some 14-inch electric chainsaws after learning about a safety hazard. The chainsaws may not shut down properly even when turned off. The company mailed recall notices to a small number of customers, but failed to notify customers who purchased the tools online.

The recalled chainsaws include two models that are 14 inches long. They were sold under the Portland, One Stop Garden, and Chicago Electric brand names. The brands are printed on the blades and handles. The chainsaws should be recalled as soon as possible.

The chainsaws are recalled after injuries occurred when the power button failed to shut off. The chainsaws are green and black and feature the letters ‘PORTLAND’ and ‘CHICAGO ELECTRIC’ printed on the blade and handle. The recalled chainsaws may not shut off even if the user has moved the power switch to the “off” position, which may cause serious injuries. The recall affects chainsaws sold at Harbor Freight Tools stores and online.

After receiving 15 reports of injuries caused by defective chainsaws, Harbor Freight recalled the chainsaws. This recall involved chainsaws sold under the Portland, One Stop Garden, and Chicago Electric brand names. These chainsaws sold for $50 or less and were sold between May 2009 and February 2018.

Power switch malfunctions

A chainsaw sold by Harbor Freight Tools has been recalled for malfunctioning power switches. The chainsaw may continue to operate after being turned off, posing a serious risk to the operator. The company received 15 reports of this issue from consumers and will replace them free of charge.

This recall affects more than one million Harbor Freight 14-inch electric chainsaws. The chainsaws are black and green in color and marked with the words “Portland” or “CHICAGO ELECTRIC.” Because of the malfunctioning power switch, the chainsaw may continue to operate even after the power is turned off. This can seriously injure the operator. The chainsaws sold under the Chicago Electric, Portland, and Harbor Freight Tools brand names are affected by the recall.

The power switch on the 14-inch Harbor Freight electric chainsaw may not work properly. If the switch does not turn off properly, the chainsaw will continue operating, posing a serious injury hazard. Harbor Freight Tools is offering free replacements of the recalled units beginning May 21. This recall affects chainsaws sold from May 2009 to February 2018.

As a precaution, consumers should stop using the chainsaw and return it for a free replacement. Harbor Freight Tools has stated that the replacement chainsaws will be available from May 21, 2018. Customers with recalled chainsaws should visit the company’s website for more information.

Low depth gauges

Proper chainsaw maintenance requires the use of depth gauges. If the chain is hopping or isn’t cutting as deeply as you’d like, it’s time to adjust the depth gauge. Some people adjust the depth gauge each time they sharpen the chain, while others check it every few uses. A good rule of thumb is to adjust the depth gauge at least twice a year.

One tool you’ll need is a chainsaw sharpening kit. These kits typically include 7/32-inch and 3/16-inch files, a depth gauge tool, and a comfortable grip. These kits cost less than $20 and are great for sharpening a chainsaw once in a while. The tools included in the kit are also useful if you plan to sharpen your chainsaw far away from electricity.

Before you sharpen the chainsaw, you must ensure that the depth gauges are in good condition. You can check these gauges by holding the depth gauge tool over each of them. If they stick out, you may need to file them down using a flat file. You’ll also need to sharpen the remaining teeth in the chainsaw.

When your chainsaw needs sharpening, look for a depth gauge that has a code number. For example, a code number 4 indicates that your chainsaw needs to be sharpened. A 4.8-millimeter file is the proper size for chainsaws with a 0.325-inch chain pitch, while a 5.5-millimeter file is needed for chainsaws with a 0.404-inch chain pitch.

Solid steel bars

You’ve probably heard of a recall involving an electric chainsaw from Harbor Freight. This recall affects about 1 million units, and includes the need to replace the power switch. Regardless of whether you bought a chainsaw for your backyard or on a vacation, you should check into this recall.

When operating a chainsaw, you should always use safety gear, including hearing protection, hard boots, and safety glasses. It is also important to stand upright while operating a chainsaw, and to use both hands. Your left hand should be in a front position, while your right hand should be on the rear handle and slightly bent. While operating the saw, you should remain steady, and check for metal and nails before starting the cut.

Another safety feature to look for in an electric chainsaw is the safety lockout switch. This feature helps prevent the chain from getting too hot. This feature also makes it easier to start and stop the saw. Another feature to look for is a chain that is easy to lubricate.

While electric chainsaws can be purchased with or without an oiler, it’s best to opt for one that has adjustable flow to ensure proper oiling. If you can adjust the oiling flow, you can reduce the amount of time you spend oiling your electric chainsaw.

Anti-vibration system

Anti-vibration systems are a great way to keep your saw from shaking or buckling. They are usually built into chainsaws to prevent them from accidentally starting and stopping. It also helps you operate your chainsaw longer. Some saws even feature a low-kickback chain to reduce the risk of accidents.

Another important feature to consider is the weight of your chainsaw. Generally, electric chainsaws weigh anywhere from 9 to 15 pounds. Choosing a saw with a good weight distribution is essential. You don’t want to use a chainsaw that is too light.