Should You Wear Gloves When Using a Chainsaw?

Should You Wear Gloves When Using a Chainsaw?

Should you wear gloves when using a chainsaw

While you can get away with using a pair of ordinary work gloves, a good pair of chainsaw gloves can help prevent injuries to your hands. They are typically made of leather, which is highly tear resistant and suitable for heavy-duty work. Moreover, leather gloves tend to maintain their grip even in wet conditions. Chainsaw gloves with chainsaw lining can reduce accidents by slowing down the chainsaw when it comes into contact with the glove.

Despite their lack of color selection, chainsaw gloves can protect your fingers, hands, and wrists from accidental cuts caused by chainsaws. The Elvex chainsaw safety gloves are made of Prolar material, which is similar to Kevlar and prevents the chainsaw from making contact with your hands. A good pair of chainsaw gloves is an essential part of safety gear, whether you are working with a chainsaw or just taking apart wood.

Chainsaw gloves are essential safety equipment. Wearing them can help protect your hands from thorns, branches, glass, and other hazards. They also provide better grip on the chainsaw, and will help you focus on the job at hand without being distracted by the dangers. They are also comfortable and can reduce the risk of finger loss. You should wear them while tensioning or adjusting the chain. And, if you’re using the chainsaw in an open field, make sure to wear gloves as well.

Besides being comfortable, chainsaw gloves should be waterproof and thick. Some of them have leather and other linings. The leather portion of the glove is typically half-inch thick, allowing it to protect your hands from the sharp edges of the chainsaw. Some gloves also have anti-vibration reinforcement built in. These gloves should also have a hydrophobic treatment for evaporation of oil and water.

Chainsaw gloves should be abrasion and impact-resistant. It is recommended that you wear a pair with impact protection on the back of the knuckles. Moreover, look for ones with vibration absorption to help prevent injuries caused by frequent use of vibrating tools. The vibrations from chainsaws can cause chronic conditions, so you should choose a pair with this feature. A high-quality pair of chainsaw gloves will protect you against injury.

While chainsaws do not cut like knives, they rip material when they come into contact with them. The tear resistance of your chainsaw gloves should be on a scale of one to four, depending on the severity of the injury. The higher the number, the more protective the glove. If you have to use a chainsaw in an industrial setting, then you should consider using gloves made of Kevlar material.