STIHL 2-Stroke Chainsaw Fuel and Oil Formula

stihl chainsaw gas to oil ratio

There are two common mistakes to avoid when using a chainsaw: excess oil can create an unpleasant smoky exhaust and lead to oil leaks in the muffler, and too little can destroy the engine. In addition, oil cools the piston and cylinder, and is an important part of chainsaw maintenance. To ensure that the oil is properly lubricated and mixed with the gas, take a moment to clean the cap and surrounding area. Always mix the gas and oil in your chainsaw before using it.

STIHL 2-Stroke oil

Using the right STIHL 2-Stroke chainsaw fuel and oil combination is important to ensure your tool’s smooth operation. While the ratio is important, you must also remember that the ratio can cause problems. Excess oil can cause smoky exhaust, oil leaking out of the muffler, and decreased power. Fortunately, STIHL offers 3 different oil mix formulas. You can find one that suits your needs by shopping around.

SABER Professional

Regardless of the gas to oil ratio on your two-stroke equipment, SABER Professional provides excellent protection at any ratio. It works even at a 100:1 mix ratio, making it one of the best two-stroke chainsaw oils available. The high-quality synthetic base oils in SABER Professional fight carbon deposits and improve engine performance at all mix ratios. This oil helps you cut down on your fuel bill and saves time and money by reducing carbon deposits.

Proper oil-to-gas mix

A good way to start adjusting your fuel mix for a two-stroke chainsaw is to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most two-stroke chainsaws require 50:1 fuel-to-oil ratio. The ratio is determined by dividing the amount of gasoline by the amount of oil required. One gallon of gasoline needs 2.5 ounces of two-cycle oil. The ratios listed above are ideal for most chainsaws.

SABER Professional for STIHL chainsaws

SABER Professional is a premium oil for hand-held power equipment that has been designed for superior performance. This oil blend works with conventional mix ratios as well as SABER Ratio to provide maximum benefit for both two-stroke and four-stroke chainsaws. SABER Professional is compatible with most two-stroke hand-held equipment, and can be used in all applications that specify JASO FD.

SABER Professional for Vp

While traditional oil and gas mixtures have been used by chainsaw operators for years, SABER Professional solves this problem. Regardless of the mix ratio, it provides excellent protection. The high-quality SABER Professional is compatible with all chainsaw models, including 4-Mix STIHL. In addition, SABER Professional contains a fuel stabilizer. The result is a better engine, with fewer emissions.